50 Best Peaky Blinders, Season 4, Episode 1 Quotes

Ada: Hug me, like we came out here because you were emotional.
Arthur: I'm emotional, I just don't know what fucking emotion it is.

Arthur: Michael? Michael?
Michael: Arth u r!
- -Arthur! John!
- Where's Tommy?
- Arthur! Arthur!
- No!

- Robert, yes, it's mr Shelby.
- Merry Christmas to you too.
- Robert, is there a gypsy in the public bar playing the fiddle for shillings?
- Yes, can you, uh, can you tell him I need to speak to him? Thank you.

- I bought these.
- One for you and Ada...
- One for you and me.
- So Tommy said, keep her off the whisky?
- I'lldrink champagne the day my son leaves the employment of Shelby company ltd.
- You tell him that next time he mentions fucking drainpipes.

- and Rudolf.
- Good boy.
- Leave this out for Santa, that's whisky.
- Now, night-night. Merry Christmas.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- All right? Sleep well.
- Come on, Charlie.

- For the wops it's family.
- The black hand came here, everybody will have got one.
- They're coming for us all.
- We made an agreement.
- We made a solemn promise.
- We're the family now.

Thomas: [proffers his hand] Thomas Shelby.
Chef: [is butchering geese] My hand has blood.
Thomas: Oh! Mine too.

- And everything I hear about you tells me you're a man without a family as well.
- My comrade brothers and sisters are not afraid of you, mr Shelby.
- I will call an extraordinary meeting of my executive committee as soon as boxing day.
- You will hear the whistles blow all across Birmingham.
- I've heard lots of whistles blow, sweetheart.

- It's funny they don't notice.
- Oh, my sweet.
- Oh, my heart.
- Crushed to death in the canal...
- But back home again.
- It's so beautiful.

- Fuck.
- Yeah, put me through to maypole 245.

- They'll be there till midnight, sir.
- All right, thank you.
- Goodnight, you can go to bed.
- Merry Christmas, sir.
- And I thought about your offer,
- I'd be happy to sit at your table.
- All right, thank you.

- When this business is finished we can...
- Go our separate ways.
- Go and see Polly and explain.
- She'll have had a card as well.
- Do you think I'm on the list?
- We're all on the list, Ada.
- I gave my gun to Arthur.

- Inside the loop.
- Inside the merry loop.

- ♪ no heaven, no hell, no innocence
- ♪ no heaven, no hell...
- Man: Wait!
- ♪ No heaven, no hell, no heaven...
- Wait!
- ♪ No heaven, no hell no heaven, no hell

- Barrister: The plan was for the lord Chamberlain to intervene at the appeal but late last night some localjudge brought the executions forward.
- Oh, my giddy aunt.
- Put me through to his majesty.
- Well, wake him up!

Ada: [Hands Tommy a Christmas present] This one is for you.
Thomas: What's this? A time machine?
Ada: My God, Tommy Shelby, is that regret?

Thomas: I will conduct myself like a businessman.
Jessie: Who says sweetheart.

- And you, keep your eyes on the road.
- Take care.
- Mm.
- Who was on the phone, Arthur?
- John, wishing me merry Christmas.
- Come inside, it's getting late.

- Tommy: Arth u r.
- John.
- Michael.
- The chief constable of Birmingham has issued a warrant for your arrest.
- I've made a deal with people even more powerful than our enemies.
- Trust me, brother.

- Arthur, I was just leaving.
- No, you're not.
- I need... I need to talk to you.
- Arthur?
- It's all right, Linda.
- Stay here. Ada, please?
- Linda, you stay here.

- Gotta get everyone out, get Polly and Ada to Charlie's yard.
- I've told Arthur but I can't reach John.
- When you've dropped Polly and Ada, go tojohn's place and get him out.
- All right?
- Is it Christmas?
- Not just yet. But let's go, eh?
- Mummy.

- Are you with those other Italians?
- We're Americans, says it right there on the paper.
- Usa.
- And what's the purpose of your visit?
- Pleasure.

- The union convenor causing all the trouble.
- Fuck.
- Her name'sjessie Eden.
- You heard of her?
- Yeah.
- Do you want me in the meeting?
- Michael?

Thomas: You know, everything you have said here today, and the fact that we're having this meeting today, tells me that you are a woman without family.
Jessie: And everything I hear about you tells me that you are a man without family as well.

