50 Best Jack Ryan, Season 1, Episode 1 Quotes

CIA: Dr. Ryan. Tough loss for your O's last night.
Jack: Could be worse, Harold. Could be a Mets fan.

- I brought some tea.
- Forgive me.
- My arabic isn't good.
- We can speak English.
- Like some tea?
- Thank you.

- Mama.
- Come get it, assholes.
- It's not funny!
- Mousa.

- Welcome sheikh ai radwan.
- Is sheikh suleiman home?
- I'm afraid he's still away.
- When do you expect him to return?
- If you please...
- My husband's affairs are his business.

Suleiman: I thought you were an analyst.
Jack: I thought you were a bodyguard. It's you. Suleiman.

Matice: Man, I thought you were in Pakistan.
James: No. Back at Langley.
Matice: Headquarters?
James: Yeah.
Matice: Sorry to hear that, man.

- Get up!
- Lay down cover fire!
- Move toth ea PC!

- Back in the room, behind the door.
- Post
- Get him out of there!
- I got you, bro.
- Fuck!

- Ctc Europe wants to see a list of all swift transactions out of Islamabad.
- That's you, Patrick.
- Yes.
- Yes, sir.
- You can go in now.

- Now what?
- 20 bucks says he wants more money.

- We got a meet and greet.
- Two military-age males, table, north edge of the market.
- Guys, get me some audio on that table.
- Secret police.
- We need your apartment.

- For what?
- I have orders to drive your car back to your apartment.
- Okay, I...
- Hold on a sec.
- I don't know, maybe I could...
- Sir, we have to go.
- Yeah.
- Right in here, sir.
- Watch your step.

- What about you, soufan, what do you do?
- I'm a bodyguard.
- How'd you get those scars on your hands?
- It's an old wound from when I was a boy.
- In Lebanon?
- Morgue's straight ahead, that way.

- Excuse me!
- I'm lost. Can you help?

- Incoming!
- Fuckers got the generator!
- We need to secure the front gate!
- You two, on me!
- Come on, let's go!

- He asked for water, but we didn't give him anything.
- Good.
- Hey, Archie.
- Leave your merit badges at the door.
- Open the door.
- This is us.

- Here?
- Like you said...
- Your husband's affairs are his business.
- When sheikh suleiman returns...
- Tell him sheikh ai radwan wants to see him.
- Salaam alaikum.
- Wa alaikum as-salaam.

- What can I do for you?
- I'm calling about this demarche y'all ordered.
- I didn't order a demarche.
- Well, some treasury officer in your shop did.
- Jim?
- I'll call you right back.
- Ryan. My office. Now.

- Did you finish your chores like I asked?
- Outside, let's go.
- You, too.

James: That account you froze; S.A.D., Yemeni PSO picked up somebody.
Jack: Suleiman?
James: No. A couple of couriers, they think.
Jack: Wait, you said S.A.D., but I didn't order any surveillance.
James: I did.
Jack: I thought you said I wasn't there yet.
James: You weren't. But that doesn't mean you were wrong.
Jack: Well, how come you couldn't have said that instead of throwing me out of your office?
James: Because I don't know you. And I don't answer to you. Now, S.A.D. and the Yemenis are gonna run the interrogation. But you're the one that knows all this financial shit, so I need you there to make sure they know what questions to ask.

- Disgusting?
- A little bit.
- And what about you?
- State department.
- I run supply chain logistics for the western hemisphere.
- That sounds...
- Bofing?

- Soufan something or other.
- What is a Saudi doing in Aden?
- Well, he said he was here on business.
- We found that in his briefcase.
- Called the number on there, got a answering service.
- It's probably bullshit anyway.
- Did you say one of 'em had a phone?

- Anyone know why he got png'd back to headquarters?
- I heard he went all colonel Kurtz in the desert, started making s.A.D. Dip their bullets in pigs' blood so anyone they killed wouldn't go to paradise.
- Jesus.
- Shit.
- Yeah.

- Same number as the transfers.
- Ding, ding, ding.
- Looks like we have a winner.
- Take him to the big room.
- Take him to the big room.
- On your feet. Let's go. Move it.

- What do you want to do?
- Fuck it. We'll take them once they're out of the market.
- What about the bank manager?
- Cut him loose.
- Stay on the other two.
- Send containment to second intersection.

- Thank you, corporal. That's all.
- It's not poison.

Jack: He's hesitating because he's scared.
Layla: Scared. Greer?
Jack: Do you know how badly you have to screw up to go from Chief of Base to the head of T-FAD? He can't make another mistake, he knows that.
Layla: Even if you're right, you don't have the authority to write a démarche. Okay? That's...
Jack: Treasury. I know.

- Drop it.
- I said drop it.
- Where is he?
- Where is he?!
- Move.

