The Best How I Met Your Mother, Season 9, Episode 10 Quotes

- It's your daughter's school.
- You need to go in.
- She asked me not to come,
- Marshall.
- This doesn't make any sense.
- Kids don't understand logic.
- Kids understand who shows up.

Barney: I see what you're doing, you didn't bring your dad here to marry us, you wanna get him back together with mom, which is completely insane, by the way.
James: My dad is single, mom is single, your dad is happily married and with two kids. Which one makes more sense?
Barney: I agree, it's a tie.

- Wait. W-Wait. Why do you think that's Billy Zabka?
- WOMAN: See?
- The man from the lobby got this massage.
- A younger gentleman bought it for him as a gift.
- He even signed his name for him.
- Right here.