The Best The Sopranos, Season 6, Episode 3 Quotes

- We don't talk like that here.
- What do you mean?
- Your family's inside.
- What family?
- They're here to welcome you.
- I don't understand.
- You're going home.
- I am?

- Help defray medical costs, rehabilitation.
- Jesus, I don't know what to say.
- This is what we do, honey.
- I'd want the same for my Marie.
- Or my ma.
- We're here if you need anything.

- To your father, to me, to everybody.
- Fuck this. Fuck it all!
- Jesus, Mel, the hell's wrong with you?
- What's wrong with me?
- What's wrong with me?
- Mom.
- It had to happen. She's fried.

- let's face it, somebody's gonna have to step into the breach.
- I'm a young man.
- Now without the weight,
- I'm a healthy man with longevity.

- Well, there's nothing to be scared of.
- You can let it go.
- Just come say hello.
- All right.
- Daddy!
- Please don't leave us, daddy. We love you.

- she's expecting you, so make it happen.
- What are you worried about?
- I think I know who
- I'm fucking dealing with here.
- I resent that.
- You have a problem taking orders from me?
- Keep your shirt on. It's done.

- Don't get in bed with him again.
- You dislodged his drains.
- That was my daughter.
- And I can't help but think that physical affection means something.

- My uncle has memory loss.
- Maybe it's hereditary.
- Someone's probably studying that.
- Is it possible that I am Kevin finnerty?
- All right, I'll stop.

- Yeah, it's just nothing prepares you for that.
- Uncle Paulie!
- Only one person at a time, please.
- She's a ballbuster.
- Finn's on his way up.
- I'll be back in a few minutes, okay?
- Remember, stay positive.

- Asians flip for horror films.
- Plus, there's ancillary...
- No change with Tony.
- Carmela's in goddamn pieces.
- Memo... get some coffee up to carmela's house.
- Sil, Bobby was making collections up in roseville again last night.
- My time is limited.
- Get him over and let's resolve this.

- including the cunt he was engaged to.
- She was getting porked by his boss the night the hero was killed.
- We'll have a meeting tomorrow.
- We hear what you've fleshed out before we go to script.
- Bing, 2:30.
- Don't make me come look for you.

Carmela: [after seeing a news report showing AJ cursing at reporters, rushes into his room to confront him] I swear I'm going to fucking kill you
A.J. Soprano: [after Carmella pulls his blanket off him] what the fuck?
Carmela: You made a fool of yourself and our family on national fuckin television
Carmela: I didn't even say that shit. They totally misquoted me
Carmela: Of course they did. That's what they do. Which is why I and everybody else told you don't talk to the press
A.J. Soprano: Yeah well, your the one who looks like an asshole: dragging me around like I was five years old
Carmela: [Calling him the religious idiom] Your a "cross to bear", to me, to your father to everybody
A.J. Soprano: [Before storming out, grabbing his shoes and clothes] fuck this! Fuck it all!

- So I'm holding his hand, and all of a sudden the machines go bullshit.
- You told us, for Christ's sake.
- Those fucking doctors, it's their fault.
- Skip's gonna make it.
- He's conscious.
- Oh, thank god!

A.J. Soprano: [In the hospital] what's up?
Christopher: You were at South Mountain Arena yesterday trying to buy a gun from that asshole that works in the snack stand?
A.J. Soprano: Who told you that?
Christopher: We know how you feel but you can't do this.
A.J. Soprano: I can't believe you know this, who told you this?
Bobby: If my father was laying in there shot I'd be thinking the same thing.
Christopher: But you can't go this.
A.J. Soprano: Yeah, well why the fuck not?
Bobby: Listen to me, I'm your uncle Junior's in federal lock up, no one's getting to him in there.
A.J. Soprano: It's difficult but not impossible.
Christopher: Trust me your dad does not want you to get involved
Bobby: You've got to channel that rage elsewhere, like golden gloves
Christopher: Dumb bells or some shit, fuck your girlfriend more

Bobby: [talking privately with Sil and Vito to settle a dispute] That was Junior's neighborhood, now's its mine
Silvio: Whoa, keep your voice down
Vito: It was Eugene's going on three years and Eugene was with me
Bobby: He should've never had it to begin with except with the beef with that guy: Junior ruled on it and it wasn't right then
Vito: [irritated by Bobby] This fuckin guy!
Silvio: [to Vito] How much we talking about?
Vito: 3g's a week
Bobby: Maybe that's what that guy admitted to you, I heard 5
Vito: [to Bobby] You heard wrong
Bobby: What do we do here, Sil?
Silvio: [after thinking it over] Here's the thing
Vito: What, skip?
Silvio: For the time being, it's Bobby's... but his still gonna kick up twenty percent to you
Vito: How long is for the time being?
Bobby: Yeah, Sil?
Silvio: [to both of them] What, you speak Norwegian? For now

Paulie: [Talking to Tony while Tony's in a coma] I've got to wear a jock, the doctor says it will help keep my testes elevated, of course it'd be a lot worse. They gave me an ultrasound, there's no rupture. The good news is, I did it when I made a big score in business and I saw a little action.

