50 Best Nobody Quotes

Hutch: Give me the goddamn kitty cat bracelet, motherfucker!

- They came after my family.
- They came at dad. I know.
- Who the fuck you think helped pop clean this shit up?
- I've got a plan.
- You got a fucking plan.
- Listen, hutch.
- I'm not coming out of hiding to save your white ass...

- Come on, Davey.
- Please turn that shit down.

- What say you and I have a moment?
- Everybody out.

Teddy: What are you still doing here, old man?
Hutch: I'm gonna fuck you up!

- than I'll ever know and I think to myself what a wonderful world yes, I think to myself what a wonderful world
- Oh, yeah

- what it is.
- This is me.
- Becca, I love you, but I need you to trust me right now.
- Okay? Blind for the last time.
- I promise.

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
- You don't look okay.
- Do you remember who we used to be, hutchie?
- I do.

Detective: Who the fuck are you?
Hutch: Me?
Hutch: Me, I'm...
Hutch: I'm nobody.

- Enough about othello here, yulian.
- Your singing and dancing are a little inappropriate for a guy who's protecting a shit ton of our cash.
- It doesn't inspire confidence, you dig?

- Oh, I'd love that.
- But, um, can we afford it?
- I guess the real question is, can we afford not to?
- Well, that would be wonderful.
- Yeah.
- 'Cause, you know, Rome is where mom and dad met.
- You know, mom and dad fell in love...

- Fun fact.
- Bone burns to ash at 1,500 degrees, and this basement is designed to double that, so they won't be finding you among the rubble.
- Deep down,
- I always knew it was a facade.
- It lasted a lot longer than I expected.

Yulian: You murdered my brother!
Hutch: He was still alive with a pulse when I left him.

- Just a distributor of ours.
- Hey, I have an idea.
- How about I make that lasagna that you love tonight?
- You know, from scratch, like I used to.
- It's been a while. Lasagna!
- I'd really like that.

Hutch: Agent Mansell, FBI. I'm looking for...
Veteran: So old.
Hutch: What?
Veteran: Your ID is a badge, expired by about 20 years.
Tattoo: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that ain't you in the photo. So...
Tattoo: [slams fist on the table] Who are you?
Hutch: I'm just a man who's looking for someone.
Tattoo: Yeah, well you probably shouldn't flash cheese like that around here, bro.
Hutch: There are three types of people who as you say, flash cheese: people who don't know any better, people who are seeking to intimidate, and people like me who wish with every fiber of their being that someone would try and take it from them.
Veteran: [Noticing a special tattoo on Hutch's wrist] Uh, thank you for your service.
Hutch: You too old timer.

David: I enjoyed it.
- Sleep in late, breakfast, walk around the quad.
- Lunch, nap, swim.
- But god damn it, hutchie...
- If I didn't miss this shit.

- What is going on?
- Go! Get the door, son.
- Yep. Is this a game?
- Yes, is this a game, hutch?
- I ike games.
- Hutch, what is happening?
- What...
- Don't call 911.

- Oh, I like the sound I like it of funky music...

- Remember who we used to be?
- I do.

- Did you even take a swing?
- She had a...
- You could have taken her, dad.
- Look, you did the right thing, Mr.
- Mansell.
- You know, if that was my family...
- We're gonna get out of your hair.
- You just leave that garage door closed, okay?

- You know? Yeah.
- What do you want with this place, anyway?
- Guess I just want something that's mine, you know?
- I do.
- Hey, hutch.
- I'm rooting for you.

- Now I know why you didn't do what you didn't do.
- What'd they get? Not much.
- Just a couple bucks.
- I guess it could have been worse, man.
Hutch: Yeah.
Harry: Look, I know what you're thinking about, and I wish you wasn't.
- Don't do nothing stupid.
- You hear me?

- Who the fuck are you?
- Me? I'm...
- Come on!
- Fuck!
- You missed the garbage.
Becca: You missed the garbage.

