Top 50 Quotes From Peaky Blinders, Season 4, Episode 2

Aunt: I see things in the air around people. It's not just the tablets, it's real.

- They will come looking for her.
- Well, tell them there's a queue.
- Everybody wants a Shelby.
- Mrs Shelby...
- These are military men, no less dangerous than any Italians.
- You tell Tommy,
- I think he'll understand.
- Say goodnight to you then.

Aunt: I never thought my high fucking heels from Paris would be stepping through the whole shit of Small Heath ever again.
Ada: Temporary, Polly.
Lizzie: Yeah, until hell freezes over.

Jessie: Actually, I'm *Miss* Eden.
Niall: Be patient, a good man will come.

- We're like sitting ducks here if the wops come.
- Yeah, well, Tommy said we should do it in the open.

Niall: And by the way, the revolution is scheduled to begin at noon.

Thomas: Nothing you see here is for sale, Mr. Gold.
Aberama: Oh! Everything is for sale. Everything.

Arthur: Oh, my!
- Now say it.
- Say it, brother.
- In the bleak midwinter.
Esme: You're cursed and I curse you again!
- Come here, come here.

- Tommy's back.
- We're all back. Garrison, watery Lane, Charlie's...
- I need a cigarette.
- No.
- I made a decision.
- Give me a cigarette, mum.
- It's not allowed.
- It's not allowed?

- Who's next?
- Um, he's a, a delegate from the European council for trade.
- He's here to talk about the import of car parts to France.
- Right.
- He's come all the way from Paris, but given the circumstances
- I could send him away?
- Given what circumstances? Send him in.

Arthur: Right, you lot, come here.
- Let's make it interesting.
- Come place a wager with me.
- I'll give you good odds.
- I'll give you good odds on the boy, even better on the big lad.
- There you go, what you want?
- Bonnie, come here, son.

- Doctor: He's in good hands.
- Tommy: Polly? Poll? Poll?
- Fuck those bastards responsible!
- All right, let them do their job, all right?
- Let them do their job,
- I'll get soldiers.
- I'll be back. I'll be back.

- Sacred.
- You toss that coin, you take a bet before witnesses, and if I win...
- Then we'll insist that the terms of this agreement...
- Wager are fulfilled.
- Toss the coin, mr gold.

Aunt: You remember that God spared you. But what did you do with the extra time he gave you, eh Thomas?

Michael: I'm gonna get better slowly. But you need to get better fast. Without you, he falls apart; and without him they'll take us all. You've got to get us through this.

- even they won't dare to come.
Ada: You mean back home?
Michael: This is the New York mafia we 're talking about!
- Joh n: And we 're the peaky blinders!
Michael: We 're not the peaky blinders unless we 're together.
- What's the purpose of your visit?
- Pleasure.

Thomas: I'm gonna spin a coin for your yard, Charlie.
Charlie: You goin' to what?
Thomas: If it's heads, Abe here takes all of this... With my blessing.
Charlie: Tommy!
Thomas: And if it's tails... I'll fuck your daughter, Mr Gold.

- Tommy: Is it him?
Arthur: Yeah.
- On his own doorstep.
- His own fucking doorstep.
- Right, get out. And you, out.
[Screaming] What the fuck?

Thomas: Men from New York and Sicily here in Birmingham. These men will not leave this city until the whole family is dead. That's how it works. An eye for an eye. It's called vendetta.

- Man: Tools down, we've had a clearing!
- Right, come on you lot, put your tools down!
- Man: Everyone out!
- I said, everyone out.
- Stop working immediately.

Ada: The bolsheviks couldn't plan a fucking picnic.

- You're a sporting man.
- Yes, I am.
- And a gambling man.
- Bonnie, take off your shirt.
- What I want from you, mr Shelby, is for you to take a gamble on him.
- I want you to help my son achieve his ambition.
- What ambition might that be?

- Tommy: Not too far and not too deep, curly,
- I need the message to get through.
- Okay, Tommy.
- Finn, you go with him.
- Go on. Go with him.
- Oh, Tom, uh, telljanet to save me some goose, please.

