The Best Ozark, Season 4, Episode 3 Quotes

- You two are not talking about this with her?
- No, we are.
- She's got time.
- Charlotte, college… can't be missed.
- And not because of the classes, but… the whole experience, huh?
- The other students.

- Follow me.
- Hola, Marty.
- -Hi.
- -It's good to see you again.
Connor: Arms up.
- Cell phones.
- In the bag or the deal ends now.

- we'll know it's reaching him as it burns.
- Because he's right here.
- But he's not.
- Don't be an asshole.
- Maybe if you kill me, you can make one of these too.
- He'll come around.

- I can't believe he fucking ratted me out.
- Yeah. It sucks.
- Um…
- Are all our accounts online?
- As of an hour ago.
- Good. We'll be using them tomorrow.

Darlene: You fucking did it, didn't you?
Ruth: Yes, I fucking did.
- Tell me why I shouldn't take your head off right now.
- A: there's a hell of a lot more where that came from.
Brinkley: you've been waiting for a partner with as much guts as you your whole life.
Charlotte: if you try, there's no guarantee
- I won't take off yours first.

- You really think that I'd risk my life suggesting this with Javi right here if I didn't think it was absolutely necessary?
- Ah, doesn't mean you're not fucking me.
- To prove to you how much I'm not fucking you,
- I'll give you Maya's number and you can call her yourself.
- So get a piece of paper and start writing.

- Uh, definitely, we'll, you know, when we get back home, we'll… we'll look at our calendars and-and we'll set up those, uh, those campus visits.
- Everything all right?
[in English] Absolutely.
- Good.

- Don't do anything I wouldn't.
- So do steal ten grand and buy a shitty van?
- Well, you gotta live a little.
- Okay. Love you, pal.
- Are you really not gonna say goodbye?
[sarcastically] Fantastic.

- You know how much I hate it when my magic's wasted.
- Bassinet's in the bedroom, but you can move it easy enough.
- The bottle warmer's by the stove.
- Here's the changing table.
- Don't forget to keep the baby wipes at body temp.
- Well, there's just no stopping progress.

- Everyone you've worked with, what do they have in common?
- Look, I want this to work out with me, you and Darlene.
- I do. Okay?
- So please, don't fuck this up too.
- It's a great fucking plan, Wy.
- And you know it!

- What are you doing, Wendy?
[sobbing] I'm fighting for our family!
- And what the fuck are you doing?

- Then I will send you one, and you… you will get Agent Miller back for me.
[Marty] Yeah, it-uh, you know, it seems she might need a minute to get her head around all this.
- You don't win until I win, Marty.
- Don't forget that.

- So, there's a… mutual respect.
- Out of that respect came a collaboration.
- Please forgive me, but you make it sound like he's the one who's useful to you.
- We're useful to each other.
- How so?
- You're still here, aren't you?

- because you know your business needs fresh blood and fresh thinking.
- I brought you on because I like you, and because you got balls for being such a slight little thing.
- But the second they start swelling like a dog's,
- I'm gonna take them right off.
- Don't lay a finger on my product.

- if no one bothered to tell you it's back on.
- And before you go sticking your dick in decisions above your pay grade, ask yourself, do you really want to have to toss it in a Yeti while you pray the doctors can sew it back on?
- The batch will be ready day after tomorrow.
Ruth: Hmm.

- if you hadn't, she wouldn't have gotten on that plane and who knows where we'd be? You know?
- Maybe you should go down there tomorrow.
- What do you think?
Wendy: Instead of you?
- How did it go with Jonah today?
- Not well.

- I'm here to see your boss.
- You can park over there.

- the details of how your cartels operated, surrendering your product.
- Your weapons.
- Names and locations of every
- US citizen you've made disappear.
- Otherwise, I have no reason to bring this meeting to my superiors and I don't even know what I'm doing here.

- Just a misunderstanding.
- We'll-we'll work it out. Um…
- -Great to see you guys.
- -[chuckles]
- -[woman] Yeah, you too.
- -Yeah.
[woman] Yeah, okay. Bye! Okay, well…
- -Bye.
- -Take care.
- Yeah.

- You can't help it and he senses that, and he won't stop until he sees that he's only safe with us.
- Wow. Look, that's muscling.
- -That's not parenting.
- -What do you think brought Charlotte back?
[Marty] Charlotte realized she had no place else to go.
- Neither does Jonah.
- He's just doesn't know it yet.

- each deposit takes one of 20 trillion randomized paths through our other shells.
Ruth: Twenty trillion?
- Yeah, 16 factorial is a little more than 20.9 trillion.
- -Holy fucking fuck.
- -Yeah, pretty much.
- -[car approaching]
- -Once our Internet's upgraded, each deposit will make that journey in a matter of seconds.

- Look at me.
- Erin.
- Look at me.
- Just because we didn't have anything to do with your mom, it doesn't mean we're not capable in the future if we don't have any other choice.

- I… I have to go, right now.
[mother] Okay, then go.
- We'll be right here whenever you get back.
- Well, should we go sit down?
- We're not tourists.
- When I was walking in the park today, it almost felt like we'd never left.
- You coming?

- -Now.
- -Hmm?
- Mm-hmm. Sí.
Javi: You don't chew, you just sort of slurp it down.
- Eh?
- Uno, dos, tres.

- Thank you.
[in Spanish] Fucking motherfucker.
- Everything all right?
- When Blackwater over there stole my phone,
- -a gun shipment got moved up to tonight.
- -[dialing]
[in Spanish] Hey. What's up?

[tsking] Ah! Muy bien.
- Then it looks like I'll be seeing a lot more of you, Ms. Shaw.
- From here on out, I'll be my uncle's personal representative on this deal.
- I'd love to grab dinner when I'm in town to supervise the first shipment.
- -[in Spanish] Congratulations.
- -[both chuckle]
- You're the first gringo I've met whose family's killed more people than mine.

- you'll be next, followed by Seth, then your Dad, and his girlfriend.
- And that's the last thing that anyone wants.
- -You don't know what will happen.
- -I do.
- Trust me.

- So, if you think-if you think…
- You think these two lunatics are gonna protect you when the shit hits the fan?
- You've got another thing coming.
- Jonah.
- Jonah?

- Right now.
- If I do, you won't see a cent.
- I don't think you quite understand.
- I am asking--
- Fuck that.
- I'm demanding you give me what you owe me.
- I can't help people who refuse to help themselves.

Omar: You wanted something from me, so… here it is.
- My show of good faith, huh?
- How did you get this number?
- How do you think, Agent Miller?
- Now do you want what I have or not?

[officer 1] Clear!
- Open them up.

- the lives that those will save.
- I know it might not feel like it right now, but it really is, it's the only way to make the bad mean something.
- Bury it.
- Bury it.
- Pile good on top of good.

- I thought it was to keep my big sister off my ass.
Javi: At least send me with a sample.
- So I can make sure all our interests are protected and things don't go sideways.
Omar: Javi.
- I'm tired.