The Best Person of Interest, Season 4, Episode 4 Quotes

Malcolm: Wanna be the man, you gotta have a plan.
John: You wanna be the man? Start taking care of your family.

- I think you know what's happening.
- And I think you owe it to me to tell me the truth.
- Times may have changed.
- But I'm afraid we're both in the dark.
- Announcer [on pa]: This is wall street. Next stop is fulton street.
- Stand clear of the closing doors.

Mini: Ain't no long game for guys like me. Just the game. Doesn't make a damn bit of a difference what you do. Or who you do it for. Dominic ain't no different. Just another man like all the rest.
Sameen: Sounds like this Dominic's a lot smarter than that.
Mini: Couple years on top, he'll burn out. Or get wasted. Only one rule: we all die in the end.

- Reese: Down here.
- This way. They're coming up.

- I gave you my word.
- You take care of your sister.
- You done, detective?
- We got a lot of catching up to do.
- Hell of a night for a drive.
- Man: He's clean.

- Got a few articles I can send her.
- People v. Ryan Jerome and the Brian d. Aitken case.
- You know what, Malcolm,
- I think you'd make a good lawyer.
- I was thinking about being a cop.
- Is that right?
- Like you. But I'd shoot less people.
- Wanna be the man, gotta have a plan.

Malcolm: Look, everybody got an angle. Why should I trust you?
John: Because I'm the one standing between you and them.

John: You can't make something right by doing something wrong.

- Finch: I'm afraid we may not have a couple of hours, Mr. Reese.
- Then it's a good thing we know someone who can hack the kids' phone.
- It's more difficult than it used to be.
- I was up on the cell phone providers, but I lost that capability along with the library.
- I 'ii have to start from scratch.
- Well, let's hope Shaw is having better luck.

- I hope you said your goodbyes.
- You're forgetting something.
- You want your money?
- You deal with me.
- We'll be catching up real soon.

- But a lawyer like that, you gotta pay to play. Up front.
- So you bought these new clothes to impress an attorney?
- You know any prize lawyers gonna take on two foster kids from the 'hood?
- We get it.
- You want your family back.
- But stolen drug money is not gonna solve anyone's problems.

John: We're gonna play hide and seek. Don't worry, I'm really good at this game.

- Lennox is already asking questions.
- I can't risk breaking cover.
- Wanna play kindergarten cop, suit yourself.
- Lennox: Gotta call for backup.
- Reese: Call on the way.
- That soldier I arrested, forgot to mention his name was link.
- You're the only other person the brotherhood wants to gun down more than these kids?
- We should get off the streets right now.

- Doesn't make a damn bit of a difference what you do or who you do it for.
- Dominic ain't no different.
- Just another man, like all the rest.
- Sounds like this
- Dominic's smarter than that.
- Couple years on top, he'll burn out or get wasted.
- Only one rule.
- We all die in the end.

- I don't suppose the children ditched school to go shopping.
- Funny you should mention that.
- They're buying new clothes.
- It would appear that the children have stolen the drug money.
- Think you can intercept them before someone else does?
- Pm do my best.

- Good. Could come in handy.
- Because we're gonna play hide-and-seek.
- Don't worry. I'm really good at this game.
- The kids are holed up in the penthouse.
- Kill the camera.
- What the...?

- Perhaps we need to do what Mr. Elias suggested.
- Talk to Dominic.
- Well, lucky for us...
- I got an idea who knows where to find him.
- All right, let's take a walk.
- You're gonna tell me everything you know about Dominic. Come on.

- Shaw: All right, mini, sit.
- Cuff yourself to the pipe.

Sameen: Release Detective Riley and forget about the Booker kids. Or I huff, and I puff, and I burn your house down.

- You haven't felt that way in a while.
- I could help them.
- But the DEA has so much red tape.
- Your hands are tied.
- Till they make a statement and hand over the evidence, yeah.
- I'm afraid so.

- Never said who you worked for.
- You're right. I didn't.
- Tell your boss I'll be seeing him soon.

- Or I huff and puff and burn your house down.
- I don't think you wanna tell your boss you watched his stash go up in flames, do you?
- Say I let the detective go.
- How do I know you're gonna back off?
- I'll leave you a parting gift.
- Mini here can keep your drugs company.
- Guess it's not your lucky day after all.

Carl: It's a tricky business. Playing a game in which you're unsure of the pieces.
Harold: And in this game, I fear that losing is not an option.

- My friends will be here soon.
- You got "minecraft" on that phone?
- I got a niece your age.
- I'm sure you'll be able to find something to play with in there.
- You know...
- You're nicer than you look.

