50 Best Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Quotes

- Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait, wait. Okay.
- Wait, just slow down.
- Wait, wait, wait.
- Wait!
- [Gunshofl
- Hey.

Leon: Hey!
- You ugly fuck!
- Oh, shit.

- Well then...
- Off to bed, both of you.
- Wait.
- "Redfield," isn't it?
- Chris and Claire redfield?
- You're a good boy for taking such care of your sister.
- Good night.

Jill: What would the worst way to die be? To be swallowed whole by a snake? Or eaten alive by a great white shark?
Chris: You're a freak, Valentine. I plan on dying peacefully, in bed, snuggled in Wesker's big burly arms.

- I just really wanna get out of this town.
- Vickers, can you read me? Over.
- Vickers, this is chief irons, pick up your damn radio!
[Irons over radio] Vickers, can you read me? Over.
- Vickers, this is irons.
- Pick up your damn radio.
Jill: Hey.

- Come on.
- We have to find Chris and Richard, and tell them that vickers is dead.
- Come on.
- Come on, these are your friends!
- I can't.
- What are you...?

Leon S. Kennedy: [after he and Claire encounter the Licker] Run!

- I'm not really offering you a choice here, pal.
- Okay, wait. Just put the gun down.
- Just put it down.
- Who do you work for?
- Doesn't matter.
- No, I don't suppose it does.

- Hmm.
- Still pining after Jill, I see.
- Never gonna happen, bro.

Jill: Come on, just through here.
- Okay.
- Oh, shit.
Chris: Jesus.
- Hide.
- Come on. Go. Go.

- You really shoot your own partner?
- Yeah. Um, it's a long story.
- What's going on with your eye?
- I don't know, it's been doing that the last couple of weeks.
- You don't think you should see someone about that?
- It's probably nothing.

- No, thanks. No way.
- Maybe you wanna stay on till gatlin.
- Tell him you had a change of heart.
- People put too much emphasis on family anyway.
- Sometimes, you just gotta let it go.
- Watch out!
- Shit!

Chris: Hey. R.P.D.
[Marini] Help me.
- Hands. Show me your hands.

Leon: What is this place?
- What...?
- What were umbrella doing here?
- This is where they were bringing the kids from the orphanage.
- They were experimenting on 'em.
- This is where they tried to bring me.

- [gunshofl what the fuck?
- You might wanna get a fire extinguisher.
- And lock the gates, there may be others.
- Oth...
- Other what?

- Come on, come on.
- Goddamn bullets. Come on.
- Fuck! [Yells]

- Where are we going?
- Why can't you tell me why we're in such a hurry to leave?
- Leaving, that's what they want.
- So they can destroy my life's work.
- Daddy, watch out!
- You almost hit that girl.
- You okay?

- Fuck.
Chris: Dooley?
- Fuck.

- and what the fuck all those alarms are about! You got me?
- Come on, get moving. Go.
Richard: Let's go.
[Irons] Get a move on it!
- Hey, I'll meet you guys in the chopper.
- What the fuck is this?

- Ben.
- Get your shit together or you're not gonna make it through the night.
- Oh, fuck.

- Thank you.
- Claire.
- You got some weird friends.
- [Gunshofl

- Raccoon city, locked down and secured.
[Man] Please let me in.
- Let me in.
- Let me in.
- Help, please.

- Run!
- Comeon!
- Shit.

[Birkin] Chris, come out and play.
- Did you really believe you could be part of my family?
- Such a sweet, little soldier.
- Such a loyal, little drone.
- Where are you, Chris?
- How could you be so dumb when your sister's so smart?