- in that situation, god forbid.
- My ma... who the fuck would take care of her something happens?
- Except sh and you guys.
- Colombians knock off at noon.
- Then it's empty.
- Manager's unit's down a flight.

- as I came to you about Adriana.
- You've got him up?
- I know how it looks, but he should be upright as much as possible.
- I'm gonna leave you two alone.
- Thanks for everything.
- Okay.
- I don't know how you do it.

- Until his fever dissipates and his white-cell count comes down, we're a long way from home.
- But he's really fighting.
- Mom, he's really strong.
- That is true.
- Hi, dad.

Carmela: [while in the hospital cafeteria] I hear Sil is at Barnabas? My God, what is happening to us around here?
Vito: Sil's gonna be fine: you have enough worries. Listen, sweetheart, I know your expecting "something" and I can't get into specifics, Tony wouldn't want me to but there are certain people looking over our shoulder right now
Carmela: It's ok, I'm not expecting anything", money's not an issue. Like you said, I've got bigger worries, like this son of mine
Vito: You gotta trust me on this Hun, "suspicions" get raised, if I were to "move it" to you at this moment
Vito: [referring to paying for her breakfast] I got this

- They refrigerate this place, huh?
- There you go.

- Tony's second night in the coma, I told him I loved him.
- When was the last time
- I said that?
- Are you afraid you aren't going to feel that way when he wakes up?
- Anthony tells me things have been...
- Better between you.

- Great fucking news, t.
- See you're up and around.
- Best.

Christopher: [after Benny and Murmur drag JT out of a writing class he was teaching and into their SUV, referring to the money JT owes Christopher] don't give me that fuckin fish eye. I'm giving you a way to wipe away your obligation. It wasn't me that told you to start gambling again
J.T. Dolan: I can't write a feature now. I just landed a staff job
Christopher: People are seeing huge profits with these digital horror movies. Douche bags that never made a film before
Benny: That Saw thing, four hundred grand to make: took in a hundred million worldwide
J.T. Dolan: I'm a hundred percent well, I deliver this script, I owe you nothing?
Christopher: [to Benny and Murmur, telling JT what details to include in the movie] you hear this dude?"A hundred percent well ",his a bad boy huh? With that lingo, real fuckin dark character. My idea is Saw meets The Godfather Two. Proven track records, both genres. Young wise guy, assassin, and gets betrayed by his people. They whack him, leave his body parts in dumpsters all around the city, long story short, his put back by science or is it super natural? And he gets fuckin pay back on everyone who fucked him over including the cunt he was engaged to. She was getting "porked" by his boss the night the hero was killed. Have a meeting tomorrow, we'll hear what you fleshed out before we go to script. Bing two thirty don't make me come looking for you

- How long's for the time being?
- Yeah, sil.
- What, do you speak nonnegian?
- For now. We'll see how much is there.
- Hi, everyone.
- My god, you poor thing.
- Hey, we just need some Irish spring.
- Good morning.

- "Mild concussion," he said.
- Told me I'd be okay.
- That's it. I'm coming out there.
- My mother's over here anyway.
- She can stay with the kids.
- No, don't do that.
- Are you telling me everything?

- from Paulie and vito, very significant.
- You all have done so much already.
- We just found out insurance won't pay for physical therapy.
- Bastards. So thank you.
- You wanna come in, say hello?
- Uh, sure.

- Dad!
- Stand back.
- Daddy!
- All clear.
- Clear.
- 200.
- Stand back.
- All clear.
- Clear.
- -[Zaps]

- Well, it's difficult, but not impossible.
- Trust me. Your dad does not want you to get involved.
- You gotta channel that rage elsewheres.
- Golden gloves.
- What?
- Dumbbells or something.
- Fuck your girlfriend more.
- You little hothead here.

Carmela: I swear to god, I'm gonna fucking kill you!
A.J. Soprano: What the fuck?
Carmela: You made the fool of yourself and our family on national fucking television!
A.J. Soprano: I didn't say that shit! They totally misquoted me!
Meadow: Holy shit.
Carmela: Well, of course they did. That's what they do! Which is why I and everybody else told you: don't talk to the press!
A.J. Soprano: You're the one who look like a total asshole, dragging me around like I was five years old!
Carmela: You're cross to bear, that's all you are, to your father, to me, to everybody!
A.J. Soprano: Fuck this! All right? Fuck it all!
[leaving his room]
Hugh: [to Carmela] Jesus, Mel! The hell's wrong with you?
Carmela: What's wrong with me? What's wrong with ME?
[she leaves]

- Fuck, my fucking balls.
- Oogatz here.
- The freeze.
- Nothing.
- Come on, let's blow.
- Lot of fucking noise we made.
- Fuckthat close the goddamn door.