Malcolm: Whose place is this?
John: I worked a job here last week.
Malcolm: What kind of job?
John: The kind it's better not to ask about.

John: [Approaching a group of girls] Excuse me, have any of you seen Tracie Booker today?
Queen: [gives a disdainful look] Let's go, girls.
[They move to leave]
John: Wait. Um, all right, I'll play you for it. Hopscotch.
Queen: Don't go hurting yourself, old man. Want us to drop a dime? It's gonna cost ya.
John: [Cut to] Good news, Harold, I got a lead. Bad news, I need more petty cash.

- Nice to meet you.
- Glad you could make it, Lionel.
- Sorry about all the paperwork.
- Yeah, I'm getting used to it.
- These guys don't quit.
- We ain't never gonna be safe.
- Take your sister and hide.
- How many rounds you got?
- Enough, lhope.

- All the money's there...
- Except for what we spent on clothes.
- I'm sure the DEA will understand.
- You're doing the right thing.
- Back-up will be here any minute.
- Get your sister, and make sure she uses the bathroom, okay?

John: What's up, Lionel?
Lionel: Yeah, you can - uh - thank me with a prime rib, maybe some twice-baked potatoes...
John: Are you placing a dinner order, or is there a reason for your call?

- Where's my money?
- I don't got it. But I'll work for you.
- Be your corner boy, take a fall for you...
- Whatever.
- Just leave my sister be.
- Get him.

- Thomsen will pick it up.
- We need to make it out of here first.
- We'll do a sweep.
- I should go too...
- In case the brotherhood's waiting.
- You worried about me, detective?
- I made it this far without your help.
- I think I'll manage.

- I shudder to think what will happen if the gangs find them before we do.
- So let's beat the perps to the punch.
- Stop them first.
- Finch: What exactly do you have in mind?
- Got a little job for Shaw.
- Requires some medical experience.
- And I think it's time you caught up with an old friend.

Mini: There'll always be cops like there'll always be gangsters. Only one rule.
Link: What's that, Dominic?
Mini: We all die in the end.

- You wanna be the man, you gotta have a plan.
- Yo, you in there?
- You better have something to say worth hearing, little man.
- I got something you want.
- I wanna make a trade.
- My life for my sister's.

- Still trying to figure out what game they playing.
- Seems like they're not playing by no rule book.
- Cop's dangerous, but he's no different than us.
- There'll always be cops like there'll always be gangsters.
- Only one rule.
- What's that, Dominic?
- We all die in the end.

- Seems the DEA does have a mole working for the brotherhood.
- Agent Lennox double-crossed us.
- Gave me your word, huh?
- So we don't have back-up.
- We do, it's just gonna take a little longer than expected.
- Sit tight, I'm on my way.
- You'd better make it quick.
- We're surrounded.

- Turn around, nice and slow.
- Maybe you guys do more than your laundry here.
- I gotta hand it to your boss.
- Dominic's found a way to move a lot of smack.
- You know the drill.
- Now, where's the one place no one bothers to look?

- But it's not really our money.
- Those guys we took it from...
- Are dead.
- All right, they can't hurt us.
- Come on, this way.
- Make it quick.
- We got two, three minutes tops, till the cherries roll in.
- I'll flush them out.

- I suppose you'll wanna know if I identify this Dominic.
- Isuppose.
- It's a tricky business.
- Playing a game in which you're unsure of the pieces.
- And in this game...
- I fear that losing is not an option.

Mini: Where are we?
Sameen: It depends. You tell me what I want to know, it's a pit stop. You don't... it's your final resting place.

Harold: I was referring to how you were able to plant a tracking device without our friend noticing.
Sameen: Oh, I planted one on you, Fusco... hell, even John. Haven't been caught yet.
Harold: Remind me to stop inquiring about your modus operandi.

John: You know what, Malcolm? I think you'd make a good lawyer.
Malcolm: I was thinking about being a cop.
John: Is that right?
Malcolm: Like you. But I'd shoot less people.

- You wanna be the man?
- Start taking care of your family.
- Anything happens...
- You take care of t.
- Promise?
- I give you my word.

- I think we're the ones who are too late.
- Just stumbled on a crime scene.
- Let's hope the kids aren't here.
- Officer [over radio]: Gang-related shooting.
- Three adult African-Americans...
- Three Armenians deceased.
- Two males with multiple gsws.

- It's run by a guy named Dominic.
- We haven't met yet.
- Ambitious and smart.
- Maybe steer clear of this Dominic.
- Man 1: The deal's going down.
- The Armenians are already here.
- Man 2: Watch your back. In case things get jumpy.