150 Best The Rookie Quotes

Sergeant: I just solved two crimes sitting in my office. Bradford and Chen's peeping Tom and your gunshot victim. I'm just saying.

Tabin: She did not call the cops on me. Ma!
Aaron: Hey, hold on. It's... It's alright. Tabin, right? Officer Thorsen. Call me Aaron.
Tabin: She's crazy, okay?
Aaron: Your mom didn't call us, okay? But she is worried about you.
Tabin: What am I supposed to do? Stay cooped up in here? I-I want to live my life.
Aaron: Right, and she wants you to live a long and good life, too. All moms do. You know, it's just, sometimes, they can trip about everything. Listen. I know how you feel, okay? My mom, she's a piece of work, too. Sometimes I feel like she's the kid and I'm the adult.
Tabin: Yeah. Yeah. You know.
Aaron: Right. But you still got to show her respect, okay? No matter how angry you get. When I was your age, I was angry, too. Listen to her, right? If you get upset or whatever, just take a beat before answering. I mean, she changed your diapers, man, okay? You owe her that.
Tabin: I hear you.
Tim: Anything else bothering you? Kids at school?
Tabin: Nah.
Tim: You use?
Tabin: No, sir.
Tim: Good. Any gangs pressuring you to join?
Tabin: No, no.
Aaron: Here's my card, alright? It's got my cell on it. Anything stresses you out, you give me a call, okay? But no more slamming these doors. You feel me?

John: It seems strange to thank you for returning money that you stole from me.
Jordan: It's been that kind of a day.

John: For someone who gave up undercover work you sure go back to it a lot.

Angela: The rooks are asking how they can help Nolan.
Tim: I found heavy drinking really helped knock out the nightmares.
Angela: Maybe keep that to yourself.

Nyla: How's that for luck? You stole a cop's identity.

Ripper: [Nolan drives up in a battered, old car] You expect me to believe you got millions, driving around in this low-rent ride?
John: [to Harper] I thought you told me he was smart.
Ripper: What's that mean?
John: You wanna be a cop magnet? Drive around in a flashy car.
Ripper: You learn that in KC? Working corners in Brookside?
John: I look like a Brookside guy to you? I'm from Blue Parkway. And before you start quizzing me on ribs, it's LC's all the way.
Ripper: All right. Just had to check.

Oscar: Do you still hear the lambs, Clarice?
John: Oh, Oscar, you're no Hannibal Lecter. You're more "Ernest Goes to Jail."

Quinlan: Officers, man, we in the middle of a game here.
John: Look like you guys could use a breather.
Quinlan: I can go all day and all night.
[Quinlan leers in Celina's direction]
Celina: Hmm. Then you should, uh, cut back on the little blue pills.

Nyla: I have been lost and I am trying to find my way back and I am going to make mistakes and I am going to fall on my face a lot but when that alert came in the only thing I could think about was making sure that she was safe. It's the only thing that matters to me now.

Colin: You know, back in Sweethome a good street cop would know every crook on his beat. We called it beat integrity.
Tim: Well, much easier in a town with nine criminals.

Elijah: Hello, Wesley.
Wesley: Elijah. What, you following me?
Elijah: Well, I heard you come here every morning.
Wesley: Well, the best scone in town.
Elijah: You know, I never would have guessed from your sad, little office or that beater that you drive that you're old-money rich. What's it like having generational wealth?
Wesley: I don't care about money .I care about justice, the rule of law.
Elijah: Spoken like someone with a ton of money. Hmm. Well, don't worry. I'll be relieving you of your burden.
Wesley: It's been nice, but you need to leave. Your lawsuit's malicious. I'm not leaving. This is my spot.
Elijah: Well, not anymore. Given the fact that you planted evidence on me, are married to a police detective, and have the full force of the D.A.'s office behind you, it's easy to see how you kept your job. My only choice was to file a restraining order against you. The judge granted it. This gentleman here just served you. I'mma be here every day, which means you'd better not be. Wesley.
Wesley: Take the scone. That's all you're gonna get.

Stephanie: [In the interrogation room, looking at the stroller Wesley rocks] Are you allowed to bring a baby in here?
Wesley: Oh, he's my intern!

Tim: What am I, Google? Do your own research.

John: You going to miss all this when you're a fancy detective?
Talia: Not at all.
John: What about me?
Talia: Even less.

Thomas: Officers, take care of my brother.
John: I won't let anything happen to him. You have my word.