- I like your yard, mr strong.
- How much would you take for it?
- It's not for sale.
- Not for sale?
- Okay.

Thomas: Four for peace, two for truce, one abstention, let's get on with the war.

- The witch?
- Yeah.
- So when will my first real fight be do you think, mr Shelby?
- Soon as we can find anyone stupid enough to get in the ring with you.
- God help him.
- There you go, Bonnie.
- You're a peaky blinder now, son.

- You have three daughters I hear, and Esmeralda is the oldest and also the prettiest, so I'll have her.
- So make her part of the deal and spin against the yard.
- Tommy, for fuck's sake.
- Here, you toss the coin, mr gold.

Thomas: That's the language of vendetta. They took one of ours, we take two of theirs.

- during this period of turmoil for my family, then yes, that would indeed have its benefits for reasons you could not understand.
- I've heard rumours.
- Sport between men.
- Just blow your fucking whistle, eh?

- ♪ just doin ' my time
- ♪ searchin ' through the dust
- ♪ lookin ' for a sign
- It's like with grace, Arthur...
- They're just gone, just fucking gone.

- Whoa. Curly, how are ya?
- Here, catch.
- Right, come on then, boys, unload, unload.

Thomas: I've sent a message to Aberama Gold.
Johnny: No! No, Tom. I'll get you fifty Lee boys. Good men, Tom.
Thomas: I don't need good men for this Johnny, I need bad men.
Johnny: Tommy, these people are fucking savages! You know, heathens, Tom.

- anyone who wants no more part of this.
- 'Cause this is how it's gonna be.
- Polly?
- I'm not staying for this, Arthur, I'm going home.
- Oh, yeah? Home's 57, watery Lane.
- You go there, lock the doors, you wait for me.

- But you need to get better fast.
- Without you he falls apart and without him...
- Without him, they'll take us all.
- You've got to get us through this.
- And I promise...
- I'll board that train with you and we'll go to Australia.

- And we all agreed...
- That everything after that was extra.
- And when our time came...
- We'd all remember.
Polly: You remember that god spared you.
- But what did you do with that extra time that he gave you, eh, Thomas?

- all knockouts, five with gloves in pastures, all knockouts.
- Against romany fighters?
- That's why they won't let us in the fairs no more, he keeps winning.
- I could fight a fucking tree and knock it out, mr Shelby.
[Laughs] I like him. I like it.
- -Mrs Eden is waiting upstairs
- -I'll be there in a minute. Arthur?

- Leave me with him.
- You've spoken to him, now it's my turn.
- Arthur?
- No peace for either of you, ever.

Luca: I have a tailor in New York City. Look... Fenacci. Italian. He's my uncle. He makes suits in a basement in Mott Street. He is my uncle, so every stitch is stitched with blood... I heard you dress well, Mr. Shelby. But now I see, not so well as me.
Thomas: You know, I have uncles as well; but they're not the sort of men who would work in a basement with a needle and thread, Mr. Changretta.

- The only way any of you shelbys will leave this place is on a cloud of smoke likejohn.
- Well, you're a Shelby now too, Linda.
- Five hundred each.
- A thousand for the brace.
- Where do you want them?
- Charlie, take him to the yard.

- What the fuck are you talking about?
- I'll get the potatoes meself.
- Never thought my high fucking heels from Paris would be stepping through the horse shit of small Heath ever again.
- Temporary, Polly.
Lizzie: Yeah, until hell freezes over.

- unless you know their families.
- And your new friend, mr aberama gold...
- He wants something other than just money.
- I see things in the air around people, but it's not just the tablets.
- It's real.
- Ask him what he really wants.

Aunt: You used your own brother's funeral. When did we vote on this, Tommy?

Aunt: So this is the plan, Thomas? This is the plan! A bullet with a name on it! Help from a bunch of savages!

