The Best The Office, Season 7, Episode 5 Quotes

Andy: Knockity-knock, dont knock back. Just kidding, you can knock. It's your office.

Phyllis: You know, I forget about milk. This is a terrific reminder

Andy: I was the artsy musical one. In "Here Comes Treble" I had four solos, Broccoli Rob had three, right?

Michael: And you already know Dunder Mifflin has the best service and the best prices, but you beat us anyway. Can you imagine how well you would do selling our stuff?

- Michael! Yeah!
- All right!
Pam: Yeah!
- Just steer more now.
- Oh, my god!
- Not the car! No, no.
- You never forget.

Michael: Look at that.
Oscar: Huh?
Michael: Nice!
Oscar: I love cycling. Andy, I feel like a tourist in my own city. I literally can't wait to wake up every morning.
Pam: Okay.
Michael: She is a beaut!
Dwight: Can't beat a horse. A horse is a bike that peddles itself.
Oscar: Yes, it is.
Michael: Oh, look at that.
[pushing bike]
Michael: Smooth roll.
Oscar: Yeah.
Kevin: You got it! Lance Armstrong's Bike!
Oscar: Yes.
Meredith: His ass was on that seat? Alright!
Kevin: Nice.
Oscar: No, Meredith, that's not his actual bicycle, but it is the same exact model he uses.
Kelly: I'm on Sheryl Crow's side in that whole thing, so I feel really weird right now.
Pam: [crashing sound] Michael!
Michael: Oh, god!
Oscar: Oh...