Angela: Hey, union rep. Anything you can do to help?
John: Not much I can do about the lawsuit. As far as the Pitchess motion goes, I can call the City Attorney's office right now and make sure they're following POBR on that.
Angela: Thanks.
Nyla: I've been hit with 20 Pitchess motions and never had a judge grant one.
Angela: Yeah, but if it is granted, Elijah can use it to support his claims of "violation of civil rights, false arrest by a peace officer with a warrant, racial profiling, civil conspiracy."
Nyla: This is unbelievable. I mean, the guy is a major drug trafficker
Angela: If he thinks he can sue a defense attorney turned prosecutor and win, he doesn't know how badass my husband is in the courtroom.
Nyla: Damn straight.

Wesley: I mean, she was always a little creepy. Very bright, but casually cruel. I always chalked it up to privilege.

Wesley: Angela, you're my best friend and you are the sexiest woman I've ever seen. You make me laugh, and cry sometimes. I fell in love with you the second I met you and I have been falling every second since. Will you marry me?
Angela: Yes.

Nyla: Look, I know I haven't known Lucy as long as the rest of you but I know that she is a fighter. She's going to do everything she can to stay alive until we can save her.

John: You still struggling?
Angela: No. Well, a little. I know. I-I need to get over it. I'm a cop. I'm going to see messed-up things.
John: True. It doesn't mean you have to act like it doesn't have an impact on you.
Angela: I mean, Harper didn't blink.
John: Harper has seen things that would give Freddy Krueger nightmares.

John: Because she's here back in uniform training me and I couldn't figure out why until just this moment. I mean, she had a golden ticket. She could have gone anywhere in the department, anywhere she wanted so why the hell would she get back in blues and spend her days training a guy like me? I knew whatever the reason was, it had to be primal. Powerful enough to overcome her inherent arrogance and now I see your daughter and I see exactly why she's willing to sacrifice what she does best for the person she loves most.

Tim: Sit!
[Cujo immediately sits]
Lucy: Seriously?

John: I know we said we'd go this weekend together and get your stuff. I thought I''d surprise you.
Bailey: Oh, thank you. Now, let's put it back in storage.
John: Yeah. Whoa, what? I got your big hug chair.
Bailey: I don't want that thing hugging me, it's hideous.
John: oh, it's not... .*that* hideous.
Bailey: No, really, it is. Especially next to all your furniture. You have such good taste.
John: Yeah, especially in fiancés.
John: Oh.
[kisses Nolan]
Bailey: Well, it can go back. But *this* has to stay.
[pulls a small statue out of a box]
Bailey: [Nolan takes in a sharp breath]
Bailey: I mean it.
John: [In a slightly sarcastic tone] You don't say.
Bailey: [breathy laugh] It spent an hour too long in the kiln.
John: No, no, it's perfect. This is excellent. It'll live right here. And he will bring us luck.
[puts the statue on a shelf]
John: There. Now, it's our home.
[a small earthquake shakes the house, but the only thing to fall and break is the statue]
John: I'm sure that doesn't mean *anything*. But you never gnome.

Angela: I am tired, stressed, and emotional. If you make me chase your ass through this hotel, believe me, you will pay.
Jackson: I thought you were scary during the day shift.

John: Can you imagine walking around with a serial killer's brand on you? When can she have it removed?
Lucy: Four weeks, two days, nine hours.

Dr. Grace Sawyer: Is this a date?
John: Uh, do we have to name it?
Dr. Grace Sawyer: No. I guess we don't.

Tim: What's your tolerance level for cranks and asshats wasting your time?
Wesley: I'm a public defender.

Lucy: You know, sometimes, controlling behavior, it It can be, like, a red flag.

Talia: Tim rode with Hawke back in the day.
Tim: Damn straight. Craziest 6 months of my life.
Talia: Mmm-hmm. Nolan hung out with him last night.
Tim: Hawke and Nolan?
Lucy: Oh yeah. They were tight at the Academy. Bonded over their shared love of "old stuff".
John: The Beastie Boys isn't old.
Tim: They performed before I was born.

Angela: Mr Meadows, are you on any medications?
Professor: Why does everyone always ask me that?

Nick: Catching you was worth everything it cost me.

Tim: The last time I gave you romantic advice I pushed you towards Caleb and you almost died.
Lucy: That's ridiculous. There was no reason to suspect anything. What happened... what happened wasn't your fault. It wasn't mine either. Look, I wouldn't ask your advice if I didn't value your opinion.

John: What is a challenge coin?
Jackson: How do you not know that? It's a medallion bearing an organization's insignia given only to those deemed worthy. They're used to show respect or settle minor disagreements.

John: Okay, you have a singular way of making me feel a thousand years old.

Ellroy: I'm glad I know how to clean the stain out of trousers.

