The Best Person of Interest, Season 5, Episode 4 Quotes

- Can I, uh, help you find anything?
- Move along, milhouse.

- You can't. You're hurt.
Root: I am not ready to lose you again, sameen.
[Trembling] Whatever happened, we'll fix it.
[Panting] Just stay alive.
- Shaw: Don 't.
- No. Please don't.

- Maybe there's some way
- I can repay the favor.
- I'm not really in the right mindset for any of this.
- Right.
- You should get some rest.
- Had a rough couple of days.

Bobby: Can I, uh - can I help you find anything?
Sameen: Move along, Milhouse.

- They tend to show up at imminent murders.
- But some other people might show up before my friends do.
- Now, you guys got a sporting goods section?
Bobby: Uh...
- Aisle five.
[Gasps] You can't...

- Sir, implanting an electronic microchip this close to her brain stem is incredibly risky.
- Thank you, doctor.
- I expect Ms. Shaw to be much more accommodating from here on out.
- Time to begin phase two.

- Man: A little more irrigation, please.
- Soon you'll forget it's even there.

- What a mess! I thought she was a killer.
- Lambert: Perhaps you over-sedated her.
- Doesn't matter.
- Either Ms. Shaw becomes a team player after her next visit to the or, or bladder issues will be the least of her problems.
- Surgery waits for no man.

Root: I already wanted to tear Samaritan apart. Turn it into an Atari. That's too nice. Scarred by beautiful girl. Maybe a Casio?

- Now, be a good girl and lead us to the machine and the base of its operations.
- Then we can all go home.
- We're already in your head.
- You couldn't hurt me, even if you wanted to.
- But you will have blood on your hands when you murder all of your friends.

Root: That didn't suck.
Sameen: Oh, there was plenty of sucking.

- There's something I need to tell you about Reese.
- It can wait till we're home safe.
- Follow me.

- Remember how we first met?
- You tried to burn me with an iron.
- Fun, right?
- Maybe you'll like this, too.
- But it's probably gonna suck.
- Just get this damn thing out of me.

- Like I said, you need some rest.
- Ms. Groves, let's get you a proper bandage.
- And here I thought this might be my final resting place.
John: What just happened?
Harold: I have no idea, and neither does Ms. Shaw.
- Keep an eye on her.

- How uplifting.
- Shall we give it another go, sir?
- Yes.
- Start the simulation again.
- Simulation 6,742.
- How are you doing, sameen?
- We have all the time in the world, my dear sameen.

- Excuse me.
- Woman: [On phone] Hi, honey.
- Yeah, this is sameen Shaw.
- I know you're looking for me.
- Woman: [On phone] Hello? Who's this?
- I'm taking the fight to samaritan right now.
- And I'm gonna destroy it once and for all.

- Shaw: I'm counting on it.
- The average person swallows
- 2,000 times a day.
- Now, it's a good thing you're not average, because this much bzd could stop your heart.
- Now let's play a game.
- Dead or alive?

- Afraid our chip didn't take.
- Greer: How shall we proceed?
- Our pet goes under the knife again.
- And if she becomes a slobbering vegetable?
- A little brain damage is a small price to pay if we can turn Ms. Shaw into a valuable asset.

- Come back to bed.
- We'll figure it out in the morning.
- Okay, I'll be right there.
- Hey, baby.
- Don't move a muscle.
- I'm gonna go grab us some breakfast.

- or did it tell you to bore me to death?
- Well, if it were up to me,
- I'd have abandoned you long ago, like your so-called friends.
- First thing I'm gonna do when I get out of these straps is make you bleed.
- Promises, promises.

- I think we lost them.
- We gotta get back to the machine.
- We need to be sure first.
- Harold's alone. Unprotected.
- Don't worry.
- I'll watch our tail, you lead the way.

- Alive. Well, what do ya know.
- Now that's what I call being a team player.
- Man: Hey!

- You were my safe place.
- But not anymore.
- And I can't control myself so the only thing
- I can only control is this.
- Sameen. [Gasps]

- There was no safe place, no escape.
- Hey, stay here with me.
[Chuckles] I couldn't stand you when we first met.
[Softly] You wouldn't stop bugging me.
- Mmm.

- The chip is gone.
- You're not in my head anymore.
- Get out of my...
Root: Sameen?

- You good?
- Yeah.
- We gotta go. Come on.
- Something's wrong with you.
- We're not going back to the machine until we talk this through.
- Come on, I'll buy you a cup of coffee.

- My dear samaritan, have you relocated sameen Shaw or her associates?
- Shaw: Hey, gramps.
[Groans] Root!
- You okay?
- Yeah.
John: Let's go.

- We're not equipped for this hunting party.
- We are now.
- I brought a few extra party favors.
- It's time we slay the dragon.
- Or time we hit the road.

Sameen: Brain surgery, medieval-style. Awesome.

- The patient is ready for you, doctor.

[Softly] No.
- No. No. You gotta be kidding me.
- Okay. I'm gonna have to borrow your boat.
[Gasping] Thanks for the parting gift.
- Shaw: Hamid.
- Okay, just...

- Shaw: No.
- Not till I kick this lousy al's ass off the face of the earth.
- Hard soles.
- Flanking formation. Three, maybe four ops.
- Guess nap time's over.
- Keep greer company. I'll be right back.

- You know, I'm not tired.
- It's hard to imagine both of us making it out of this in one piece.
- Be a hell of a way to go.
- I guess you're in the mindset now.
- Shaw: Shut up.

- Hey, milhouse.
- Oh, my god! Are you okay?
- Dandy, thanks for asking.
- I have to use your phone.
- Come on, man, today.

- Looks like today is your lucky day.
- Orders said to bring you back.
- Didn't say to bring you back alive.
Root: Whoever's back there, kick over your weapon, and I'll let you keep full mobility.