[Tommy meets Luca for the first time]
Luca: I heard you had trouble. It's good of you to see me.
Thomas: You just came from Paris, eh?
[Luca sits down at the table, totally at ease]
Luca: You know Paris?
Thomas: I left Paris in a cattle truck. They said you were French.
Luca: [smiling] Well, I came here from Paris. That does not mean I'm French. Guess where I'm from.
[Tommy reaches into a coat hanging on a stand and pulls out his cigarettes, leaving his gun easily accessible]
Thomas: [while lighting a cigarette] Well, in my cattle truck in Paris, there were American soldiers. We played cards. They sound like you.
Luca: Yeah? Did you win?
Thomas: You didn't come on a train. Your suit is pressed. Your shoes are clean. Where do you get your suits made?
Luca: I have a tailor. In New York City.
[he opens his coat, displaying the label]
Luca: Look. Fenacci. Italian. Hm. That's my uncle. He makes suits in a basement on Mott Street. He is my uncle, so every stitch, stitched with blood. I heard you dress well, Mr. Shelby. But now I see... not so well as me.
[Tommy silently regards him for a moment]
Thomas: You know, I have uncles as well. But they're not the sort of men who would, uh... who would work in a basement with a needle and thread... Mr. Changretta.
Luca: [smiling] I am surprised how easy it was to get into a room with you.
[Tommy pulls his gun out of his coat, cocks it, and points it at Luca]
Thomas: And now?
Luca: [unfazed] And now... and now you should know that during the trouble you had earlier on your factory floor, I sent an accomplice into your office, in overalls. He found your gun...
[he reaches into his coat pocket, pulls out a handful of bullets, and lets them drop from one hand to the other]
Luca: ... and unloaded it.
[Tommy checks the clip in his gun in shock, realizing that Luca is telling the truth. Slowly and deliberately, Luca sets the bullets on the table, one at a time]
Luca: Arthur Shelby. Polly Gray. Michael Gray. John Shelby.
[he tips one bullet over and flicks it across the table at Tommy]
Luca: Spent.
[he continues setting bullets on the table]
Luca: Ada Thorne. And finally... Tommy Shelby. Huh.
[he stands up and walks over to Tommy]
Luca: [grimly] None of you will survive. Your level of security is pitiful. And we are an organisation... of a different dimension. I coulda killed you when I walked through the door. But, you see... I want you to be the last. I want you to be alive after your entire family is dead... 'cause, my mother says, that is what'll hurt you the most. You people have traditions of honour. As do we. Instead of sendin' you a black hand, I coulda had you killed in the night, without knowin' why... but I WANT you to know why. And I wanna suggest to you that we fight this vendetta with honour.
[Tommy thinks for a moment, then sets his gun down]
Thomas: No civilians. No children.
Luca: [wagging his finger at Tommy] No police.
Thomas: Welcome to Birmingham, Mr. Changretta.
Luca: Grazie.

- At ease! At ease.
- Do not return fire.
- I repeat, do not return fire.
- Stand down.
- The men doing the firing are on our side.

Thomas: Other than money and a scrap yard that's clearly not for sale, what is it that you want from me, Mr Gold?
Aberama: How do you know that I want anything from you?
Thomas: Well, there's my company treasurer, who is a certified accountant and also apparently a witch...

- Our stuff will stay with me.
- Taking the children on the road...
- To live with decent people.
- They'll never know the curse side of this family.
- We're done with them, John.

Aunt: [to Tommy] I'm just like you now, you and Arthur. I was dead in that noose, and then I was saved. So everything from now on is extra. What I didn't understand until today is when you're dead already, you're free.

- that is what will hurt you the most.
- You people have traditions of honour, as do we.
- Instead of sending you a black hand,
- I could've had you killed in the night.
- I don't know why...
- But I want you to know why and I wanna suggest to you that we fight this vendetta with honour.

- The Americans?
- Yeah, they call them the mafia.
- Dear god.
- Yeah, there's 15 of them.
- Yeah, they want to kill us all, but we got guns and grenades and, and Polly's back, so it's gonna be okay, yeah.
- I'll get the horse.