The Best Lost, Season 3, Episode 19 Quotes

- We're holding Kate a few buildings over from here.
- Maybe you'd like to say goodbye.

- Save your breath.
- Nobody's gonna hear you.

- I'll be here the rest of the week, John, if you change your mind.
- I'm sorry.
- He's not who we thought he was.

- You really haven't figured it out yet, have you?
- Let go of him, John.
- Why are you doing this to me? you're doing this to yourself.
- As long as he's still breathing, you'll still be that same sad, pathetic little man that was kicked off his walkabout tour because you couldn't walk.

- Last night. Well, early this morning.
- So, camping, huh?
- What were you guys doing out there?
- We figured we'd explore a bit, you know, see what was further down the beach, male bonding.
- Well, next time you go out, sign me up.
- Yeah, next time, for sure.

- Well, their files got their facts wrong.
- Then I made a mistake coming to you.
- Please don't tell anyone that I was here.
- Hey, stop!
- I said stop!
- Damn it! Wait up.

- Don't you know, John?
- Don't you know where we are?
- What did he mean? we don't have time to deal with that.
- We're leaving in the morning, all of us.
- Where are you going?
- We're going to a new place.
- Well, an old place, actually.
- Would you like to come with us?

- So what else is in it?
- The file they got on me.
- That your parents died when you were very young.
- But it doesn't say why your father shot your mother.
- Or why he turned the gun on himself.
- That must've been hard for you.

- I'll go to wherever you've got him, but we're bringing him back to our camp.
- I ain't killin' nobody.
- You understand me?
- Yeah, I understand.
- But you'll change your mind.
- When you hear what he has to say...
- You'll change your mind.

- The instruments started spinning.
- I realized I was going down, so I grabbed my chute and I bailed.
- Did you actually see her helicopter?
- No. you think I'm lying, mate?
- You have no means of communicating with that freighter of yours?
- What was your name? Sayid?

- Finish the letter. look, I only took her money.
- It ain't my fault your dad overreacted.
- If he pulled the old murder/suicide, then I'm sure he's down here somewhere.
- Maybe you could take this up with him.
- Wm / “£4 /\\ wm / “£4 /\\

- about the guy in Sydney,
- I thought he was someone else.
- I made a mistake.
- I didn't mean to kill him.
- Well, who'd you mean to kill?
- }»$xl/[\\', , '737] A f], kujtyn n q5 q5 pal/nag kujty n

- Don't tell me what I can't do, John.
- But I thought I was special.
- Well, everyone makes mistakes.
- We're leaving now.
- We'll leave a trail, one you can track.
- And, John...
- Unless you're carrying your father's body on your back,

- What brings you to the black rock? dynamite. And you?
[Sawyer] Open this door!
- Open up!
- Crates are right over there.
[Sawyer] Open this damn door!
[Locke] Be careful. It's unstable.
[Sawyer] Locke! Locke!

- What the hell y'all doing?
- What the hell are you doing? going to take a leak.
- Yeah, well, so are we.
- Well, alrighty, then.

- when you opened that box, there it would be?
- I'd say I hope that box is big enough to imagine yourself up a new submarine.
- Firm/m iw s 'xujxvj
- You've really gone and done it now.
- You're not gonna start talking about the magic box again?
- No, John. I'm gonna show you what came out of it.

- and that woman he's with...?
- Juliet?
- Aye, Juliet. Two weeks ago, she had your friends in cages.
- Naomi. You heard everything that she said.
- If we keep her safe, she's our way off this island.
- So, given that, do you trust Jack or don't you?
- Right. So we'd better bring in someone we can trust.

- Son of a...
- Nice place you got here, Locke.
- Ben's inside in the brig.
- You ready?
- Yeah, I'm ready.

- I'm bringing you there to do exactly what I said, to kill Ben.
- Why did you come to get me?
- I had to.
- Why won't you do it yourself?
- James, please.
- Don't call me James.
- Why won't you do it yourself?
- \w[] R, a my that's why I came back for you.

James: Why did you throw Locke out a window?
Anthony: He was becoming a nuisance. I conned him into giving me one of his kidneys. He never got over it.
James: Conned?
Anthony: Yes, sir, conned.
James: What's your name?
Anthony: Hmm?
James: Your name.
Anthony: A conman goes by many names friend. I've been Alan Seward, Anthony Cooper, Ted MacLaren, Tom Sawyer, Louis Jackson, and Paul...
James: Tom Sawyer.
Anthony: I was young and Huck Finn was taken. And the ladies loved that one. Made me charming.
James: Well, how about that.
Anthony: How about what?
James: Sawyer's my name, too.

- You ever been to Jasper, Alabama?
- Why?
- Have you or haven't you?
- Yeah, I've been to Jasper.
- Don't tell me I'm your daddy.
- No. You killed my daddy.

- Hey, dude.
- Hello, Hurley.
- Can you keep a secret?
- You've already spoken to her? yeah, but you're gonna wanna hear it.
- And you haven't told Jack? no.

- How? how what?
- How does she contact her boat? did you hear what I said?
- Hurley, Charlie, Sayid, your friends, are afraid...
- She had a phone-radio thing.
- Sayid's trying to get it to work.
- No. tell me what?
- We should tell her. not yet.

- Tom Sawyer?
- I was young and huck Finn was taken.
- And the ladies loved that one.
- Made me charming.
- Well, how about that?
- P 73w Cal u'xv/u I,
- Sawyer's my name, too.

- Ok, Ben, how about you show me the... magic box is a metaphor, John.
- I can't show you anything until you can show me that you're ready to be one of us.
- When peoplejoin us here on this island, they need to make a gesture of free will, of commitment.
- That's why you're gonna have to kill your father.

- And to do that, your father has to go, John.
- And since you're not gonna do it...
- I'm gonna suggest someone else.
- Sawyer? Why would Sawyer kill my father?
- He doesn't even know him.
- Keep reading.
- Open this damn door! Son of a bitch!

- and one of them actually smiles at me as he pops the I.V. In my arm.
- And then nothing, just black.
- And the next thing I know, I wake up in a dark room, tied up, gag in my mouth.
- And when the door opens, I'm looking up at the same man I threw out a window,
- John Locke, my dead son.

- My guess is they captured the slaves, and brought them here to try and mine the island.
- What's in the boxes? that'd be dynamite.
- Son of a bitch.
- You really kidnapped the little bastard.
- We ain't killing him, Locke.
- Whatever you say, James.

- Fine. Let's go to your tent.
- It's nothing personal, just old habits, you know?
- Fine. Scram.
- You want me to walk you home?
- It's five tents. I think I'll make it.
- You sure? I gotta pee anwvay.