The Best Joe Alvarez Quotes

Leroy: Hey, Quinn, keep fire down below. We can't risk spooking this kid while Palmer's hanging onto him.
Alex: Okay, Gibbs. Yeah, you got it.
[hanging up]
Alex: Um, excuse me. Uh, Lieutenant? I'm gonna have to ask you not to go up there.
Fire: Excuse me?
Alex: Yeah, crazy, I know, but Navy interests.
Fire: But that's a city building.
Alex: Yeah, I know that, but that's one of our team members up there, and if he dies, you're gonna be dealing with the whole U.S. Navy.
Fire: [pause; into his walkie-talkie] Engine 52 to all units. Stand down for now. Wait for my command.
Alex: But if you have one of those big bags... you know, just in case.
Fire: [to his team members] All right boys, let's get the air bag prepped.