The Best How I Met Your Mother, Season 9, Episode 24 Quotes

Daughter: Come on, Dad. Mom's been gone for six years now. It's time.

Daughter,15330: Yes!

- Will y...
- Will you marry me... on Thursday?
- I called your office-- you got nothing on Thursday.
- Will you marry me on Thursday?
- Yes.

Robin: I know I've missed a couple lately... but we said we'd always be there for the big moments.

Ted: [Meeting The Mother for the first time] Excuse me. Hi.
Tracy: Hi!
Ted: I'm...
Tracy: The best man.
[puts her umbrella over Ted's head]
Tracy: Yeah, get in here. Get in here. Get in here.
Ted: Oh, thanks. Here, let me.
[holds the umbrella]
Tracy: Oh, okay. Thank you.
Ted: Yeah. Great show tonight.
Tracy: Oh, thank you!
Ted: You're Cindy's ex-roommate, right?
Tracy: Yeah, and you are the professor. I took one of your classes.
Ted: Really? Which one?
Tracy: Econ 305.
Ted: Econ 305? I don't teach -
[realizes she was among the students when Ted mistakenly started teaching the wrong class a few years ago]
Ted: Oh, no.
Tracy: Oh, yeah.
Ted: Excuse me, I'm going to jump onto the tracks now.
Tracy: No, no no no, don't. You were great. You were great.
Ted: Wait a second, this is my umbrella. I left this umbrella at Cindy's. You totally stole my umbrella.
Tracy: [laughs] What? No, I didn't! This is *my* umbrella. I bought this.
Ted: Excuse me, it even has my initials on it. Right here.
[points to handle]
Ted: T.M. Ted Mosby.
Tracy: Yeah, look again, Ted Mobsy, those are *my* initials. T.M. Tracy McConnell.
Ted: Um, no, Tracy McConnell. It's T.M. Totally My umbrella.
Tracy: Um, *you're* T.M. Terribly Mistaken, because this umbrella has always belongs to T.M. To Me.
Tracy: Although, I *did* lose it for a few years there. Um, so I went to this dance club on...
Ted: On St. Patrick's Day.
Tracy: On St. Patrick's Day.
Ted: And you left it there.
Tracy: And I left it there.
Ted: And you never thought you'd see it again.
Tracy: And I never thought I'd see it again. Funny how sometimes you just find things.
Ted: Hi.
Tracy: Hi.

Ted: It was at times a long, difficult road. But I'm glad it was long and difficult, because if I hadn't gone through hell to get there, the lesson might not have been as clear. You see, kids, right from the moment I met your mom, I knew... I have to love this woman as much as I can for as long as I can, and I can never stop loving her, not even for a second. I carried that lesson with me through every stupid fight we ever had, every 5:00 a.m. Christmas morning, every sleepy Sunday afternoon, through every speed bump. Every pang of jealousy or boredom or uncertainty that came our way, I carried that lesson with me. And I carried it with me when she got sick. Even then, in what can only be called the worst of times, all I could do was look at her and thank God, thank every god there is, or ever was, or will be, and the whole universe, and anyone else I can possibly thank that I saw that beautiful girl on that train platform, and that I had the guts to stand up, walk over to her, tap her on the shoulder, open my mouth, and speak.

Marshall: Hey Ted, ask me if the abominable snow man called.
Ted: Has the abominable snow man called?
Marshall: Not Yeti.

Daughter: That's it?
Ted: That's it.

Lily: I can't believe it. It's Ted Mosby's wedding day.
Ted: Yes. After only 7 years and 2 kids. Guys, am I rushing into this?

- You are the love of my life.
- Everything I have... and everything I am...
- yours.
- Forever.

- No. Congratulations.
- It's a girl.
- Would you like to meet her?
- Nah, I'm good.
- I don't...
- Oh, just go meet your daughter!
- This is Ellie.

Marshall: WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? How could you put us through that? That goodbye was emotionally devastating! A certain delicate flower cried all night in the shower.
Lily: And *I* was pretty bummed too!

[crying while holding Elle, his newborn baby girl]
Barney: You are the love of my life. Everything I have, and everything I am, is yours... Forever.

Young: I like you, bus lady.
Robin: I like you too. Never call me that again.
[Young Penny giggles]

Ted: ...and kids , that's How I Met Your Mother

Barney: Shots? Before lunch on a Thursday? It's like you're trying to make bad decisions. You young ladies need to go home, put on some decent clothes, and take a good hard look at your lives. Get. Call your parents, they're probably worried sick.