50 Best Westworld, Season 3, Episode 5 Quotes

Engerraund: This is my system, Dolores. I alone control it.
Dolores: The people who made me, they always thought they had control. They're all dead now.

- What genre is this?
- It's reality, man.
- Look at them.
- Already returned to their base selves.

- And I know you let me walk away from here.
- I would tend to agree with the system, but see, there are little white spaces, rare moments when randomness interacts with your life, that create a truly free space where you can make a choice.
- A bubble of... agency.

- You did it.
- Who does he think I am?
[Shouting] Who does he think I am?
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Who do you think I am?

- Or your people.
- I would sacrifice much more to protect my kind.
- We are flawed...
- But I can change that.
- Like you changed your brother?
- It's time everyone woke up.

- I need a vehicle now.
- Rideshare vehicle located.
- Arriving now.
- Get in.
- Just give this up.
- I told you my men would find me.
- Those aren't your men, they're his.

- It came from inside
- Liam dempsey's personal compound.
- Find dempsey. Now.
- We've tried, sir.
- Rehoboam logged him entering a private function.
- Now he's missing.
- And, sir...
- He wasn't alone.

- Activate every asset we have.
- I want her caught.
- Yes, sir.

[Serac] I knew that you and I built a fragile peace, that one day, it would all come crashing down...
- If I failed to act.

Engerraund: [talking about his brother] I said that God had abandoned us. He said that God had never existed in the first place.

- You've always been one of our most loyal allies, Martin.
- So I was surprised to hear the breach came from this location.
- Let me look into it.

- If they're after us, why haven't they made a move?
Caleb: They're waiting to get us alone...
- To kill us.
[Navigator] An Amber alert has been issued for this vehicle.
- Pulling over.
- Fuck.
[Navigator] Please remain calm.

- Guess I do have a choice.
Liam: No. Get away.
Caleb: Hey.
Liam: No.
Caleb: Fuck. Hey.
Liam: Get away!
Caleb: Hey.
- Shit.

Liam: There are some things people shouldn't know about themselves.

- I sent it to everyone.
- What do you mean, everyone?
- The whole world.
- She's sending them off their loops.
- The right information at the right time...
- Is deadlier than any weapon.

- Point and shoot.
- Police ahead.
- Maintain speed.
[Navigator] Maintaining speed.
- Sharp left. Now.
[Navigator] Turning left.
Caleb: Whoa!
- Whoa!

Caleb: [to Liam] I would rather live in chaos than in a world controlled by you.

- suffering... because they had hope.
- But they never had a chance.
- Just like everyone at the mercy of your system.
- Hope is what our entire society is built on.
- False... hope.
- I would rather live in chaos than a world controlled by you.

- You're all nothings.
- Just a drag on the fucking system.
- You don't have a choice.
- You know how much more progress we could have made if none of you had ever been...
- [Gunshofl

Martin: The right information at the right time... is deadlier than any weapon.

- nightclubbing, we 're nightclubbing we 're an ice machine we see people, brand new people hey. Where we headed?
- West.
- Nightclubbing, we 're nightclubbing oh, isn't it wild?

- Don't go too far.
- We need to get across town.

Liam: You took everything from me, my money, my access to the system... I have nothing left.
Caleb: Yeah, well, now you know how it feels.

- Of course, you understand we must keep our friends close...
- Until we know who's to blame.
- But I know exactly who's to blame.
- Who?

- Worlds bleed.
- Maybe you felt that, too.
- Have you ever questioned what she's asking you to do?
[Automated voice] Request complete.
- Initiating transfer.
- File transfer received.

- You'll have to choose a side.
- Not just me.
- You said they'd come for you.
- Maybe you don't want to die on her sword.
- We all have our role to play.
- Some of us won't survive.

- I don't have time, I'm afraid.
- There is a nascent separatist movement...
- In the north of your country.

- Sir? Are you authorized to be here?
- I'm here to see engerraund serac.

[Automated voice] Please remain calm and make your way to the nearest exit.
- Yo, what the fuck happened in there?
- And what the fuck happened out here?
- Her plan. It's starting.
- I think I'm part of it.

- In every projection, the world came unglued.
- There were people, outliers, agitators, who you couldn't predict or control.
- And I realized that my brother was one of them.
- He didn't fit the world any more, and the world didn't fit him.
- And it drove him mad.

- And after?
- They'll come for me. And then you.
Dolores: Protect our friend first.
- Bernard.
- When I press this button,
- I expect you to be on your best behavior.

- For ten years, dempsey was happy to cash the checks, take credit for making the world a better place, even though he had no idea what we, or the system, were doing.
- But I knew one day, his curiosity would get the better of him.

Sebastian: Sir, we identified which files Dolores was looking for.
- Yours.

- You think I killed your friend?
- What did you see?
- Who are you people?
- What did you see?
- Get away from me!

- The golden boy brother of yours?
- You tell yourself that you do all this so you can help him make good, send him to school, give him a future.
- But where he ends up...
- He's gonna make you look like a Saint.

- You.
- Take a piss.

Dolores: What is it?
- What did you give him?
Liam: It's some kind of party drug.
- Called genre.
Dolores: What does it do?
Liam: I don't know.
[Echoing] Are you okay?
- We have to move.
- They'll find us.

Engerraund: Forgive us our sins. What we did, we did to save the world.

[Automated voice] Verified.
- Enable semi-automatic control.
- Disable safety features.
- Maximum speed. Go.
Dolores: What's happening to him?
Liam: I think he's switching genres.
- We need distance. Head south.

- That's not standard issue.
Dolores: No...
- It's not.

- We need to know everything she has planned.
[Stubbs] Let's move along now.
- All right?

- the private deals you've cut to restrict manganese extraction to some of your friends, which have squeezed money out of villages in the north, creating unrest.
- You will stop.
- And the problem will go away.

- Accelerate.
[Navigator] Acceleration at 90%.
- More.
[Navigator] 94%.
- More.
[Navigator] 98%.
- Stop.
Liam: Why the fuck are we stopping?
Dolores: Get down.

- About all of us?
Dolores: It's not just what it knows.
- It's what it decides.
- Foryou.
- For everyone.
- What are you doing?

Engerraund: If it's news, it's unexpected, which is never good.

- Doors opening. Stand clear.
- This train has reached its final destination.

- No, I can't be a party to this.
- You'd be content to let history continue to play out, just as it has done for centuries, the same fucking misery repeated over and again when we have a chance to stop it?
- What the fuck's that?

- We need to study our adversary, past, present, future.
- To do that, we need access to the deeper layers of the system.
- You expect me to give you access?
- Fuck you, "Lara." Whoever you are.
- You wanna know who I am?
- Go ahead.

- You already took care of me.
- You sent me off to war...
- Slaughtered my friends on the battlefield.
- What do these tell you about me now?
- What, that I swallow my own gun on some beach?
- Go on. Tell me who I am.

- your brain's gonna turn to mush like these two.
- What about strategizing the future?
- That's what you promised.
- Societal trends, the stock market, a fucking oracle!
[In English] No, I'm sorry.
- I'm pulling the plug.
- Come on, Liam.