The Best Lucifer, Season 1, Episode 10 Quotes

Lucifer: [Looking at his burnt arm and scoffs] The Devil gets burned by fire. Could this be any more ironic?
[Decker chuckles at the statement]
Lucifer: Ah. Does my pain amuse you, Detective?
Chloe: A little bit.

- Yeah.
- Sure. Send me the details.
- All right.
Lucifer: Detective...
- Do you mind if we make a stop on the way?
- I mean, this shirt's more of a loaner, really.

Malcolm: Another man spends so much time with my wife, I sure wouldn't like it. Especially knowing this guy's so dangerous.
Dan: You want to kill Lucifer? Why?
Malcolm: If I told you, I promise, you wouldn't believe me.

- She left and... [Phone chimes]
- What?
- What is it?
- She ordered a ride from my uber account.
- Where'd she go?
- J'j'

Trixie: Is this a Shirley Temple?
Mazikeen: [adds a cherry to Trixie's bourbon] Sure.

- You know, I go down, you go down.
- Then I go down.
- It's too bad.
[Handcuffs clicking] I mean,
- I thought we had something really special going.
- Go to hell. Come on.

Linda: Maze, I'm surprised you came back.
Mazikeen: I made a friend today.
Linda: That's fantastic news. Who?
Mazikeen: An eight-year-old girl who wandered into the bar.
Linda: Well... That's a start. Perhaps the next one can be of legal drinking age.

Trixie: Is Lucifer here?
Mazikeen: Who are you supposed to be?
Trixie: I'm Trixie, his friend.
Mazikeen: His friends get worse and worse.

- Are we done?
- Not by along shot.
Amenadiel: Enjoying the life [gave you?
- Do you want to go back?
- Who do you want me to kill?
- Lucifer morningstar.

Lucifer: Isn't that a coincidence? Boy returns home, and, conveniently, his pops drops the next day? Lucky bastard.
Chloe: Maybe.

- So are you... busy tonight? what happened to you?
- Oh, it's, uh...
- It's been kind of a rough night.
- So I could use a drink.
- Here.

- I hope you're happy.
- No, actually,
- I'm extremely disappointed.
- Because you ruined dinner?
- No.
- Because junior's answer was spectacularly unhelpful.
- He didn't escape his father because he turned into him.
- I mean, that doesn't apply to me at all!

- All I ever wanted was for you to be happy.
- I know.
- And sometimes I think you could just take a leap.
- Hmm.
- Good night, pumpkin.
- Good night.

- Come on.
- Just let it all out.
- Oh!
- Okay.
- Someone call an ambulance!
- Well, I've never had that effect.

- Go to sleep.
- There you go.

- That ungrateful kid did not deserve this place.
- He was given everything, and he threw it all away.
- But it didn't matter.
- 'Cause he was still the favorite.
- Because he was worthy of his father's love.
- And he had a chance at redemption until you ruined it.

- You know, besides taking your anger out on criminals?
- I don't know.
- I guess I just always tried to focus on something else.
- This is...
- Weird.

- Yeah.
- An hour ago?
- Yeah, thanks.
- Guess who checked out against orders.
- Well, I wonder where our lovely sous-chef's headed in such a hurry.

Lucifer: The Devil gets burned by fire. Could this be any more ironic? Does my pain amuse you, Detective?
Chloe: A little bit.

Mazikeen: So, what do you want with Lucifer?
Trixie: He cheers me up.

- who are you supposed to be?
- I'm Trixie, his friend.
- His friends get worse and worse.
- Hate to break it to you, but he's not here.
- That's okay.
- I'll wait.