The Best The Sopranos, Season 6, Episode 16 Quotes

Tony: That should be expected, with Vito passing and all that entrails.

- Look, your dad's gone, okay?
- You're the man of the house now.
- Start fucking acting like it.
- You get me?

- Look, it's 18 grand, but I'm gonna take care of it for you, so don't worry.
- There's no geographical solution to an emotional problem, Marie.
- Maine, wherever.
- Marie?
- Yeah?
- I know it's hard, but it's the best thing for him.
- Okay?
- Thank you, Tony.

- That piece of shit, Phil, he's never gonna pony up.
- And I'll tell you what, I will never, never forget that he didn't come through here.
- Never.
- Let it go, ton.
- This is good of you, ton, helping Marie.
- I'll always remember it.
- All right, let's go.
- I gotta swing by slava's...
- Quuefy some offshore monies.

- And my other money's tied up in asset allocation.
- What is that?
- Listen to me, okay?
- This is the gravy.
- Windfall cash.
- This is the kind of shit you play with.
- I'm telling you.
- We are golden here.

- Renata?
- Oh, god, Renata.
- Wait, wait, Renata.
- Renata?
- Renata, please. Oh, wait.
- Renata? Renata?
- 911. What's the emergency?

- Now, you knock this weird shit off...
- Or I'll introduce you to a plate-glass window.
- Somebody should have told my dad to knock off the weird shit.
- You go about in pity for yourself.
- What about your mother?
- What she's been through?
- What am I supposed to do about it?

- Renata?
- What?
- Go to the bedroom and lock the door.
- Hesh, what's going on?
- Do as I ask.

- Hey, ton, isn't that...?
- What's-their-names?
- Used to hang out at the bing.

- Thank you, gentlemen.
- Roger will take care of you from here on. Enjoy the borgata.
- Yeah, right. Time to go.
- Along with the chips.
- Yeah, we're up about 18.
- I could go for a rib eye, flintstone size.
- Oh, no kidding.
- Why, because I'm up?

- Kir royale on the outside.
- Come on, baby!
- Swelligant and Meadow gold.
- Swelligant and Meadow gold...
- Fucking go!
- And it's swelligant by a nose.
- Meadow gold to place, kir royale rounding out the top.
[Voice slows ] Mestizo, smoosh baby in the five spot.

- Forget it.
- I shouldn't have mentioned it.
- I mean it.
- It's all right. It's just I thought this was my money.
- You're right. You're right.
- It is.

- UN-fucking-believable.
- Buffalo! Fucking-a! [Cheers]
- Listen to this fucking guy.
- Probably won $35 down there.
- Final score, buffalo 28, tampa bay 24.
- Skip, another beer?
- No. No, no, I'm gonna go take a snooze.

Tony: [talking privately] Listen, I gotta bring this up
Phil: A favor, already?
Tony: excuse me?
Phil: you always have business on your mind: take a night, smell the Cognac
Tony: Marie Spatafore came to see me: she wants a hundred grand to relocate on account of Vito, Jr. already has his own social worker
Phil: Patty told me there were doings. I guess the turd doesn't fall far from the faggot's ass?
Tony: It's beautifully put but... your family, right? Cousins?
Phil: What can you do, throw money at the problems?
Tony: Well, somebody's gonna
Phil: [after lighting up a cigar] I'll talk to the kid: set him "right"
Tony: Good

- Glad we got that straight.
- Hell of a finish.
- Injuries, even tragedy, unable to stop Miami.
- Final score,
- Miami 21, Philadelphia 7.
- When you get special team support like that...
- It makes all the difference.
- And also, when you see...

Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: [Tony is at Dr. Melfi's shortly after having a monetary dispute with Hesh] You got a lot of Jews in your business right?
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: What do you mean?
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: This.
[surveys her office]
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: . You gotta hand it to 'em. When it comes to money.
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: I've found that that's nothing more than an ugly stereotype.
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: Really? Because I got a friend, you tie a krugerrand to a fishing line, you're gonna land him.
[makes a sound emulating a fishing line being reeled in]
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: . Right up on the dock.

Marie: [talking privately] I really appreciate you letting me see you and you've been so descent about everything since Vito's death, I just don't know who else
Tony: [seeing her become emotional] Alright, alright come on, come on. What can I do?
Marie: [referring to her son] It's little V, the social worker said his just acting out
Tony: Social worker?
Marie: Kids' stuff mostly, but so angry. Although, some of what his being accused of it's just persecution. They claim he hung the Patruzo's cat on the garage door but it's totally unfounded
Tony: Well, in a way, it's to be expected with Vito passing and all that entrails
Marie: I think the only solution is to move away: from that house, the kids at school
Marie: [while reaching into her purse to take out a piece of paper with the details written on it] I figured it out, I know it's a lot but four hundred thousand, my friend Cheryl lives in Orono, Maine, by the university and there's this two-story cape with solid schools, you always said if there's anything you can do
Tony: [nods] Sure, have you talked to his uncle?
Marie: Who?
Tony: Phil
Marie: [shakes her head] Phil's not his uncle: him and I are second cousins
Tony: Before we get too drastic here and uproot Little Vito and all of you from your friends and family, I should talk to him
Marie: His impossible to talk to
Tony: It's not easy to substitute for a dad, I know but maybe... I can fill in here?
Marie: [when he stands up] Ok, but you'll think about it?
Tony: Believe me, I'm gonna take care of you and his gonna be ok

- What?
- I need to give this back to you.
- I can't keep it.
- But why? I mean, I love you.
- I love you too, Anthony.
- Look, I don't know. Maybe I don't.
- All's I know is
- I just don't feel it.