John: You gonna tell me how it went with Sergeant Grey?
Talia: He put me on undocumented oral counseling.
John: For leaving a door unlocked?
Talia: I deserve it. I lost focus, but at least it's not on my record. Look, I appreciate you trying to cover for me.
John: No problem.
Talia: But it doesn't mean you're right about how you see people, though.
John: You think I did that to try to prove a point?
John: Trust me, I'm no Gandhi. I just don't think someone's life should be ruined because of one bad day. You're my partner... my Training Officer, and I got your back, even if you think I'm one bad lunch order away from a life of crime.
John: [Talia rolls her eyes] I saw you rolling your eyes.

Tim: Grey's put you in a bad position. She's a land mine waiting to go off, so if you find yourself in a jam, you text Officer Chen. We'll be there.
John: Thank you.
Tim: Don't get all emotional on me. Training rookies is a sacred duty and it bothers me when cops don't treat it that way.

Nyla: Moses's shop has seen better days.
Wade: Where is he?
Angela: Slipped out the back as soon as the shooting started. You know he's gonna go back at Quinlan twice as hard.
Wade: Be sure to brief the midnight shift and the gang desk. This war's gonna keep escalating until they take each other out.

Nyla: This is way bigger than we thought. We should take the night like Grey said and see how we are feeling in the morning.
Tim: Harper's right. Conducting an off the books operation is high risk on a good day and this ain't a good day.

John: There's only two reasons to torture someone.
Ellroy: You hate their guts.
John: Or you want them to tell you something.
Ellroy: Or it's a sex thing. So three things.
John: I'm super uncomfortable.

Tim: He's gonna love me. Colin was a sheriff for 30 years.
Lucy: Yeah, in a town with two stoplights.
Tim: LA or Mayberry, a cop's a cop.
Lucy: No, he's from Sweethome, not Mayberry.
Tim: No, I know. Mayberry, like the TV show.
Lucy: What TV show?

John: It seems like only yesterday Henry was a toddler on my shoulders, just holding on to my hair, his little feet in my hands... he's a bit of a puker. It's hard to get that smell out of your hair.

Lucy: I'd cancel their rehearsal dinner. Change their registry to a bondage web store. Pay a gang of clowns to storm their wedding and hire a chopper to fly over their outdoor reception. See how well their cake stands up to the rotor wash of a Sikorsky helicopter.

Wade: Hey, Smitty!
Quigley: Yeah, Sarge?
Wade: You can't park your personal vehicle in spots designated for marked units.
Quigley: The RV isn't my vehicle, it's my house. #VanLife.
Wade: You can't park your house in marked spots, either.
[Smitty looks stunned, then walks away]
Wade: Any chance he'll retire soon?
Tim: You aren't that lucky.

Nyla: You got a death wish, boot?
John: I get it from you.

Nyla: Any chance that CERT team is nearby?
Deputy: No, they're clear on the other side of the prison. There's no way they'll get to her in time.
Nyla: But we can.
Hector: Why? You don't owe her nothin'.
John: 'Cause it's the right thing to do. You remember that; you practiced it back at the gas station.
Hector: Why does everything have to be a teachable moment with you?
Nyla: Because he knows it's annoying.

Nick: What did you do?
Malcolm: I hit her with the knife.
Nick: You hit her with the knife, you mean you stabbed her.
Malcolm: Yeah.

Aaron: Look, I appreciate the position that you're in, Officers, but you need to try to understand mine. We have a job to do, and the price of failure is death. So there is nothing for us to lose. You, on the other hand... .
[makes the hand signal indicating money]
Aaron: ... you have options.
John: [to Bradford] I think he wants us to walk away.
[to Galeno]
John: How much?
Aaron: How much do you want?
John: Oh, I want to be Batman rich. What's that take, like a billion?
Tim: Way more.
John: Yeah, like ten or twenty. Since I don't think you have that kind of cash on you, looks like we're sticking around and I don't get to be Batman.
Aaron: Then I guess we're done talking.

Abigail: [to Henry] I'm used to people underestimating me, I just didn't think that you were one of them.

Caleb: Any last words?
Lucy: Yeah. You're gonna be dead long before I am.

John: I'm merely concerned about her suitability, so perhaps we should show what she'd be signing up for.
Tim: No problem, scaring rookies off the job is my specialty.

Nyla: You are a great Dad. With everything that I put you through, you could have turned Lila against me but you didn't. You'll never know how much that means to me.

John: So... how's it going?
Wendell: Thought I was going to soccer practice. Instead, I'm stuck in the lobby of a smelly police station.
John: I feel your pain.

Oscar: You can't really blame a guy for trying.
John: To commit a felony? It's literally what I do for a living. Was it all just a game to you? Did you feel any fear at all?
Oscar: Honestly? No. Guys like me are wired differently. I don't really do fear or anxiety. On the flip side, I have really poor impulse control. Hey, you think I could get a soda?

