The Best Lost, Season 3, Episode 1 Quotes

Jack: So, what else do you do besides making sandwiches?
Juliet: I didn't make it. I just put the toothpicks in.

- Sorry. I'm going to have to ask you to put those on, Kate.
- Then you don't get any coffee.

- I figured out your complicated gizmos, that's how.
- Only took the bears two hours.
- How many of 'em were there?
- You ok, freckles?
- You? just swell.
- I requested that cage, but whatever.

- Hey. just give me a minute, dad.
- I asked you to give me a minute here.
- What's this? Why are you dialing all the numbers on Sarah's cell phone?
- Because one of them is him. you gotta stop this, Jack. It's over.
- Not until I know his name, where he works, where he lives, when they first kissed.

- They made me wear it.
- You hungry?

[Juliet] Jack.
- Jack, what would you like to find out?
- Is she...?
- Is she happy?
- Yes, Jack, she's very happy.

- Thank you, Jack.
- Let's take out the epidural catheter and get him started on a pca.
[Christian] Excuse me for just a second.
- You sure he's ready to self-administer his pain meds?
- .[73. Km /' xx; Xv]

- Why is she calling you? because she was afraid for you.
- I wanna know exactly why the hell she was calling.
- You were slipping, losing your grip.
- My grip is not the problem here. which is exactly what's happening.
- I think I know something about being obsessive.
- No. Being a drunk is not obsessive.

- Where are my clothes?
- Come on, Kate. He's waiting.

- Sydney.
- What were you doing there?
- I was bringing my father home.
- Why go all the way to Australia to...? because he was dead.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, I'm sure you are.

[Locke] They've attacked us, sabotaged us, abducted us, murdered us.
- We're not the only people on this island, and we all know it.
[Ana Lucia] They came the first night, took three of us.
- Then they came back and took nine more.
- They're smart and they're animals.
- You're coming with us.

- I'm gonna keep asking you until you tell me.
- I don't ask you what you do... just tell me what his name is.
[\\ .. [Raw/m rams. Xv] Xx; look, you can have everything, the cars, the house, I don't care.
- I just... I just wanna know the name of the man that is with my wife.

Jack: What is that?
Juliet: This, Jack, is your life.

- We're underwater, aren't we? yes.
- Is this one of their stations, the Dharma initiative?
- They called it the hydra.
- So you people are just...
- Fa " [aw I'? 37] [Av q; I, xv; W' xx; Xv]
- Few! We. 7]”'s, w ~ lamxxa \/ q; A x91]
- Well, that was a long time ago.

- hey.
- Ah! [Groaning]
- Say it. Say it, Karl.
- I'm... sorry...
- Sorry I involved you in my breakout attempt.

- You can make that shore in an hour.
- Ethan, get up to that fuselage.
- There may actually be survivors.
- And you're one of 'em.
- A passenger. You're in shock.
- Come up with a story if they ask.
- Stay quiet if they don't.
- Listen. Learn. Don't get involved.
- I want lists in three days. Go.

- It's pretty much about everything.
- Do you know about my...
- About my ex-wife?
- Yes, Jack. We know all about her.
- What would you like to find out?
[Man] Get ready for the lockdown.
- Shephard. Someone posted your ball.

[Woman] Dr. Shephard?
- Yeah. Bye.

- I gave you the dress so you'd feel like a lady.
- And I wanted you to eat your food with a real live fork
- [75.75 m “I' fed anxa $9 w ll\\a'u
- I did all those things so that you'd have something nice to hold onto.
- Because, Kate, the next two weeks are going to be very unpleasant.

Dr. Christian Shephard: I think I know a little something about being obsessive.

[Muffled] Hey!
- Can you hear me?

- let me open that door, put the plate down and leave.
- I know it feels like you're giving up, like you're losing if you do anything that I ask you to, but you're not.
['V/fi m] U mysfaur: Anw'u rm .73 ”xv; M what do you say?

- But, hell, you don't know any better.
[Woman over pa] Subject escape. hey, whoa.
- Subject escape. Subject escape.
- Hey, how'd you get out of there?
- Run that way. hold on.
- You run that way.

Karl: What are the people like? From your plane?
Sawyer: Oh, they're just awesome!