- Get some work done.
- Maybe, uh, open a tiki bar in one of the lesser-known
- Caribbean islands, and live your life far from me and mine.
- Think it over.
- I'll be nearby.

Hutch: Run!
- Thank you.

- Luis, dinner!
- Luis!

- yes gonna call my job they might lay me off can't go home with nightmares driving me crazy too many worries too many bills I gotta pay

Hutch: Now on the one hand, there's a long dormant piece of me, now awake, that wants so very badly to play this out. The other, more reasonable piece of me, what's left of it, would like to end our little tete-a-tete right now. What's done is done. After all, we can both rebuild, right?
Yulian: Right. Mm, wait. Rebuild?
Hutch: I burned it... all of it.
Yulian: What all?
Hutch: Everything you have... had! Everything you had.
Yulian: My art?
Yulian: [after Hutch tosses his money on the table] Obshak!

- walk on, walk on with hope in your heart and you'll never walk alone you'll never walk alone

- You passed it, motherfucker.
- All right, man, there he is!
- Hi.
- On the house, sir.

- like a fucking bullet to the brain, man.
- So, take it.
- I don't want it.
- It ain't a matter of want, hutch.
- It's the principle of need.
- So, keep my sister safe, bro.

David: Just a bit excessive... but glorious!

- No, you got stupid, Mr. mansell!
- And your family will pay the price!
- What's he doing?
- The fuck you doing, man?
- Everybody dies...
- Some sooner than others.

- you're a heartbreaker dream maker, love taker don't you mess around with me you're the right kind of sinner to release my inner fantasy the invincible winner and you know that you were born to be

Hutch: Everybody dies... some sooner than others.

- We haven't had sex in months.
- We haven't made love in years.
- You seem so far away.
- I know it's unfair to put it like that,
- I just...
- I... I miss you.

Hutch: Deep down, I always knew it was a facade. It just lasted a lot longer than I thought.

- I'm nobody.
- That ain't much of an answer.
- Trust me, it's answer enough.
- That's rich.
- Yeah. Yeah, what?

- Dad?
- Yeah?
- We need a cat.
- Yeah? Yeah.
- Yeah.
- I was thinking the same thing.

- and people like me, who wish with every fiber of their being, that someone would try to take it from them.
- Uh...
- Thank you for your service.
- You, too, old-timer.

Hutch: You brought a lot of shotguns.
David: You brought a lot of Russians.

- people, and express yourself
David: Hello?
Hutch: Hey, pops.
- That thing I had fo go do, it escalated.
- Heads up, okay?
- Oh...

- So, any takers?
- How can I help you?
- Send me in the direction of this person.

Doctor: [on Teddy] He's showing little brain activity
Pavel: [in Russian] In other words... he's fucked

- with his last ounce of courage to fight the unbeatable foe to reach the unreachable star...

- Hey, dad.
- You been eating? What?

Hutch: [upon sending Becca Mansell and children to their basement during the home invasion] Don't call 911.

Hutch: I can't believe I let this happen. My beautiful wife, beautiful kids, my home, broken into with a freaking...
Police: Mr. Mansell?
Hutch: Excuse me?
Police: So, that's how they got in, huh? Using a pizza box?
Hutch: Yeah.
Police: And the golf club? Did you even take a swing?
Hutch: She had a, uh...
Blake: Could've taken her, Dad.
Police: Look, you did the right thing, Mr. Mansell. You know, if that was my family...
Police: We're gonna get out of your hair. You just leave that garage door closed, okay?

- When everything goes wrong, you see some bad but I'm just a soul whose intentions are good oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood you know, sometimes baby, I'm so carefree and then you're bound to see my other side but I'm just a soul whose intentions are good...

- Just take what you want and go, please.
- Man: Just shut up!
Woman on Bus: Let's get out of here.
Woman on Bus: Baby, let's go!
- Man: You picked the wrong fucking house.
- Fuck. Shit. Let's go.