The Best The Umbrella Academy, Season 2, Episode 6 Quotes

- -♪ don't know what I'm gonna do ♪
- -ah!
- Just in time for a nightcap.

- Now go ahead and take a look at that.
- -♪ by the railroad track ♪
- -[Chatter resumes]
- J'ohj'
- -♪ waitin' for my baby ♪
- -[Overlapping conversations]
- -♪ comin' back to me... ♪
- -excuse me?
- In case you wanted to get involved, sister.

- Raymond, you clearly have something to say, so why don't you just go ahead and say it?
- Did you use it on me?
- Ray, of course not.
- But if you had, would I even know?

[Swede 1 in English] Where is Diego?
[Choking] I don't... I don't... I don't...
- I don't know.

- Allison, wait.
Raymond: Don't go in there, Allison.
- No, no. We are not doing this again.
- Get your black ass outta here before I call the police.
- I heard a rumor that you shut your damn mouth.

- -♪ just like my daddy ♪
- -[Softly] Hey, miles.
- You coming? do your thing, bro.
Raymond: All right now.

- What do you mean? Where?
[Voice trembles] I don't know yet.
- I don't know.
- But I won't let anything happen to you or Harlan.
- I can protect you.
- I just need you to trust me.

- Then prove it.
- Excuse me?
Raymond: You heard me.
- Prove it.
- Okay, it is not just some parlor trick.
- There is a cost.
- Okay, so wonder woman's got powers, but nobody can see 'em?
- How convenient.

- -♪ oh, babe ♪ -[Diego] Blood.
Luther: Shit.
- Elliott?
- -♪ afterl count down three rounds ♪
- -[Luther] Diego?

- Jesus, Ben.
- What the hell did you just do?
- I think I was...
- Inside of you.
Klaus: Ugh.
- I'm sorry.
- We've caught you in the middle of prayer.
- Dave?
- Jill.

- No more "number one,"
- "number two" bullshit.
- From now on, it's...
- Team zero.
- "Team zero"?
- Team zero.
- All the way.

Diego: Wait up.
Allison: Hold it.
Klaus: Hey, everyone.
Luther: Excuse me.
- Good. We're all here.
- ♪ this is what you want this is what you get ♪ [lyrics echoing]

Allison: Excuse me...
- My husband would like to try on this suit.
- Colored folks can't try on the merchandise, but if you'd like to make a purchase...
- I heard a rumor that you let him try on anything in the store.

- His brother Jerry is a St...
- He's a state trooper and if he thinks I'm gonna run...
- Hey, hey, we won't let him, okay?
Sissy: Okay. Okay, okay.
- It's gonna be everything as usual until we're ready.
Sissy: Okay.
- Just give me a little time.

- Don't even know why I came here.
- Listen, February 21, 1968, in the a shau valley, you take fire trying to hold hill 689...
- You never come off that hill, Dave.
- That's... that's it.
- You're lying.
- You're some kind of con artist.
- Here, look, look, look. Look, look.

- I'm sorry I can't be of more help.
- I'm sorry, too.
- I gave you such a hard time as a kid.
- I didn't know any better.
Reginald: Hmm.
- No skin off my teeth, old man.

Raymond: Allison.
- What the...?
Raymond: Allison?
- More.
Raymond: Allison, stop it.
- More.
- Look at his hand. You're hurting him.
- More.
- Enough.
- You proved your point, babe.
- Sorry.

- Temporarily.
- Congratulations.
- For what?
- I think that's the first time you've ever stood up to dad.
Luther: Hmm.
- Are you okay?
- So much for having my back in there.
- Team zero, my ass.

- Uh, maybe we don't take Vanya for a test run.
- Oh, yeah, that's probably not a good idea.
- Yeah.
- It's fine.
- I can handle it.
- Handle it?
- Last time you handled it, you definitely blew up the moon.
- No, Vanya, don't!

- He made me sign up.
- I ship out next week.
- What?
- So save these for the next dumb kid you're trying to recruit.
- Dave.
- Dave? Dave, come back.

- What do you think that meeting at the consulate was all about?
- It is a conspiracy.
- We have to stop him.
- You're mistaken.
Diego: Don't take my word for it.
- Ask him yourself.

- well, maybe we can discuss these over dinner.
- My name is ray.
- What's your name?
[Voice scratchy] Allison.
- Well, all right, miss Allison.
- Dinner?

- How'd you get up here?
Elliott: Huh?
- What's wrong?
- You hungry?
- Let's see here... ooh.
- Look what I got. [Whistles]

[Swede 1] Where is he?
- I told you, I don't know.
- Aah... [gasping]
- Say "ahh." Ahh!
Sissy: I don't like how we left things.
- I wanna explain.

- Klaus.
[Groans] Just leave me.
[Whimpering] Just leave me.

Number: This world ends in five days if we don't get out of the timeline.
Reginald: Worlds end. Paleozoic, Jurassic, and so on.
Number: We can do something about this one.
Reginald: Man's greatest flaw: the illusion of control.

- Hey, no more numbers.
- No more bullshit. We're team zero.
- We're all team zero.
Luther: Uh, Diego.
- You don't have the conch.
- Classic.

- You boys must be lost.
- I suggest you find a barber shop in oak lawn.
- They specialize in your kind of hair.
- Okay, come on, girl.
- Let's sit you down. Yeah.
[Woman 2] Yeah.
- Poor thing.
[Woman 3] That's right, take it easy.

- his little game of "hide the sausage" with my daughter needs a swift end.
- I just have one request.
- Don't hurt the little one with the cute socks.
- Lavenden