The Best The Office, Season 7, Episode 18 Quotes

Michael: Should have burned this place down when I had a chance.

Michael: So, this is one of my favorite places in the world.
Holly: Why?
Michael: This is where Toby announced that he was going to Costa Rica. It was the happiest day of my life... until the day you came to replace him.

Dwight: Schrutes are farmers by hobby, and traders by trade.

Jim: Holly, will you marry me?
Holly: No.
Stanley: Marry me, Holly.
Holly: No.
Michael: That guy's got more than he can handle as it is.
Oscar: Will you marry me?
Holly: No.
Michael: That marriage would be a sham.
Gabe: Will you marry me?
Holly: No.
Michael: Easy no.
Angela: Will you marry me?
Holly: No.
Michael: That would be hot. I would pay to see that.
Ryan: Will you marry me, Holly?
Holly: No.
Michael: Only one that I was kind of worried about.

Kevin: Woah, I love her. How much for that?
Michael: I uh... I actually don't know why I brought that because It's kind of priceless.
Holly: 10 dollars.
Michael: Mhmm, no I paid 500 dollars for that.
Kevin: 200.
Michael: 500.
Holly: 20.
Kevin: 45.
Michael: Get lost.
Kevin: Damn it.
Michael: That is how you do it.
Holly: You know we don't have to sell that if you don't want to. If it's a problem with the neon I can have my neon guy take a look.
Michael: You know it's really more for a bachelor pad. I just want to get a fair price.
Holly: Well we could put it in storage... in case.
Michael: In case... in case of what?
Holly: You know... in case if something changes.
Holly: I don't have an in case. Do you have an in case?
Holly: Nope.
Old: How much for the slip and slide?
Michael: Get lost.

- Okay, wait, now really think hard about this one.
- One year.
- I could see that as a very real possibility.
- Four hundred and ninety-four months.
- I could see that happening.
- Four hundred and ninety-five months. That's just...

- And I don't want to say the other one was old, but its ip number was one.
- Right?
- Thank you, Pam.
- Oh, you're welcome.
- My pleasure.

- I don't know, from a practical standpoint...
- One thirty-five. Did you like one thirty-five?
- "Eat a brog." Maybe it's
- 'cause I didn't understand it.
- I just had a couple of notes.
- Let me grab a pen and...
- Damn it.
- Just when we were... just when we were getting going.

Angela: Will you marry me?
Holly: No.
Michael: That would be hot. I'd pay to see that.