The Best The Office, Season 6, Episode 7 Quotes

Michael: I hope you're prepared to die in the office, because I am.

- Yes. So, I think it! Play it just right,
- I can get Dwight to live out the plot of national treasure.
- You need to be more upset about this. She's your mother, too, now.
- Your mother is sleeping with Michael Scott.
- Andy, can I talk to you for a second?
- Sure thing, tuna boss.

- Let me tell you something, if you respect him at all, you will get him something better.
- Nard-dog, what was that all about?
- I know, right?
- What were you guys talking about in there?
- Trust me, it would only make you mad.

- I'll leave it up here so everyone can enjoy it.
- Oh, let me just check with Michael first.
- I think it'll be okay.
- I think it will, too, but I'll just check with him, though.
- Great.
- Oops. Sorry. Oops!

- I have plenty of female friends.
- My mom, Pam's mom, my aunt, although she just blocked me on im.
- What's-her-face from quiznos.
- I see her four times a week.
- Dwight, you brought the Mallard back.
- Well, I had to.
- I mean, Kelly was not...
- Hi, buddy.

Erin: They're back!
Kevin: Oooh yeah!
[people chuckle]
Kevin: Jim and Pam!
Kelly: How was Puerto Rico? Was it so romantic?
Jim: It was.
Pam: It really was.
Jim: Really was.
Kelly: [voice cracks] I'm so happy for you!

Pam: Michael, let me make this *very* easy for you. I could give a shit about your happiness! Stop dating my mother!

- Yeah, maybe.
- But I don't think I am.
- You're not, nope.
- Nope.
Kevin: Oh! Where did you get that hat?
- I'd rather not say.

Andy: How may I be of service to you?
- I am going to need your advice.

- All right, shall we?
- You know what?
- I am really slammed trying to catch up on everything here, and I know that
- Michael's slammed, too, so maybe we should do this when things are a little less crazy.
- Come on, it'll take two seconds.
- No, it...

- So, what'd you bring us?
- Some candy.
- What else?
- That's it.
- Oh, because you spent so much on the wedding.
- It's good to be home.