The Best Winston James Francis Quotes

Goliath: Let's go.
Carmen: No. I'm staying here.
Goliath: You wrestle over my dead body.
Carmen: You let Tommy and Kurt do it.
Goliath: It's different. They're big, dumb boys. I want you to find a nice man, have a family, find a job where people treat you with respect.
Carmen: People respect me here.
Goliath: Nobody respects a lady wrestler, sweetie. It's like the midgets. You're a sideshow.
Sam: Hey, hey, you can't talk to her like that.
Carmen: It's fine. It's how we talk.
Sam: No, it's not fine. This guy... you can't just come into my gym and disrespect one of my actors. I mean, I know you're some big, famous giant, but you're an asshole, and you wear oversize diapers for a living.
[Goliath slaps Sam]
Sam: Oh, Goddammit! Jesus! Fuck! A fucking backhand? What am I? Some mouthy housewife?
Goliath: Want me to hit you like you're a real man?
Sam: Whatever you gotta do to get the fuck outta here.
Carmen: Okay, enough. Dad, stop. I'll go.
Carmen: Sorry, Sam.

Bash: Welcome back to the second half of our show, ladies and gentlemen. From the South Side of Chicago, and the Ubamba Province of Peru, respectively, Welfare Queen and Machu Picchu!
[Carmen nervously takes off her hat, then trembles as she sees Tammé approach her]
Tammé: Smells like donkey doo in here. Mm!
Bash: Looks like Machu's got, uh... just a touch of the infamous Peruvian jungle fever. Will she recover in time to fight, uh, Welfare Queen... this liberal leech, this, uh, parasite on our economy?
Goliath: Machu! Machu! Machu! Machu! Machu! Machu!
[crowd chants with Goliath]
Bash: And the crowd is chanting. Machu! Machu! Machu! Machu!
[Carmen regains her confidence and charges at Tammé]
Bash: I can't believe it! The fever has broken, and Machu grabs Welfare Queen!
[Carmen misses Tammé, and Tammé splashes her]
Bash: Welfare Queen is pulling something out of her costume. What is that? Is that...? It's food stamps!
Tammé: I get so much money from the government, I just throw it away!
[Tammé shoves the food stamps in Carmen's mouth]
Bash: Oh, my goodness! She is literally shoving her socialist welfare policy down Machu's throat!
[Tammé grabs Carmen in a sleeper hold]
Tammé: Y'all afraid of me, right? Do you believe what President Reagan says? That I'm cheating the system?
Bash: I think Welfare Queen is trying to bore Machu into submission. And it's working!
[Carmen gets up and reverses the sleeper hold into a stunner, sending Tammé to one corner before Carmen splashes her. She kicks Tammé and places her in a headlock]
Carmen: Come on! Come on!
[Tammé reverses the move into a spinebuster]
Bash: She's down! Machu needs to get up, or this fight is over.
[Carmen looks at Goliath from the crowd]
Goliath: Come on. You got this!
[Carmen grabs Tammé from the second rope and powerbombs her]
Bash: And she finished her off with a powerbomb! Unbelievable! The Incan giant has won! Goodness prevails! Justice has been restored! Yes!

Carmen: Can you guys talk to him? Can you just try?
Big: Dude. He was so pissed when he found that pillow dummy in your bed.
[Bash rushes out of the gym]
Bash: Machu Picchu, wait! Wait up!
[Goliath and his sons are about to board his van. He turns around and sees Bash kissing Carmen]
Bash: I understand the shackles of family expectations. Your father's got nothing on my mother. Trust me, just go with it.
[Bash and Carmen approach the van]
Bash: Introduce me to your family.
Carmen: Dad, this is my boyfriend.
Bash: My name's Sebastian Howard, and, uh, your daughter and I are very much in love.
Carmen: We take our relationship very seriously.
Bash: But it's also new, and we're taking things very slow.
Carmen: But not too slow, 'cause... I'm moving in with him.
Goliath: You wanna wrestle? You need to learn how to sell. You're both terrible.
Carmen: Fine. I lied.
Goliath: You've been lying for weeks. Going on about this new job at Macy's.
Carmen: Yeah, because you wouldn't have let me audition. I'm 25, Dad. I don't need your permission. It's my life. You can be supportive or I can leave, like Mom.

Carmen: Dad!
[silence, as Goliath Jackson and his sons approach the ring]
Bash: Oh! Goliath Jackson. This is such an honor. I'm a huge fan. I'm a Goliath fan.
Goliath: You the promoter?
Bash: No. I'm more of, like, the brainchild, the mastermind-slash-fairy godfather. We don't have a promoter.
Goliath: Who's in charge, then?
Sam: I'm in charge.
Goliath: You?
Sam: Yeah. I'm the director.
Mighty: Did you direct Star Wars?
Sam: No, I didn't direct Star Wars.
[disappointed look in Mighty Tom's face]
Big: Love Star Wars.