The Best 24, Season 3, Episode 24 Quotes

Rae: According the Chloe's statement, you were working in parallel to bring down Saunders even while you were complying with his demands?
Tony: Yeah, that's right. I gave Chloe a recording of a conversation between Saunders and myself...
Brad: [Interrupts him] Chloe also said you intentionally scrambled the voice to slow down her progress
Rae: Tony, did you put Michelle's life ahead of public safety and national security?
Tony: Yes, I did

President: [Talking privately] did you get the prescription bottle from Sherry's house?
Wayne: Yeah
President: That's good
Wayne: Something horrible happened tonight: Sherry's dead
President: [Seeing Wayne distraught] what? How?
Wayne: Julia came in and killed her then she turned the gun on herself
President: [Grabs both Wayne's cheeks] their both dead?
Wayne: Yeah, I'm not going to try to pretend we can just put this behind us but the fact is politically, we're "free" of everything. "Free" of Milliken's extortion, "free" of his death, and "free" of Sherry's involvement
President: You think you know the politics of this? The mother of my children has just been murdered
Wayne: The woman I love just killed herself in front of me. I understand how you feel. But there's a 'story" here, a "story" that can tie all of this together: Alan Milliken was having an affair with Sherry, Julia found out, and then she killed them both
President: No, I don't want to hear it
Wayne: Your emotions are clouding...
President: [Yells, interrupts him] no
Wayne: Please just listen to me
President: Leave me alone

Kim: [after hugging] is Chase going to be ok?
Jack: The doctors are very optimistic: they got him into surgery very quickly
Kim: Oh thank God
Jack: I hear you and Chase are going to make some changes? I'm very happy about it
Jack: I thought you were going to be upset about it?
Jack: I'm so proud of you, I'm sure whatever choices you make will be the right ones
Kim: Thank you, are you going to be ok?
Jack: Yeah, I'm going to be fine. There's some "things" I have to deal with but I'm going to be fine. You're going to wait here for Chase to get out of surgery?
Kim: Yeah
Jack: I've got to leave for a little while but I'll be back. I love you
Kim: [Before he leaves] I love you dad

Chase: [Referring to the subway station] we're locked down: we got two men at every exit
Jack: Good
Chase: Is there anything else we can do right now?
Jack: No, not until we get an ID on Rabens
Chase: Listen, about Mexico I hope you understand you were just doing your job
Jack: It took me a long time to understand if you want to do this job well, you have to stay detached. If you can accept that, you'll be fine
Chase: Yeah, well I have accepted it so I'm thinking after today, I'm done. I don't want to be detached: not from Kim, not from my daughter. I'm going to request a transfer to the floor
Jack: You sure about this?
Chase: I'd still be serving my country, take care of the people I care about. I owe them that
Jack: What'd Kim say?
Chase: I think she said she'll give it a try as long as I'm not in Field Ops. What'd you think?
Jack: I'm the last person you should be asking. It's between you and Kim, whatever you choose I'll support you two. You're a good man

Theresa: [Referring to Gael] you said he was exposed to the virus?
Michelle: That's right
Theresa: Did he suffer?
Michelle: No, he went quickly: he was a hero. He tried to stop the virus from being released and when it was, he just kept working until the end
Theresa: Thank you, can I pick up his things?
Michelle: [Before leaving the room] I'll see what I can do. Wait right here

Michelle: What's going on?
Tony: I'm back in custody: Hammond's taking me back to Federal
Michelle: No, they can't do this, not after everything you've accomplished today
Tony: I put your well being above the country's. Nothing anybody can say will ever change that fact
Michelle: They can't put you in prison
Michelle: Yes, they can and they will for a long time, believe me
Michelle: Don't talk like this, I can't...
Tony: [Interrupts her] don't do this
Michelle: I won't give up on you
Tony: [after kissing her] you made it out alive and nobody else got hurt because of what I did. That's more than I hoped for. I can live with that, even in prison

President: [Over the phone as Wayne sits next to him] I wanted to thank you personally: not only for what you've done today but for everything. This country continues to owe you a great debt of gratitude
Jack: Thank you Sir
President: I put you in an unimaginable position earlier today when I asked you to take the life of one of your colleagues, please forgive me for that
Jack: Mr. President, there's nothing to forgive: it's what had to be done, it was the only sacrifice made today
President: I understand, how's Agent Edmunds doing?
Jack: His in surgery now, it's going to be a few days before we know whether he can use his hand
President: When his strong enough to talk, I'd like to thank him personally
Jack: He would appreciate that Sir
President: You know, men and women like you, your courage and level of commitment humbles me
Jack: Thank you Mr. President, I'll let everyone at CTU you appreciate the job they did
President: There's one more thing: please don't discuss this with anyone until it becomes public, I wanted you to hear it from me personally. I've decided not to seek reelection, this will be my only term
Jack: Mr. President, I hope you don't mind me saying so but I think your making a mistake
President: Mistake or not, it's what I've decided. When I become a private citizen, I hope we can be better friends
Jack: It would be an honor Sir
President: Thank you
Jack: [Before hanging up] thank you Mr. President