- The vig. Three grand.
- Should put us up to date.
- Listen, I can't take this.
- Give it all to me whenever you can.
- You're gonna do this every time?
- Whatever you say.
- Sit down. Have a drink.
- We should get going, probably.
- Okay. But next time.
- For sure?
- Yeah, next time I'll call first.

Tony: [about Hesh] Did you see that pissy attitude? Come all the way out here to pick him up. Not to mention, give him his fuckin' vig in person. I mean, you believe this fuckin' guy?
Bobby: You should tell him to go fuck himself and his 200K. And what's he gonna do about it?
Tony: And not pay my debts? Head of the family? How's that gonna look?
Carlo: Who's gonna know? It's like Eddie Valentine.
Tony: The guy from Philly? With the polio leg and the built up shoe?
Carlo: Nah, from the fuckin' "Twilight Zone". You musta seen that one. He's a small time hood, he gets shot...
Tony: Maybe you should start sucking cock instead of watching TV Land 'cause Vito brought in three times what you do on construction! Yeah! And I didn't have this fuckin' problem!

Silvio: [sees Marie coming] Oof, look at this mezza mort'.

- Okay, just make sure you're done.
- I'm all over it, Tony.
- All right, Tony.

- At three-point range, there's no way the ball would hit the rim.
- That was the worst pass.
- Get lost.
- You're such a ball hog.
- Yeah, whatever.
- Hey, nobody drop the soap.
- Spaz-a-fuckwit's in the house.
- Hey, you can see his pussy.
- What the fuck you looking at, fag?

- Hi, how are you?
- Ted yacanelli...
- Yacanelli home inspections.
- Yeah, come on in. These are our cousins Hugh and carmela.
- How are you doing?
- They're also the builders.
- Oh, great.
- Wanna start over here?
- Yeah.

Tony: Marie Spatafore came to see me. She wants a hundred grand to relocate on account of Vito, Jr. already has his own social worker.
Phil: Patty told me there was doin's. I guess the turd doesn't fall far from the faggot's ass

Tony: you got word on the power tools?
Paulie: yeah, the spics are sending the first truck Friday
Tony: [to Christopher] how about Alphonse at the hardware store?
Christopher: ready for the whole load
Bobby: speaking of "loads", you hear the latest on Vito Jr.?
Christopher: what?
Tony: Marie called: he got expelled because he took a shit in the shower in gym class
Paulie: [disgusted] whoa
Christopher: that sick little fuck
Tony: [referring to Vito Jr.'s gothic appearance] you should see him: the makeup? And without school, Marie says his shut in his room all day
Christopher: [referring to the 1999 school shooting] probably thinking about "pulling" a Columbine?
Tony: the little girl...
Bobby: Francesca
Tony: dad's gone, brother's a psycho, mother's a basket case, she's nine years old, what the fuck did she ever do?
Christopher: [nods] a tragedy, like a pebble in a lake, even the fish feel it
Tony: it's not right, Vito was one of us, so he sucked a cock, prior to that, he was our friend: can't just cut his family loose. That piece of shit Phil, his never gonna "pony up", and I'll tell you what, I will never, never forget, that he didn't come through here, never!
Bobby: let it go Tone
Christopher: this is good of you Tone, helping Marie
Paulie: I'll always remember it

Phil: [to Vito Jr] What the hell's wrong with you? You look like a Puerto Rican whore. You make me sick.

- A sterling effort for sure, but you really can't...
- So, what, we're not speaking now?
- Listen, come here.
- What?
- Sit down.
- Come on.

- Let go of me, you piece of shit!
- You're a shitty businesswoman who built a piece-of-shit house...
- That's gonna cave in and kill that fucking unborn baby any day!
- And now you can't sleep.
- Go fuck yourself!
- When I'm gone, you can live in a fucking dumpster for all I care.

- Congratulations, carm.
- It's not an easy thing to do these days.
- I had a lot of support.
- Brian and Janine must be so happy.
- I hope so.
- Just the two? It's big, right?
- It's a mansion.
- Pass the salad.
- They have a baby on the way.

Tony: So, what happened in school today?
Vito: I get blamed for everything
Tony: The girl was developed mentally disabled
Vito: [Remains silent]
Tony: Uncle Phil said he talked to you. Is he just wasting his breath? Is that what your telling us?
Vito: [Continues to remain silent]
Tony: This trouble you're causing, I'm very disappointed because you were always a good kid
Vito: You don't even know me
Tony: What's that suppose to mean?
Vito: Sometimes you call me "Carlo Jr."
Tony: All I know is that I couldn't shut your dad up about how a good kid you were. We were friends you know
Vito: Butt buddies?
Tony: Your being funny? That's good because I'm sure you miss him: a lot. Whatever he was and now I'm going to say some things and your going to look at me
Vito: [Looks away, before suddenly raising his voice] I'm not moving to fuckin Maine!
Tony: You think anybody wants that? Do you know how much that's going to cost? Your mother?
Vito: Whatever
Tony: [Grabs his face in anger] listen I'm not some social worker, you knock this weird shit off or I'm going to introduce you to a plate glass window
Vito: Somebody should've told my dad to knock off the weird shit off
Tony: You go about and pity yourself. What about your mother? What she's been through?
Vito: What am I suppose to do about it?
Tony: Look, your dad's gone. You're the man of the house now. Start fuckin acting like it

- A couple of years,
- I'll own a chain of restaurants, clubs.
- You'll never have to work again.
- Look, I love you.
- I love you too.
- So marry me then.
- And we'll have kids.
- I mean, you always say you want
- Hector to have brothers and sisters.
- Okay.

- No, from the fucking twilight zone.
- You must have seen that one.
- He's a smalltime hood, he gets shot...
- Maybe you should start sucking cock instead of watching TV land...
- Because vito brought in three times what you do on construction.
- Yeah.
- And I didn't have this fucking problem.