The Best Lucifer, Season 5, Episode 10 Quotes

- building castles in the sky
- -just the two of us
- -for the rest of your life you and I just the three of us, yeah just the three of us just the three of us

- I just don't think... I just don't think that I should get in the middle of this.
- I would really prefer not to.
- So, good to see you. Excuse me.
- Look what you did.
[Sighs with exasperation] Come with me.
- Ah. Taste this.

- But when it comes down to it...
- Dan, I mean, we celestials are pretty much the same as you.
- Petty foibles and feelings and all.
- Well, that solves that.
- I slept with god's wife.
- Which means
- I'm definitely going to hell.
- Whoo! Can I have a drink, please?

- how about when he” freezes over?
- That do for you?
- Samael...
- In the short time you've been here, you've managed to screw up my one chance of happiness.
- So, please, just stay away from me!

- Yay.
- Okay, wait.
- You're disappointed because you think angels are better than humans, don't you?
- Well, yes, Linda, we are better.
- We can fly, we live forever, there's our superhuman strength...

Ella: What are you trying to do, torture me?
Mazikeen: Totally.

- hey, I'm gonna get you, too another one bites the dust what?
- What just happened?
- Hmm? I already told you.
- Poisoned whistle.

- may be ever so near that's the time you must keep on trying smile what's the use of crying?
- You 'ii find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile

- What're you looking for?
- Witness statement. Huh.
- What do you know.
- Wanna take a trip to Van ness high?
Linda: Sorry, we're just walking, baby.
- I mean, I know it's not as cool as flying.
- But at least we've got each other, right?

- I used to think the idea was obsolete until I heard the old man stamping his feet in the afterlife you could be headed for the serious strife now you make the scene all day and tomorrow there 'il be hell to pay

- what a wicked thing to do to make me dream of you no, I don't wanna fall in love no, I don't wanna fall in love no, I...

- there was no ransom to be paid no song unsung, no wine untasted but the tigers come at night with their voices soft as thunder as they tear your hope apart as they turn your dream to shame

Dan: I slept with God's wife.

- That blows.
- Nice.
- What are you gonna do though, right?
- Another one bites the dust.
- Ms. Lopez, you all right?
Player: Set, hut!
- Uh, is this happening?

- Well, I mean, yes. I...
[Chuckling] Yes, huh?
- That's beside the point.
- It is not what people do at a crime scene.
- Understood.
- From now on, you won't even know I'm here.
- Oh, god.

- I think we may simply be too far gone.
- I... may be too far gone.
- I refuse to believe that, Lucifer. I...
- I have faith in you, I...
- I know that you'll work through this.
- I...
- I know you will.

- Hand the keys over and I won't hurt you.
- Fine.
- Thank you.
- Look at you. All firm and authoritative.
- Solving crimes like a real detective.
- Dad! Dad! Will you stop?
[Sighs] Where's this truck?

Lucifer: Madame, please! Ground your helicopter.

- The detective, she, she made me vulnerable, but it was...
- It was terrifying but it was also amazing because for the first time in my long, hopeless life, I...
- I felt... [voice falters]
- I felt something.
- And then you just turn up and you...
[Sputtering] You ruin it and you throw it all away. Why?

- Wanna fall in love with you

Ella: Somebody wet his whistle with poison.
Lucifer: That blows.

Lucifer: [to God] Doughnuts are here. A triumph of Mankind, as I'm sure you're aware.

Lucifer: You just made me sing again. This has to stop!

- but all the things you try to hide will be revealed on the other side in the afterlife you could be headed for the serious strife now you make the scene all day and tomorrow there 'il be hell to pay

[Chuckling] Jj, do you even want to be an lb at smu?
- I mean, it's a lot of acronyms to keep track of, for starters.
- He doesn't know what he wants.
- He's 17.
- That's why I'm here.
- Helping him. Guiding him.
- Watching him.

- Again, respectfully, when it comes to Lucifer, you screwed up. Big time.
- You know, your, your kid acts up and you kick them out of the house and go radio silent for thousands of years?
- Okay, that's just mean.
- Respectfully.

- Thank you.
[Grunts] Bloody polyester mix.
- How did you... it's...
- You okay?
- Yes.
- 'Course I am.

God: Is this one of those times when you say one thing and mean another? Because I certainly didn't invent that.
Lucifer: If you're referring to sarcasm, I'm not sure I'm smart-alecky enough to take credit for that. "Smart" being in the title, which I'm sure you'll disagree.
God: There he goes again.

- From now on, ix-nay on the usic-may.
- Just as soon as this is over.
- What? Oh, now he's dancing.
[Grunts] Excuse me. Thank you.
- And tomorrow there'll be hell to pay dance, children.