John: You love her but you're rooting against her, all because you can't handle the idea of her being in danger.
Henry: Okay, Dad That's not fair. I'm trying to protect her.
John: Deciding what's best for her is not protecting her; that's controlling her, and you're better than that. I shouldn't have played along yesterday, and that's on me, but I would be a failure as a father if I didn't tell you you're falling down as a fiancé Abigail deserves your empathy and your honesty. If you can't give her that, you should tell her it's over.

Officer: A C.I. of mine says Double R did it because our victim wouldn't pay up.
Nyla: Double R?
Officer: Some new girl gang.
Angela: I'm sorry, did he just act like girls aren't dangerous?

Flawless: Are you deaf? I said Shakespeare stole my dog.
John: *The* Shakespeare?
Flawless: Is there more than one?
John: I don't know. You said your name was Flawless; I'm just trying to roll with it.

Tim: The Sergeant's exam happens once every two years and whoever scores the lowest gets called Mr. Irrelevant cause they got no chance of getting promoted.

John: Harper, you know you don't have to do this.
Nyla: Relax five percent, this is what I do.

John: You all right?
Nick: Not even close.

Wesley: ...The lease terms specifically prohibit that. Makes the case more clean-cut.
[In regards to the filming of pornographic films on residential rentals]

Sava: [Sava's theory on what happened to Dim] Alien abduction.
John: [Talking about Sava] Oh, yeah. Later she added, uh, portal to another dimension.
Bailey: But, she didn't appreciate your suggestion.
John: Spontaneous combustion.
Interviewer: Oh, like the drummers in Spinal Tap.
John: Thank you for getting the reference.

Caleb: You weren't conscious for your birth but you will feel every second of your death.
Lucy: That's some greeting card level villainy, not that psychopaths are known for being original thinkers.

John: I'm looking for some sage advice here.
Nick: If you haven't noticed my personal life's a dumpster fire. All I can say is, I'm rooting for you two.

John: Back in Foxburg, I knew most of the cops by name.
Nyla: Because there were four of them.
[the other cops laugh]
John: Five.

Wade: [after having been shot and been through surgery] How do you do it? I mean, we're the same age.
John: Ish.
Wade: So how do you go out patrolling the streets and chasing suspects, getting into shootouts, day-in, day-out?
John: Tylenol and Icy Hot.
Wade: Hmm. It wasn't like this before. The last time I got shot I pulled out my own I.V.s and checked myself out.
Wade: Now, I-I can't even imagine it.
John: Maybe that's the - maybe that's the difference. I was never that guy. I don't know what it's like to be a cop and not go home aching at the end of every shift.
Wade: So what you're saying is I need to accept the fact that I'm old.
[Nolan touches his nose to say, "On the nose"]
Wade: Mmm.

Tim: Rookies aren't used to the adrenaline, they get amped up. It's lights and sirens syndrome.

Sergeant: Thanks for coming in on your day off.
John: No problem. I'm excited to get started on my special assignment.
Sergeant: It's not a special assignment; it's a mandatory callback.
John: Oh. I may have renamed that in my head.

Lucy: I don't get all the fuss. Seems like we're getting a day of overtime just to close roads and hang signs.
Tim: That's like saying being drawn and quartered is fun time with horses.

Nyla: You can do this. You have a unique ability to connect with people.
John: She's a psychopath who enjoys mind games and dismemberment. That's not exactly my lane, here.
Nyla: Tough.

John: Don't worry about paying me back.
Pete: I won't.

Tim: Page a trauma surgeon and get an O.R. on standby. Incoming gunshot wound.

John: Can I help you?
Wendell's: Can you arrest someone for being incompetent, uncaring, self centered, unfaithful, and pathologically late?
John: I wish. What's this about?
Wendell's: My husband. Ex-husband. Soon to be ex-husband.

Lucy: I prefer sanitation goddess.

Damian: I have a lead. A kid in my congregation, one of Mateo's friends He came to me this morning, and asked me to tell you something.
Nyla: When you say "friend," you mean they used to bang together?
Damian: Yeah.He told me Moses's crew is transporting a big shipment of drugs today, hidden in merchandise for his auto shop.
Angela: Wait, I thought you said your informant is in Quinlan's gang.
Damian: He is. What?
Nyla: There's just, there's no way a street-level kid would know something like that, especially about a rival gang. Unless someone wanted him to know.
Angela: Quinlan sent him to tell you.He wants the LAPD to do his dirty work for him.
Damian: I'm-I'm not following.
Angela: He tips us off so we take Moses off the board.Quinlan wins the war without losing any more of his guys.
Damian: So you're not gonna act on the tip?
Nyla: Oh, no.We definitely are.
Wade: Doesn't matter if Quinlan's trying to play us. Any chance we have to put Moses behind bars, we're gonna take it.

