The Best Matthew Bellows Quotes

Leroy: Captain, you have an unexplained death on your boat. I'd like to think you'd be a little more curious about what happened.
Navy: You got a lot of stones to stand on my bridge and insinuate I don't care about what happens to my crew.
Ellie: All due respect, a Navy SEAL died on a routine training exercise, and no one can explain why.
Leroy: We'll have full access to your crew, and we'll start with Petty Officer White's diving buddy.
Navy: Agent Gibbs, I understand that you have a job to do.
Leroy: We do. And the full authority to do it.
Navy: But let me make myself perfectly clear. If either of you interfere with the operations of this boat, I will fire you out of that torpedo tube myself.
Leroy: [amused laugh] I wish you luck with that.

Navy: I thought NCIS left with the body.
Leroy: No. We're still here.
Navy: Well, you two are gonna have to sit tight, then.
Ellie: What's going on?
Navy: We've been given emergency dive orders, told to wait for further instruction.
Leroy: We need to get word to NCIS.
Lieutenant: [chuckles] That's a hard no. Orders include radio silence.
Ellie: Uh, but...
Lieutenant: Until we hear otherwise, nothing is going out.

Navy: Don't worry, we'll get you two off the Memphis and back in your cubicles as soon as we can.
Leroy: We're not gettin' off. We have an investigation to finish.