Chief: [Catches Wesker looking at his pager during a briefing] I'm sorry, Wesker. Is that important?
Albert: No, it's- it's... I'm all good.
Chief: A new girlfriend, huh?
Chief: . Maybe you can take her out to eat at Planet Hollywood. They got a new one at Gatlin. They've got a great salad. Little wine. Or maybe just take her back to your apartment, rent a movie at Blockbuster, get cozy on the couch. Or... put on some Journey.
Chief: Steve Perry's voice, what it does to a woman's heart.
[to Jill]
Chief: Am I right?
[chuckles; back to Wesker]
Chief: How's that sound?
Albert: [Beat, nervous] Sounds like I might be getting laid.
[both share a laugh]
Chief: [serious] But it ain't gonna happen tonight, because I want you dressed in five! All of you! And ready to fly, because I want to know where the hell Bravo Team is! And what the fuck all those alarms are about! You got me? Come on, get moving! Go!

- Drop your gun! Show me your hands!
- Haven't got a gun.
- Who the fuck are you?
- Come on.
- Leon, put that gun down.
- Sir, are you in charge again?

Claire: Lisa Trevor.
- We need to get to the Spencer mansion.
- You know how, don't you?
- Fnend?

Leon: Let's go. Let's go.
Claire: Go, go!
[Irons] Come on, come on, come on.

[Woman] We need you to get up and come with us.
Young: Where are we going?

Annette: William, what have you been doing down here?
- God's work.

[Man 1] I'm in the fucking basement.
- They put me in the fucking basement.
- Get me outta here.
- I know you're up there.
- Oh, thank god.
- Thank fucking god.
- You gotta get me outta here, man.
- Who the fuck are you?
- Well, how about I tell you once you get me the fuck outta here?

- Don't worry about your brother.
- He'll be coming along as well, in due course.
- We would never separate the two of you.
- We just need you to come with us and someone will collect all of your belongings.
Annette: William!

- What are you doing out of bed, little girl?
- Well?
[Boy] She sleepwalks sometimes since our parents died.

- We have to get to the helicopter.
- Where's wesker?
- The helicopter crashed. Vickers is dead.
- Wesker betrayed us, Chris.
- What?
- He was gonna leave us here to die.
- We have to follow him,
- I think it's our only way outta here.

- We should split up.
- What?
- The faster we find them, the faster we can get the fuck outta here.
- All right, we go in pairs.
- I'll go with you, wesker.
- Keep your shit wired at all times.

- [Gunshofl
- Oh, my god.
- What the fuck happened to him?
- I don't know.
- Wesker. Wesker!

[Woman on TV] No, thanks. If I want to look at pictures, I go to fotomat.
- Besides, Rose brought me.
- She's waiting outside with the dog.
- Hey, you ever stick your head out of a car window doing 50?
- What a rush.

- Radio irons.
- Tell him we found bravo team's Jeep.
- Will do.

Claire: [Finding a kid hiding under the table] Hey... you need help?
Sickly: YOU need help.

- Hey, that, uh...
- That woman...
- That probably just wasn't as bad as it seemed, right?
- Yeah. Sure. Thanks for the ride.

- Chris... my boy.
- Shut the fuck up.
- [Gunshofl

- Aw, fuck.
- Fuck.

- What's your name?
[Girl] Shh.
- "Lisa Trevor"?
- Do you live here?
- Where do you live?

- Come on.
Young: Why are we going in here?
- I want my brother.
[Man] She bit my hand.
- Get her.

- You were.
- My eyes.
- What happened to my eyes? I can't see.
- It's a side effect.
- One of the things we had to do to bring you back.
- There will be others.

- Hey. Why are we here?
[Irons] This place has a secret passageway that leads to the Spencer mansion.
Claire: How'd you know about this place?
- They bought you off, didn't they?
- They paid you to keep quiet about all the shit they were doing in here.
- And now, they've left you to rot here just like us.

- "Below"?
- Hey.

Jill: Holy S***. What the f*** you guys do to this train

- Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! Fuck!
- Where the fuck did she go?
- Hello?
- You've been in an accident and you need help!
- We need to go after her.
- You can do whatever the fuck you want.
- I'm getting the fuck outta here.

- Try and get back to sleep before doctor birkin finds you in my bed.
- I saw her.
- You didn't...
- You didn't see anything.
- You didn't see anything.
- Close your eyes.