The Best The Office, Season 8, Episode 24 Quotes

Oscar: In any case, it gets better... Maybe not much better, but better.

Robert: Andrew, it's time for you to go home. You're better than this.
Andy: Yeah, I know.
Robert: Everyone is better than this because this... Is the worst thing I have ever seen.
[Sips the Energy drink meant for Asian Homosexuals previously states to be flavored as Coconut Penis]
Robert: Why did they add coconut? I miss original.
[chugs the rest of the can]

- Okay, hold on a second, folks.
- A few of the baby's hairs are out of place.
- Oh, thank you. No, no, no.
- I like the baby's hair the way it is.
- Really?
- This is getting more and more delicious by the minute.

- I'm not supposed to say.
- Yes, tell me!
- Tell me where he is!
- Mose! Damn it! Where did he go?
- Mose, get back here!
Darryl: See that smile.
- Jump in here. Come on.

- Ooh! Hold on a second.
- If I were val, I would break up with Brandon.
- Then I would date the hell out of me.
- I wouldn't give in to me too fast, let me buy myself some nice dinners and such.
- When I finally did give in,
- I would go crazy on myself.

- Muscle groups the rest of us can't even fathom.
- Gymnasts? You're going to seek out uneducated gymnasts?
- Yeah. So I'm hoping to identify some truly exceptional women who show great promise.
- Well, Andy, it's been fun.
- Hmm.

Robert: [His last line of the series] Its been a great year!

Robert: [Introducing himself to David Wallace] I'm Bob, Bob Kazamokis.

Dwight: Hello. Where is it?
- They're testing it now.
- How long does it take to get the results?
- Seventy-two hours.
- You're going to wait here?
- Yes.

Darryl: You mean to tell me no one wanted an energy drink for asian homosexuals?
Glenn: They did not.
Darryl: And you got half a million of these?
[holds up a can]
Darryl: Well, I gotta try it.
Glenn: I wouldn't.
Darryl: Oh come on, what's the harm?
[opens the can and takes a sip]
Darryl: What flavor is that?
Hidetoshi: Coconut Penis.
Darryl: The coconut is... Pretty subtle.

- It's go time.
- Hey, Nellie.
- I made... I made you...
- I made you some soup.
- Well, I don't want any soup.
- But it's really good.
- Oh! Come on, Andy.

Dwight: Operation Phoenix is a go.

Brandon: Thank you, biggie.
- Good luck to you.
- Oh, and have a burger for me.
- Okay, shall we take a few more?
- I think we have all the shots we need. Thank you, Dwight.
- Okay, here we go.
- Yes, here we go.

- Andy tells me about seeing
- David Wallace all the time.
- But have you ever actually seen him yourself?
- Oh, my god. Wait.
- Erin, come... come on.
- You know I've been talking to David Wallace.
- Do you see David Wallace in the room right now?

Kelly: [to Ravi] You look at me like you're adoring me and I'm gonna look at the camera like I don't even know you're there.

Gabe: [Walking in to the crowded conference room with a cupcake] Happy birthday to Gabe!
Nellie: Oh, get out, Skeleton Man!

- Is that too much to ask?
- If I were to hire you back, if, what do you think you would do well?
- Special projects manager.
- That's my background.
- I just go around doing whatever I want.
- All right, you sly bastard, when can you start?

David: Now that is a great question, Stanley.
- Right now I think all your operations, or most of your operations are pretty much down in Florida, so the shift back...
- I was so looking forward to that and it did not go as I thought it would.

- You okay, Robert?
Robert: I'm fine.
- Put some ice on it.
- In any case, it gets better.
- Maybe not much better, but better.
Kevin: It hurts.