Tim: You are only going to hear me say this once. Emmett's a fireman, they're idiots. They mean well, and Emmett, he's a not bad firemen. Don't write him off.

John: Hit 'em hard, drive away fast.
Lucy: Right into the shower, I hope. You stink.
John: *I* don't stink; my *character* stinks.

Aaron: Look, I love wandering around in dark alleys at 4:00 in the morning like anyone else, but if you go looking for trouble, you find it.

John: You two know each other?
Skip: Oh, ja. She's the one who got away. A former lover, not a not an escaped prisoner, although don't think we didn't role play that.

Lucy: You put something in my drink...

Wade: Taking Elijah off the board gave us brief peace. Now there's blood in the streets.
Angela: Moses has been around for a long time. He even has legitimate businesses as fronts. He's smart and measured until he's pushed into a corner.
Nyla: And Quinlan is young and wild and not trying to wait his turn.
Wade: Did the night shift hear anything about Moses hitting back?
Angela: No. Not a peep, which somehow makes me more nervous.
Nyla: At least that means there's no new bodies.
Angela: Or none that we've found yet.

Documentary: I've heard rumours that you have insight into the QAnon angle of this case?
Officer: Have you ever tried to put toothpaste back in the tube? I know it's an expression but have you actually tried to do it? I have. It's basically impossible.
Documentary: And what do you think Q is trying to tell people with this Q drops, these cryptic messages?
Officer: I really wasn't trying to say anything. I was just typing and maybe I got a little carried away.
Documentary: Wait, what did you say?
Officer: Well, I guess now is as good a time as any to reveal that... I'm Q.
John: Smitty is Q?
Nyla: I'm sorry, what?
Sergeant: Lord, give me strength.
Lucy: What?
Officer: A lot of writers use pseudonyms. Q is my first initial, so... hey, is my name down there?
[chyron reads "Quigley Smitty, Police Officer, 'Q'"]
Lucy: But it was an accident? He - he didn't start it on purpose?
Documentary: That's what he said.
Tim: Yeah, sounds like Smitty.
Officer: I was trying to start the fan fiction club for This Is Us and things just got out of hand.
Documentary: What the hell does This Is Us fanfic have to do with a cult?
Officer: I mistakenly mixed cough syrup with diet pills when I was writing a Satanic alien story line for Jack and Rebecca. I woke up the next morning and read it; none of it made sense. But overnight I got so many followers I just went with it. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.

Nyla: Did you really just say the Q word in my shop?
John: What, quiet?
Nyla: Ah, ah, ah, stop! You do not under any circumstance ever use the Q word while on duty. That is like saying "Macbeth" in theater or talking about a no-hitter in the dugout.
John: Okay, I had no idea you were superstitious.
Nyla: That is not superstitious, that's fact.
John: Where are you going?
Nyla: I'm going to get the trauma plate for my vest because I have a feeling I'm going to need it.

Nyla: We caught a D.B. this morning, a shopkeeper who refused to pay protection money to a street gang called Double R.
Lucy: Rowena Razors out of Rowena Gardens?
Angela: Gang task force doesn't have much on them except their leader, Shana Quelli. She was released from Valley State Prison three months ago. She's been extorting store owners on her turf.
Nyla: Our victim took a stand, and the Razors made an example out of him.
Wade: Harper and Lopez need you to infiltrate the gang to get some evidence, murder weapon.
Angela: A confession would be best.
Lucy: Uh... they're not going to let me anywhere near them.
Nyla: You're U.C. now, right? Gaining access and building trust is the name of the game.
Lucy: You got it. I'll figure it out.

Jordan: You're some kind of nut job. I steal your identity and make your life a living hell and then you save my life.
John: That's my job.

John: [looks at Hector] What about you? What's your story?
[gets a disdainful look]
John: Okay. Good talk.

John: How about this? At the end of every shift, I send you a text to let you know I'm OK?
Henry: So, like, ahh, a safe word?
John: Exactly... no, wait! How do you know about safe words?
Henry: Hmmm. Do you really want to know?
John: No, abort!
[Henry chuckles]
John: Alright, what's our word gonna be?
Henry: Turducken.
John: Perfect... that poor cat.

Howard: I'm dying, brain cancer. I just found out. Maybe it's selfish, but I want them to know that I'm sorry before I'm gone.

Tim: You can choose to see that tattoo as your greatest failure but I see it as proof that you're a survivor. It wasn't your day of death Officer Chen, it was the first day of the rest of your life and no one can take that away from you.

Tim: The world *is* dangerous. Being vigilant is the price of admission.