- Actually, I don't talk much to my clients.
- But you do listen.
- Soufan.
- Have you ever heard the name "suleiman“?
- It's a common name here.
- I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific.

- Watch it, shithead.
- Asshole.

Jack: I found something you got to see.
James: What am I looking at?
Jack: These are financial transactions through an app called TracEuro. You use your cell phone.
James: Yeah, they were using that in Karachi before I left.
Jack: Every one of these transactions is linked to this account opened a week and a half ago in a bank in Aden by a Saudi import/export company, but the business license of that company is less than a month old. This is a shell.
James: [not seeing the connection] Okay.
Jack: So, six SWIFT transactions have come through in the last eight days. They total over $9 million. Of all the other accounts that I've been monitoring, only two have ever gone above six figures, and barely.
James: Large transactions attract attention. Why go big now and risk popping up on our radar?
Jack: Maybe he doesn't even care about drawing attention, because whatever he's planning, he's ready now. This is it. We got him.
James: He? You mean Suleiman.
Jack: Sir, he's real. I promise you he is real. Don't you think there are people on the seventh floor that would have loved this opportunity twenty years ago the first time they heard the name Bin Laden? All I'm asking is order a démarche, freeze the account.
James: You're not there yet.
Jack: I'm not there yet? S... Sir, 9/11 cost half a million dollars. If he is real, what do you think he can do with twenty times that amount of money? We have to chase this down. Once the money's gone, he's gone. I promise you that.

- Dr. Ryan.
- Tough loss for your 0's last night.
- Could be worse, Harold.

- what do you think he can do with 20 times that amount of money?
- We have to chase this down.
- Once the money's gone, he's gone.
- I promise you that.
- Just order a demarche and freeze the account.
- Is there anything else?

- Greer.
- Hey, Jim. It's Pete cortwright again.
- You're not gonna believe this.

- and wrapped up the whole goddamn network.
- Yeah.
- Or we could've just watched the front door of the bank while they walked out, pulled off the next 9/11, and we didn't do a thing.
- Get the fuck out of my office.

- He can't make another mistake, he knows that.
- Even if you're right, you don't have the authority to write a demarche.
- Okay? That's...
- Treasury. I know.
- Jack.

- Let's go, to the left.
- Yes, sir.
- Assalamualaikum.
- Mualaikumwasalam.
- We have four more for you, my friend.
- They were killed in drone strike.

- You cross off your list.
- We have deal, right?
- Okay, monty hall.
- Let's make a deal.

- You... I can't go to Yemen.
- Why not?
- I'm an analyst.
- I don't interrogate people;
- I write reports.
- Well, that's gonna make a doozy.
- Get on the fucking plane.

James: I told you to stand the fuck down, and you went behind my back and froze that account.
Jack: That was Treasury's call.
James: Oh, bullshit! The ink on that démarche may be theirs, but this was your idea.
Jack: Listen, if you're worried about this blowing back on you, don't. Okay? I'll take full responsibility.
James: Oh, is that what you think? That I'm trying to protect my career? Look around. That ship has sailed.

- Sounds good.
- Octavian sank the forces of this man eight ways to Sunday to win the 31 bc naval battle of actium.
- Mark Antony.
- Octavian beat
- Mark Antony.

- Honestly, though, I don't want you to do it ifyou're uncomfortable.
- I just... I don't know.
- I get so frustrated when people say treasury doesn't do anything.
- You know?
- Yeah.
- It's fine.
- Okay, let's do it.

Cathy: Way to really piss off the host.
Jack: Uh... You... you heard that?
Cathy: Just the last part. I especially liked it when he called you a self-righteous Boy Scout.
Jack: Well, at least I'm not an asshole, right?

Jack: [after meeting Greer] Anyone know why he got PNG'd back to headquarters?
Tarek: I heard he went all Colonel Kurtz in the desert, started making S.A.D. dip their bullets in pigs' blood so anyone they killed wouldn't go to Paradise.
Jack: Jesus.
Patrick: Shit.

- I drop this and we all die.
- He's bluffing.
- No.
- No. I'm not.
- Don't shoot.
- Get the keys from the soldier.

- You're not leaving until you tell the truth!
- I don't know anything.
- The transfer, who did you send it to?
- Where you going?
- I've been at this for hours.
- I need some air.

- Can I help you with something, sir?
- Where do I get something to eat?

- You got any tips?
- Tips?
- Stocks and shit.
- Trying to expand my portfolio.
- This is captain achmed.
- He's gonna be running the interrogation.
- Welcome.

- Good job.
- Thank you.
- Hold still.
- Dinner's ready. Let's go!
- Go wash up!
- Okay, momma.

Jack: I can't go to Yemen.
James: Why not?
Jack: I'm an analyst. I don't interrogate people; I write reports.
James: Well, that's gonna make a doozy. Get on the fucking plane.