Thomas: I got Charley a real horse, Lizzie, not a toy. Thoroughbred.
Lizzie: And on Christmas Day it will be just you and Charley.
Thomas: And the horse.

Michael: Are you coming back?
Thomas: Nothing to come back to.

- Truth is they're all fucked.
- The lot of them.
- Yeah.
- Find out about that woman, Jessie Eden.
- Don't let your mother keep cash in the house. And oi, no cocaine on the registered premises.

Aunt: "Mum"! The word is like a bullet to me.

- Also, sir, in return for burning the king's letters
- Thomas Shelby has asked for something else.
- Inclusion in this year's new year's honours list.
- Thomas Shelby has asked for the king to award him an obe, sir.

- ♪ as it shifts and cracks
- Excuse me. This is the gents' lav.
- You don't have a women's lavatory on the second floor, because no women get this far up.
- If you don't have a women's lavatory
- I can't go to it, can I?
- ♪ On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man

Aunt: How can I get through fucking Christmas?

- Hey, how much do you pay Antonio?
- I forget.
- Must be a lot.
- I just gave him £10, didn't mean a fucking thing to him.
- Maybe it isn't you that pays him.

- All right! I'm John Shelby!
Polly: Clean up when I come back.
- When I come backl gotta be clean.
- Whatever I said, whatever I decided.
- Whateverl decide...

- Sit and talk, we'll put things back together. It's okay.
- I'll leave you two to it.
- No, you stay.
- Now listen, something's happened.
- Things have changed.
- Today, everyone in the family received one of these.

Thomas: If you have to pull a gun on Linda, do it. Merry Christmas.

- Oh, late notice.
- All right.
- All right, carry on.
- Antonio...
- Here, £10.
- For the late notice.

- Not a toy, a thoroughbred.
- And on Christmas day it'll bejust you and Charlie.
- And the horse.
- Can't live like this another year.
- Sex, freedom, whiskey sours.
- Which one should I give up first,
- Lizzie, eh?

- Only if you can steal 'em on the way.
- On the way where?
- We're going back, Johnny.
- Back to small Heath.
- Back where you belong.
- Merry Christmas, you can keep the stallion.
- Christ the fucking night.

- You're a black hand!
- You're a black hand!
- How many came from New York?
- Eh? How many fucking came from New York?
- What did he say? Is that a curse or a number, what did he fucking say?
- What did he fucking say?
- He said fuck you.
- Yeah?

- What is it, Sunday?
Michael: There's been a mistake.
- There's an appeal process underway that doesn't begin untiljanuary.
- I want to see my lawyer, mr Patrick.
- Stop! This shouldn't be happening!
- Get your hands off me!

- You wanted to know if my guests would arrive before or after the king's speech.
- -Eh?
- Yeah.
- It'll be after.

Michael: Any other messages for Tommy?
Aunt: Yeah. "Fuck off."

- Be quick, they're asleep.
- Family meeting, Charlie's yard, boxing day, midday.
- I can't raisejohn but I'll send Michael to get him.
- If you have to pull a gun on Linda, do it.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas, Tom.

- you tell darby sabini he picked the wrong side in this war.
- Once we've dealt with the Americans we're coming for him.
- Go on, go.
- Go. Oi!
- You tell anyone else,
- I'll come and find you.

- What does it mean?
- Tommy's called a family meeting.
- He wants you both to come.

- ♪ as it shifts and cracks
- ♪ where secrets lie in the border fires
- ♪ in the humming wires
- ♪ hey man, you know you're never coming back
- ♪ past the square, past the bridge past the mills, past the stacks
- ♪ on a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man

- Go on, go in the kitchen.
- Take the cars back to the money.
- Anyway, there's your presents.
- How's Arthur?
- Uh, for Christmas get him a sewing kit, so he can sew his fucking balls back on.

Customs: And what's the purpose of your visit?
Luca: Pleasure.

[♪ If only] Didn't want the world
- I wouldn't make you feel so sad
- ♪ I'm sure my shame would be gone is it human to adore life?
- ♪ If only I 'd hidden my lust and starved a little bit more
- ♪ if only I didn't ask for more is it human to adore life?
- ♪ I adore life

John: And we are the Peaky fucking Blinders.
Michael: No, we're not, John. We're not the Peaky fucking Blinders unless we are together.
Esme: We were together at the gallows - with one man missing!