Celina: What'd they say about the Pitchess motion?
John: That Lopez's and Wesley's marriage is going to complicate things. Elijah's gonna try to prove prejudice. He may actually have a case.

Jordan: [Looking where his hand was severed] You cut off my hand!
Daxton: They were tracking us through the watch.
Jordan: There are easier ways to take off a watch!

Nyla: Nothing like getting hit on by a 12-year-old delinquent to get your day started.
Fletcher: Hey, yo, I'm 15.
John: Not better.

John: It's over, Marcus! Give it up! We can still call you an ambulance!
Marcus: You stabbed me! What the heck did you stab me with?
John: Scissors! Rusty ones, too! Now, you give your ass up! If you make this a fight to the death, I swear to God, *you'll be the one they carry out of here!*
[Marcus chuckles maniacally]
John: Oh, come on!
Marcus: Ahh! Safety! Safety! Safety!
[Marcus starts shooting at Nolan]

Skip: You are the bees of the knees! Your bees - your knees - your bees contain knees!

John: The world doesn't owe you anything, Colt. Not a winning lottery ticket, not a happy childhood, nothing. We've all got to do the best with what we've got and for you, right now, that means giving up and getting on the ground.

Sergeant: So, what are you doing here? Why aren't you at the hospital?
Tim: Cause I can't do brain surgery.

Wade: Nolan. Hold up. I got some bad news. I'm hearing rumors that the Union President is gonna make a move against you.
John: Not a surprise, given how I showed him up at the City Council. Any idea what he's planning?
Wade: Not yet, but I expect the worst. There's no hard rule on the union delegate count. He can shrink the number by one.
John: And because I was the last one in, I'd be the first one out. What do I do?
Wade: You focus on your T.O. exam next week. Don't let politics derail your career.
John: Oh no, I've been studying my ass off. I think I'm ready.
Wade: Don't think it. Be it. Clearly, you don't have time to waste.
John: Are you calling me old?
Wade: It was implied.
[they both laugh]

Valerie: You shouldn't let him talk to you like that.
Lucy: He's my training officer. It's just kind of his style.
Valerie: Being an ass isn't style, but he sure can wear a suit.

John: It feels a lot smaller on the inside.
Tim: Like a reverse Tardis.
[Lucy gives him a look]
Tim: What? I don't only watch sports.

Attacker: Climate Change !
[Attacker defaces painting "The Lost Emperor" which has an eerie resemblance to Sergeant Grey]
Wade: No... oh !

Rosalind: So if this is the last time I see you, you will live on in my fantasies.
John: Well, that makes one of us.

Wesley: I'm sorry. Are you really murder boarding our child's future?

Nyla: You say you want to be a cop like me. Screw that, be better than me. You've got what it takes, Not Nolan.
Lucy: I heard you call me Chen back at the house. I know you know my name.

Wesley: So where are we, case-wise?
Lucy: Yeah, he made contact, asked me to dinner. Romantically, like a date? Well, ostensibly, it's about business, but he did just get out of prison, so odds are he's hopeful for a little somethin'-somethin'.
Wesley: Legally, there's two forms of entrapment. The first is offering so much money that an otherwise reasonable person commits an illegal act. The second is sex.
Nyla: Yeah, if a UC puts sex or love on the table as inducement to crime, it automatically becomes entrapment.
Wesley: The courts realize that love makes people do crazy things.
Wesley: Right, so I'm... Should we cancel dinner?
Wesley: No, but keep it professional. If he starts saying that he's doing it for you or for love, you got to walk.
Lucy: Yeah. Hey. Should I push a little about his brother?
Nyla: No, because you're still trying to build a foundation. Once he trusts you, he will hang himself. But we should get a decent wire for her, because he could get a little handsy.
Wade: Mm. All right. Pull the top of the line from HIDTA. We'll reconvene and brief two hours before your date. Any questions?

John: What do you think it means that Grace doesn't want me to meet her son?
Nyla: That she's a good mother who is putting her child's welfare before everything and everyone else.
John: So not that she's not that into me.
Nyla: Are you kidding me? No, she digs you. It seems to be her only flaw.

Lucy: Do you have any advice on how to get on her good side?
John: I actually don't know that she has one, so good luck.

Lucy: With all due respect, I have been buried alive by a serial killer. This rabbit hole does not scare me.

Tamara: You want to sit?
Nyla: I will never be able to get up.

Nyla: It is not our job to police his grief.

Nyla: [When asked if she believed in Evil] Uh, do I believe in the embedding of a metaphysical force within the body that turns people into monsters? No comment. But I know for a fact that this is only gonna get worse. If this really is Quinlan's guys, then, this is likely the beginning of a gang war.

