The Best House of Cards, Season 2, Episode 11 Quotes

[to Doug]
Francis: We're not young men. If we fail, we'll die in a cage.

Francis: [pushing through a throng of reporters] From the lion's den to the pack of wolves. When you're fresh meat, kill, and throw something fresher.

- I just had a very productive interview with Ms. Dunbar.
- Send out the press release.
- Thank you very much.

- As did every other nuclear energy provider.
Heather: But his connection with feng, then a subsidy on samarium...
- Nobody made any profits off these subsidies.
- At best, they were breaking even.
- In fact, Raymond fought us on the issue.
Heather: Then let's back up to the port Jefferson bridge.

- First, find me Remy danton, but be discreet.
- I'll track him down.
- Second, I need you to go through the vice president's travel logs.
- Everything in the past 10 years. What are we looking for?
- Anything that could hurt us. I'll work fonnard. You work backward.
- I'm on it. And Doug? Thanks.

- Let nature take its course.
- We got a hold of Remy.
- He just got back to town.
- Where is he?
- I've arranged everything with your detail.
- You've done good work, Doug.
- Thank you, sir.

[last lines]
Francis: Good morning, Meechum.
Edward: Good morning, Mr. Vice President.
Francis: It's a beautiful day.

- He might deny it, but he's protecting her.
- What he doesn't realize is that I have even less regard for Jackie than Raymond does.
- Poor Remy.
- The heart can choke the mind when all its blood flows back unto itself.

- Megan?
- I've got it.
- Really. I'm okay.
- The car is ready whenever you are.
- Thank you for everything.
- Have a safe flight.
- I1lbeintouch.

- Hey, I'm Fitz.
- Doug.
- Yeah, you know, you can isolate, white-knuckle this shit if you want.
- Or you can ask for help.
- Got a sponsor?
- No. It's been 14 years. I'm good.
- Number's on the back, if you change your mind.

- How's your head?
- Fine. Took a couple of aspirin before I went to sleep.
- You?
- I slept like a baby.
- Good. You needed that.

- Then I won't take no for an answer.
- You shouldn't waste any of your good stuff on me.
- I don't really know anything about wine.
- Then how about bourbon?
- I bet you like a little of that.
- I definitely don't mind a bourbon from time to time.
- Then bourbon it is.

- We'll release a statement in coordination with the Pentagon.
- Sir, our stockpiles of samarium will only last another two months at most.
- If we go this route... I've heard everyone's concerns.
- And this is the decision
- I've made. Any questions?
- Okay. Thank you.
- Frank.

- That's what having a staff is for.
- I have a better solution.
- Vve1lbofl1take responflbhhy how?
- Setup an interview with dunbar. Day after tomorrow.
- You and I need time to do our homework.
- Yes, sir.

- I know you've got birch in your pocket.
- Womack's not an option.
- We're too close.
- Butjacquehne_.
- This is about my future, pure and simple.
- She's not a part of it.
- Keep the watch as a token of good faith.

- Ow...
- Is it painful?
- Meechum: The bourbon helps.
- Ah.
- Now you let me know if this hurts.
- Not one bit, sir.

- Selectively.
- Don't worry.
- It's a stumble, not a fall.
- You aren't like this when it's just a stumble.
- Like how?
- You're scared. I can tell.
- 500 meters at 1:39. That was my best. Shoot for that.

- Then I was right. About what?
- How little I meant.
- That has nothing to do with this.
- It has everything to do with this.
- I should feel disgusted, but I don't.
- Just supremely disappointed.