Juliet: [to Jack] We know exactly who you are, Jack Shepherd.

- I can't. I do that, we die. you're lying to me.
- I'm not. open the door!
- I can't. I swear I can't. she's telling the truth, Jack.
- I swear to god, I will kill her.
- H'ufi / “£4 /\\ have her open the door and she dies anwvay. We all do.

Jack: [to Juliet] Which way out?

Kate: Why did you bring me here? Why did you make me put on this dress? Why are you feeding me breakfast?
Henry: I brought you here so you'd look out at the water and feel comforted -- comforted that your friends were looking out at the same ocean. I gave you the dress so that you'd feel like a lady. And I wanted you to eat your food with a real live fork and feel civilized. I did all those things so that you'd have something nice to hold on to. Because, Kate, the next two weeks are going to be very unpleasant.

[Whispering] Hey.
- [Fife. 71.73. Q5 q5 who the hell are you?
- You ain't gonna talk to me?
- What, you got more important things to do?

- It doesn't matter who he is.
- It just matters who you're not.
- Jack, your father, when he called me, to help you, he was so drunk
- I could hardly understand him.
- Look at the bright side.
- Now you have something to fix.

- We're very proud of that.
- Wow, dad. Iwonder what helped you turn that corner?
- Think maybe it was a new lady friend?
- You think maybe that's what it was?
- I will not let you talk to me this...
- I will not let you sleep with my wife.
- Oh, Jack. Jack, I'm your father.
- Jack, please, just let it go.

- You can trust me, Jack.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
- What the hell is going on here?

- You want me to come down, come in here and get me down.
- If you wanna talk, I'm happy to. tell me where my friends are!
- I will if you let go of the chain.
- Do you think I'm stupid?
- I don't think you're stupid, Jack.
- I think you're stubborn.

- Let it go, Jack.
- S 596. Mi

[Woman] Warning. whoo! Whoo!
- Gotcha, doc brown!
[Il ~];\ll / [pm in”: Yam,” j \\[a ll [my/[F
- Come on.
[Man] Keep moving.

Henry: ...So I guess I'm out of the book club.

Jack: Where are my friends? Tell me where my friends are!
Juliet: Come down from the table first.

- Now, I'd like to bring you some food and water.
- But this time I need to know that you'll behave.
- Can I trust you, Jack?
- Put your back against the wall, please.

- Hi, Jack.
- I'm Juliet.
- Hi. I'm Jack Shephard.
- I'm here for the...
- Where's your lawyer?
- You look pretty.
- Where's your lawyer?

[Ml/737] 73773” nj} W m m
- The button! what?
- The yellow button! The button!
[Grunting] Come here.

- Well, Adam, I am the host, and I do pick the book.
- And this is my favorite book, so I am absolutely thrilled that you can't stand it.
- Silly me for sinking so low as to select something that Ben wouldn't like.
- Here I am thinking that freewill still actually exists on...
Adam: Whoa. the doorway. Get under the doorway.

- Are you married?
- No. I never saw the point.
- What about you?
- What's your job, besides making sandwiches?
- I didn't make it.
- I just put the toothpicks in.
- When your plane crashed, where were you flying from?

- Which way out? don't do this, Jack.
- Don't... don't...

- ”7/4“, /['2' ”f h "y
- Warning.
- If I want your advice, I'll ask for it.
- Told you.

Tom: Hey, you got yourself a fish biscuit. Now how'd you do that?
Sawyer: I figured out your complicated little gizmo.
Tom: It only took the bears two hours.
Sawyer: How many of 'em where there?

- How'd you...? your dad told me you were here.
- I called you a cab.
- So, goodbye.

Jack: [in the Hydra tank] This thing's for what? Sharks?
Juliet: Dolphins too.
Jack: We're underwater, aren't we?
Juliet: Yes.
Jack: Is this one of their stations? The Dharma Initiative?
Juliet: They called it The Hydra.

- Where are Sawyer and Jack?
- I'll tell you what.
- Why don't you just take a nice hot shower, wake yourself up, wash the day off you and start fresh?
- Here's a nice clean towel, shampoo, soap...
- I'm not showering in front of you.
[Laughing] Kate, you're not my type.