Oscar: Hey, guys!
Nyla: Why aren't you out there running wild like the rest of them?
Oscar: I was, then I got tired. All I really wanted to do was beat the hell out of this one guy, Kevin Nedved.
John: And did you?
Oscar: No! Somebody beat me to it. I know, right? Just my luck. But I did get to laugh in his face, which was nice! I'm surprised to see you two in one piece. Where's the kids? Did you trade them for safe passage?

John: Well, maybe we pay both these guys a visit, impress upon them how bad it would be if they were to take it any farther..
Angela: It's worth a try.
Nyla: A shot across the bow is not gonna stop them, but it might slow them down long enough for us to put bracelets on the monsters who did this

Wesley: The good news is they haven't paid rent, so you can start the eviction process today. Based on their history, they'll probably take it to court. Because of the backups, it'll take a while to get a date. Uh, if you're lucky, you'll be rid of them in three months.
John: Three. So meanwhile, I'll be out legal fees, and they'll pocket $18,000 renting out the place to make "adult films."

Eva: You stole this.
Nyla: I did not.
Eva: To the best grandma ever.
Nyla: She's in a coma, she won't miss these.

Lucy: Hey, do you think it's weird I didn't try to find my biological dad?
Tim: No. You don't owe the guy anything. The only thing he ever contributed to your life was measured in milliliters.
Lucy: That is gross. Seriously, I don't know why I bother talking to you about personal stuff.
Tim: Mission accomplished.

John: Ben?
Ben: Oh! Hey.
Ben: What, is that how you greet your best friend turned landlord?
John: I wasn't expecting you for another week!
Ben: Ah, I got homesick. And I was also worried that I abandoned you in your time of need.
John: [Jokingly] Yeah, it's been really tough living here.
Ben: You know what I mean? C'mere.
John: Good to see you.
Ben: You, too. Ahh, man, you look good.
John: Thank you! A coffee machine?
Ben: Yeah, hot off the factory floor. It's from my foundation in Guatemala that empowers young mothers by helping them to start their own business.
John: Making hot beverages.
Ben: Among other things. I didn't think you'd want the lactation device.
John: Good call.

DEA: Nyla was the most hardcore U.C. I've ever seen. She could lie to God himself and get away with it.
Sergeant: You don't say. That's surprising because she always tells me the truth, don't you detective?
Nyla: Absolutely, Sir.

Wesley: I would wish you luck, but I hope your client rots in hell.

John: Any advice on how to deal with her?
Nick: Don't try to figure her out?
John: Because I'm not qualified.
Nick: Therein lies the madness. Is there any real rationale why someone would take off a person's hands or pour boiling oil down someone's throat? There's this morbid curiosity to ask why. Don't. You don't want to know what's in her head and you sure as hell don't want her in yours.

Rachel: I just got an invitation to a wedding.
Tim: Yeah, I don't do weddings.
Rachel: I don't know what that means, and I wasn't inviting you.

Celina: I heard that. Should we call it in?
Aaron: And, what, get laughed at when we find out it's just a cat in heat? No thank you.

Wesley: Can I help?
Tim: What's your tolerance for cranks and asshats wasting your time?
Wesley: I'm a Public Defender.
Tim: Have at it.

John: What are you, some kind of secret genius?
Talia: Oh, it's not secret.

John: So why come for me?
Norman Jangus: Because you're the weak link. Bradford served two tours in-country, Harper's taken on cartels, and Chen's survived a serial killer. You build houses, and you always push on the weak link so I'm pushing on you.

Nyla: I don't answer to you, 5%.
John: No, you don't but if you are committed to making this an antagonistic relationship, don't expect me to roll over and take it.

John: I'm a little in love with her.
Nick: You tell her that?
John: Well, I've implied it, you know... with my actions.
[Nick rolls his eyes]
John: Not the same, is it?
Nick: Nope.

Nyla: If we can't obey every rule, then how can we expect that from citizens?

John: Because when people are having their worst day I want to be there to try and help make it right.
Nyla: Oh God, you're one of those.
John: One of what?
Nyla: A guardian. There are two kinds of cops, Officer Nolan. Warriors and guardians. One's a hunter, the other's a nurturer. One is only alive when they're in the fight, the other is happy to clock out after twelve. One is worth my time, the other is not.

Tim: You're working too hard ! Okay... I get it... .You're investing in a certain answer, because it makes for a better documentary.

Celina: What's a Pitchess motion?
John: It's a request to see a cop's personnel file. Everything... IA complaints, even the bogus ones. It's a great way to, uh, block energy. Why don't you go set up the shop. I'll meet you out there.

Tim: Look, the thing you learn early on as police officers is that your future is never certain.
Lucy: Yeah. Anything can happen to anyone at any time.
Tim: Especially if they overstay their welcome.