- Lucky for me, those last years
- I was in the can, my kid brother Billy took care of Patty and the grandkids.
- Only to have that motherfucking animal blundetto...
- Don't do it to yourself, Philly.
- It's hard to forget.
- I don't forget.

- Don't go, daddy.
- What is that?
- Briefcases aren't allowed.
- No, the voice.
- Please, let me take that from you.
- Looks like it weighs a ton.
- I don't want to.
- Well, you need to.
- You need to let go.
- We love you, daddy.
- Don't leave us.

Carmela: [running into each other in the supermarket] Hi, how are you?
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: How are you is more the point
Carmela: I'm running around crazy here: my son was supposed to get coffee but he told the maid to, it's the one thing I have to have. I got your note, it was so thoughtful
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: I've been calling the hospital and they say Anthony is stabilized
Carmela: That's what they say
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: If you or anyone needs anything, to talk or to run winterference with the doctors, don't hesitate to call
Carmela: I appreciate that, I have plenty of people around I can talk to
Dr. Jennifer Melfi: Of course, good luck

- and then we'll be the same as that tree.
- No me, no you.
- Be that as it may, we need heat.
- We need to find someone who will take responsibility.
- Well, I can't do that.
- Then the lawsuit proceeds.

- I'll never get over it.
- Certain people...
- Let me tell you.
- Oh, come on, not sil again.
- Carmela.
- He's a fucking vegetable.
- But I still gotta pay tribute to the Princess of little Italy.
- The boss' wife. What are you gonna do?
- Fuck her.

Christopher: J.T., I want to introduce you to Carmine Lupertazzi: my co-executive producer on the project.
Carmine Lupertazzi Jr.: [To J.T] I heard the tidbits of what Chrissy's got in mind, the genre, and so forth. I've got to warn you, I'm very hands on and I learned that the hard way.
Carmine Lupertazzi Jr.: [to everyone in the room] I want to welcome all of you to the first meeting of possible investors on this project. Some of you know I've had nine pictures under my sub species: four in The South Beach Strumpet series alone, each with thirty thousand plus DVDs in print. That being said I usually find it helpful at this stage to include to my prospective partners and get your inputs, or "notes" as we call them.
Christopher: J.T., you're on.
J.T. Dolan: Well, we've been working on a new kind of slasher film, it takes in the world of... you know...
Christopher: [Interrupts him] It"s about a wise guy with a big mouth, and bigger dreams.
J.T. Dolan: Anyway, they call him "The Butcher".
Silvio: No, they don't.
Christopher: Why the fuck not?
Silvio: Need I remind you of a certain "Butcher" out of AC?
Christopher: Right, not "butcher", go on J.T.
J.T. Dolan: Right, so his kind of outshining his boss so the guy has him clipped, but he's still alive when they cut him up.
Vito: [Jokingly before everyone laughs] Oh, he's going to feel that the next day.
J.T. Dolan: Right, so at the dump his body reassembles itself all except for a hand that got crushed. So he ties a cleaver onto the stump and he goes out to get revenge on everyone especially the boss which is a pretty solid role. Right now its call "Pork Store Killer", but I'm thinking just "Cleaver".
Larry: I'm confused, you said he's dead.
Vito: How is he "evening" up on everybody? He's a ghost?
Carmine Lupertazzi Jr.: [Clarifying the main character in the movie to everyone] as I understood it: a zombie of sorts. Great title by the way.
Patsy: But if they jointed him, he's not going to end up all in the same dump.
Silvio: And how is that a slasher film?
Christopher: What're you talking about?
Silvio: A slasher: Couple kids naked in the lake, a certified manic on the loose, not a ghost.
J.T. Dolan: Actually the manic is almost always a supernatural force: Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers from Halloween...
Silvio: Get the fuck out...
Carmine Lupertazzi Jr.: Easy Sil, he's making a point.
Silvio: Michael Myers is an escape mental patient. Jason and Freddy, different kind of movie.
Christopher: That's the kind we're doing here. Saw, The Ring, they made millions, and that's not even including The Godfather angle which we got here.
Benny: What if they disposed him at stops that happened to be along the same route? Then he would all end up all in the same dump.
Vito: But he's a ghost? I don't know.
Christopher: Ghostbusters, another fuckin' money machine!

Christopher: [while visiting Tony in the hospital] listen T, there was something I wanted to talk to you about: I'm going to take another run at the movie business. I know you haven't liked that in the past but I'm going about it in a whole different way. In fact, I hope you become an investor when you feel better and I can explain what we're doing, it's pretty exciting. We'll own the "neg" that's what they call it. It means negative. I'm holding a large ownership position for you, I hope you approve. Actually, frankly, all due respect, I think you owe me this because I came to you about Adriana