The Best Twin Peaks, Season 2, Episode 14 Quotes

- I'm looking for a biker named James.
- You look like someone in need of help.

- Oh, I wish / was in the land of cotton old time there I've not forgotten look away, look away look away, Dixie land
- I wish I was in Dixie hooray, hooray in Dixie land I'll take my stand and live or die in Dixie

- The blackout and the fire drew everyone out of the building.
- How long has he been dead?
- It's hard to say.
- We'll need an autopsy.
- Doc, if you lift up the victim's shirt,
- I believe you'll find a stab wound, one inch beneath the sternum, penetrating upwards, severing the aorta.

- There's been an accident.
- Jeffrey is dead.
- His car?
- Yes.

- Why don't we let Lana and the mayor talk things over together? Alone.
- I don't wanna talk. I wanna shoot.
- Now, Dwayne, you can always shoot later. Talk first.
- Come on, in here.
- Lana, it's okay. Mr. Mayor, please.
- Mr. Mayor, please.

- Good bye.
- Bobbleobby.
- Everything's okay, baby.
- He's gone.

- Announcer: What a shot!
- I'm gonna go check my bike.

- We think he was 6 at the time of the crime.
- I met little Nicky.
- I've talked to little Nicky.
- If you two think for one second that I'll believe that a defenseless little orphan is capable of murder, the both of you aren't fit to be fathers to a chimp.
- I'm gonna get to the bottom of this right away.

- Well, I've been lonely and selfish.
- I hope you'll all forgive me for my boorish behavior.
- Come along, my dear.
- I don't know about you guys, but I could definitely use something to drink.
- Me too.
- Oh, yeah.

- I've never known
- Josie's seductive powers to fail.
- He'll come for her, like a rat for cheese.
- Good evening. How may I help you?
- I have two suites reserved.
- Name?
- Eckhardt.
- Welcome to twin peaks.

- Now what?
- We wait.
- We wait.
- We wait.

- Right, James?
- Yeah. Yeah, maybe.
- Excuse me.
Jeffrey: Nice kid.
- He's done a fine job on the car.
- Mm. Let's see what it will do on the open road.
- Goodbye, Jeffrey.

- I swear. I'll kill you.
- Help me! Help!
- Shelly?
- Shelly.
- Shelly, come on.

Shelly: Leo.
- Leo?

- Claims he was hit by a bus.
- I cuffed him to the bed and booked him for parole violations.
- Oh. Shelly Johnson called.
- She said Leo came to last night, attacked her and ran off into the woods.
- Holy smokes.

Special: Fellows! I've got an idea. Why don't we let Lana and the Mayor talk things over together? Alone.
Mayor: I don't wanna talk! I wanna shoot!
Special: Now Dwayne, you can always shoot later!Talk first...

Donna: James?
- Donna?
- Donna.
- We gotta hurry.
- Come on. Come on.

- There was a crash.
- Six-year-old Nicky managed to pull his parents from the blazing car, but it was too late.
- And Nicky was alone again, as he is today.
- I hope you two are happy.

- It didn't feel that good.
- I can change that.
- It's wrong.
- Love isn't wrong, James.
- Please don't leave me.
- Don't leave me alone with him.

Sheriff Harry S. Truman: Cooper, I need to ask you a favor.
Special: Harry, let's get one thing straight. I work for you now. You say drink coffee, I'll drink coffee.

Mayor: [Mayor Dwayne Milford is threatening to shoot Lana and Dr. Jacoby] Don't anybody move.
Sheriff Harry S. Truman: Mr. Mayor - put the gun down!
Mayor: Anybody moves and I'll blast her into kingdom come!
[Points to Dr. Jacoby]
Mayor: And the hippie too!

- Harry called. He said he'll be arresting
- Hank for parole violation.
- When Hank gets well, he may have to go back to prison.
- I think it's time I start correcting a few of the mistakes I've made.
- Well, we could, uh, start by getting a cabin.
- A couple of venison steaks and a bottle of sparkling wine.
- People will find out.

- He thinks you're general Jeb Stuart.
- Oh. You're in the cavalry.
- Jeb, there is a great day upon us.
- By dawn, our troops will be on the outskirts of Washington.
- By midday, it will fall.
- And we will once again walk on our cherished fields at home.

- My god! You set me up!
- It was Malcolm's idea.
- He's not my brother.
- Hurry, James.
- Go find that young girl who loves you.

- Leo?
- No.
- Help me!
- Please! Help me!
- Leo? Please.

[last lines]
[Leo enters a cabin in the woods]
Windom: No, no. It's okay. Come in. You look like you've had a hard night. I will help you. Come in. What's your name?
Leo: Leo.
Windom: Leo. Well, Leo... you can call me Windom. Windom Earle.

- Lana, let me be the first to congratulate you.
- Thank you.
- Well, I could never have done it without Dr. Jacoby.
- Okay. Well, then, we're gonna go bowling.
- See you later, guys.
- Cooper:

- No, no, Leo.
- Shelly!
- Shelly!
- No, please.
- No!
Bobby: Leo, you bastard!
- Goodbye, wife.
- Shelly.

- Harry, we're not gonna find any fingerprints in here.
- No mistakes. No slip-ups.
- Everything has its own rationale, precision, intelligence.
- Windom earle is a genius.
- And he's taken his first pawn in a very sick game.

- the killer was never found.
- My wound healed, windom earle went mad.
- Institutionalized until his recent escape.
- So why is he after you?
- Harry,
- Caroline was windom earle's wife.

Pete: Hot dogs! We forgot the hot dogs!
Catherine: Pete!
Pete: We forgot the wienies! All beef with the skin on 'em.

- He left. Yesterday, on his bike.
- Where did he go?
- He said something about the ocean.
- Mexico, I think.
- That's all?
- Are you what he's running away from?
- Look, dear, why don't you go home?

- It's cold and hard and brilliant.
- I think he feigned the insanity that sent him away.
- But at some point, he lost the ability to distinguish between what's right and what's wrong.
- You don't know what he's capable of, Harry.
- You don't know.

- It's hard waiting.
- Hawk: Mm-hm.
- Okay.
- Ready, men?
- Let's go.

- Bad girl.
- Please, please don't.

- I can't stay here.
- I don't understand.
- It's wrong!
- Because I'm married?
- Yes.
- I love you, James.
- I've never said that to anybody before in my life.
- I love you.

- An ice cube?
- Right.
- And ourjob now is to help my father come back from limbo land before he melts away and leaves us with a handful of nothing.
- We wouldn't want that to happen, would we?
- So from now on, Bobby,
- I'm the one you suck up to.
- What about Shelly?
- What about Shelly?

- I will return.
- Until that time,
- I will be in the shadows if you need me.
- Good day, gentlemen.
- Cooper: Good day, major.
- In the shadows. Can you beat that?
- Nope.
- Excuse me, sheriff, agent Cooper, may I show you something?