Abigail: [to John Nolan] Your job affects people, makes a difference in their lives. If there had been a cop like you around when I needed help, things would have been different. Thanks for making today happen and for believing in me.

Sergeant: The end of the race is always the hardest. The push is to remind you not to celebrate before you cross the finish line.

Sergeant: [Sgt. Grey drives up to a criminal] Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! You call an Uber?
[Criminal shakes his head no. Grey points a gun at him. Criminal raises his hands]
Sergeant: I'll understand if you don't give me a five star.

Lucy: You know, kids need to have fun, but they also need a little bit of structure. Hey, hustle up. Okay. Uh, my name is Lucy. I am Coach Bradford's friend, and we're gonna start with the basics Throwing the ball. So, first things first, make sure the ball is secure in your mitt. Eyes on the target.Step out with the opposite leg from your throwing arm. Follow through. Ball lands back in the mitt. And we'll cycle through that, okay? We're not gonna move on until everybody gets it. So spread out. Let's give it a try.

Lucy: Remind me not to take a guy out while I'm wearing a robe. I showed him the entire world just now.

Tim: Hello, ma'am. We had a noise complaint. Yelling. Everything okay?
Althea: I was just arguing with my son. Ain't no need for the police.
Aaron: Okay, so what's the problem, ma'am?
Althea: My son, Tabin.
Aaron: Mm-hmm.
Althea: He won't listen. He cuts school. He won't pick up after himself. And the mouth on that boy.
Aaron: And how old's your son?
Althea: 15.
Tim: He threaten you?
Althea: He knows he better not!
Tim: Okay. Any drugs, weapons, other criminal behavior?
Althea: Tabin? Absolutely not. I see him drifting. He's running the streets instead of doing schoolwork. Told him he's gonna end up like his sister. I already lost one child. I'm not gonna lose another.
Aaron: And let me guess... He didn't want to hear that, huh?
Althea: He says I don't know what I'm talking about. Starts yelling and... and slamming doors. I told him, "You break my house, I'mma break your head."
Tim: Okay. Well, we can't arrest him if he hasn't committed a crime.
Althea: Ain't nobody asking you to do all that. You can't talk to him, put the fear of Jesus in him, help keep him out of trouble? I pay your salaries. You know what? We should defund y'all ass.
Aaron: Look, um, I-I'll talk to him, okay? Is he inside?
Althea: Mm-hmm.

Celina: Okay, how do you keep all these players straight? I mean, it seems like they're rising and falling every five minutes.
John: Takes work. Uh, CIs on the street, regular check-ins with the different desks Detectives, Narco, gangs. I was planning on waiting till you had a few more months under your belt to do that deep dive.
Celina: Oh, I'm ready now. The more I know, the less surprised I'll be.
John: Ah, if only that were true.

Jackson: So they're clearly crazy. Can we go now?

Tim: I don't know where Rachel and I are headed but I want to find out and if you really care about your daughter, you won't get in the way of her happiness.

Lucy: Look, I came to LA to start over, so I am very respectfully just gonna pass, okay?
Frank: Yeah, well, that's not really an option. I need access to certain protected plastics, and you need to not go to prison. But this is a very low-risk thing for you. A few barrels a month get misplaced. That kind of loss is normal, and it's built into the company's profit margin. I just need you to hide the missing inventory from your boss. You do that, and I'll pay you 5,000 bucks a month, huh? How's that sound?
Lucy: Tempting, but I think I would just prefer to give my notice today and let you make this deal with the next girl that sits behind my desk.
Frank: Look, I'm trying to be nice here, hmm? But the alternative to you saying yes is me drowning you in that canal. So how about you get onboard, like, right now?

Lucy: Surprise I'm a cop.

Tim: That's why I don't swim in the ocean. It's a dumping ground for sewage, narcotics, and human remains. Still feel like going in?

Tim: If you need anything let me know.
Lucy: You got a time machine?
Tim: I wish I did.

Sergeant: She's spent the last four years neck-deep in paranoia and adrenaline. Lying every time she opened her mouth. Striking out at any sign of aggression. Now don't get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for her service but transitioning back into a uniform, that's going to be a bitch.
John: So you made her my T.O.?
Sergeant: I didn't have much say in that matter. She would eat a 25-year-old recruit alive. At least you stand a chance.

John: If anything's happened to Lucy.
Nyla: Don't go there. If she is in trouble the only way you are good to her is if you are focused solely on saving her not playing worst-case scenarios.

John: Is this gonna work?
Nyla: If Banks doesn't screw up your paper trail.
John: And if he does?
Nyla: We pray the body count doesn't include us.

Street: Help you?
John: We're here to see Quinlan.
Street: Not here.
John: And yet I'm looking right at him.