The Best The Office, Season 6, Episode 18 Quotes

Jim: I am a diapering master. I have done little else in the past two months. There is nothing I cannot diaper. Go ahead. Try to think of something. I dare you.

Clark: Got milk?

Andy: Why was I hiding behind the plant? Well, in college I took a botany class, and there was lots of drama in that class. Kids would gossip about me, so I would eavesdrop on them by hiding behind different plants in the Botany class and they would say things like, "Oh, this guys gonna fail this class," or, "What's this guy doing spying on us from behind plants?" and then I would jump out at them and confront them and be like, "Oh, you think all I do is hide behind plants and spy on people?" Busted.

Michael: That kid's going to have a lot of hair.