The Best Lucifer, Season 4, Episode 4 Quotes

Ella: Necklace woman is a con artist. Usually goes by Odessa something or other.
Dan: [Looks at file] Her real name is 'Sandy Bumford'. No wonder she changes it.

Ella: Cause of death, pretty obvi. Manual strangulation. Not a fun way to go. Unless it's your thing.

Eve: People always forget... I didn't choose Adam. I was created for him. Turns out an arranged existence kind of takes the spark out of things.
Eve: We got along just fine, but I don't think he ever really loved me. Not the real me, you know.

Eve: On the way over, he kept showing off this really expensive necklace he made. Said it was for some Arab guy with a weird name.
[Tries to remember]
Eve: Byron? Buster?
Lucifer: Doesn't sound very Arab.
Eve: Basher?

Lucifer: Hello there, I'm Lucifer. Lucifer Morning...
Katarina: Yes
Lucifer: Yes to what?
Katarina: Anything.
Lucifer: [Smiles] Still got it

Lucifer: It hurts not being accepted for who you are.

- Well, I'm not her.
- You don't know me, Eve.
- Who I truly am.
- Then show me.
- Very well.
- You asked for it.

Donovan: [Lucifer is raiding the bar at Lux] Mr. Morningstar. We're going to need those.
Lucifer: Not as much as I do.

Dan: Guess what his first language is?
Chloe: Please say Arabic.
Dan: Yep. A guy named Turkish Pete.
Chloe: But Arabic isn't Turkish.
Dan: And Turkish Pete isn't Turkish.

- ♪ have fun breaking my will I
- ♪ reach the city steps tonight I
- ♪ following the power lines I

Linda: There's a good chance it could come out with wings. Wings! Is that even safe for a human to deliver? Should I have a C-section? Will insurance cover any of this? I mean, who knows?

Toby: Everybody loves Pablo. The fun one. But if they knew who he really was... He was a train wreck. He wasted all our money on hookers and blow.
Lucifer: That doesn't sound like such a bad guy to me.

Dr. Bette Crain: Do you see that little protrusion right there? You're having a boy.
Amenadiel: A boy?
Mazikeen: [Looks at ultrasound] Better luck next time.
Amenadiel: Do you see a second protrusion anywhere? Maybe even a third?
Dr. Bette Crain: Typically, there's only one penis.

Eve: Found a way out of heaven.
Lucifer: I didn't think that was possible. For humans.
Eve: What can I say? I've always been a bit of a rule breaker.

- To be the only human that knows?
- Who knows what?
- That heaven and hell truly exist.
- Hmm. I get it.
- You're weak.
- You can't handle this.
- Maybe I should just move out.

Lucifer: [to Eve's uber driver] Right, get her home safely, alright... Hold on. You're not Rafael with five stars.
Kid: [Pulls out gun] The necklace. Now!
Lucifer: I am canceling this ride.

[Scoffs] Turn over.
[Scoffs] Detective.
- We need that necklace.
[Sighs] I'm sorry, Lucifer.
- I wish I could help you.
- Come on.

- ♪ imade amends with my fall from grace... j”
- Mr. Morningstar...
- We're-we're gonna need those.
- Not as much as I do.
- Business is booming tonight.
- You sure you don't want to stay?
- Why on earth would I want to do that?

- whilst I attempt to retrieve your necklace.
- Less work for me, anyway.
- Excehenl once it's back in your hands, uh, we'll call it even, and everyone can go their separate ways.

Ella: Wait a second. Where is Lucifer?
[Dan does a slashing motion against his throat]
Ella: He was decapitated?

- You're okay?
- Well, I might need another drink and a bottle of ibuprofen, but yes, I'll survive.
[Gasping] Oh, my god.
- But I would love an explanation from you... Eve.

Lucifer: Adam? Where's that barrel of laughs?
Eve: Still up there. Where everyone is always so... happy.
Lucifer: But not you?
Eve: Mm. I always felt like something was... missing.

- I mean, he pisses me off all the time, and there are so many things about him that...
- That I find hard to accept, but I just have to believe
- I can find a way, because...
- I'd rather have him in my life than not.
- Well, then, I think you know what you need to do.

- on reselling the necklace.
- Now that it's Pablo's last work,
- I bet the necklace will go for twice as much.
- The broker realized he could double his payday if he killed Pablo.
- Money, it's always a solid motive for murder.
- Right. Find the broker, find the killer.

Lucifer: Her? No, no. We're not together together.
Eve: But we used to be. Maybe you've read about it in a little book called The Bible.
Bashir: Read about what?
Eve: You know, the Garden, the snake, the apple.
Lucifer: The metaphors were a bit off.
Eve: That's true. The forbidden fruit was less of an apple and more like a banana. A very large banana.

Amenadiel: A son. There's so many things I can't wait to teach him. I mean, how to fight, obviously. How to fly. My very own mini Amenadiel. No, no, wait, wait. A-mini-diel.

- I would never kill Pablo.
- He was our cash cow.
- Always in debt, always getting bailed out.
- Bailed out by who?
- His business partner, Toby.
- Toby said he had no idea that Pablo was into any trouble.
- Oh, well, imagine that.
- You've been lied to.

Linda: My house is not prepared for a flying baby. Other parents put up baby gates and cover up power outlets. What are we supposed to do? Baby proof the ceiling?
Amenadiel: You know, that's a good idea.