The Best The Office, Season 6, Episode 3 Quotes

Jim: What was the last thing Michael said before I came in here?
Stanley: If you don't smell this, you're fired.

- Here we go.
- I will skip a turn.
- Okay, you're going to still have to play that bean, you know that.
- I need more time.
- Wallace sent an email about a meeting next week, he wants you both to respond.

Creed: Hey, why haven't we ever...?
Meredith: We have.

Dwight: [in Jim's office] Sign this.
Jim: Ah, ah, ah. Where's the "please"? We're not animals.
Dwight: Sign it.
Jim: No, not without a "please."
Dwight: Idiot.

- She still upset?
Angela: Michael, you cannot just keep avoiding us like this.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- What's in here?
- Gin.

Meredith: You're not saying anything. At least Jim was being direct...
Jim: Thank you, Meredith.
Meredith: when he was telling us his dumb-ass plan.

Kevin: What does a bean mean?

- and just keep pressing and pressing, and then flip him over and then put him in a hammerlock and he's gasping.
- He's panting for every last breath.
- And the crowd is going crazy and boom, I emerge victorious!
- Eighteen thousand dollars and a chance at the title!
- Dwight, Jim wants you to keep it down.

- Could you please sign my expense report?
- No way, no how. Expense reports are a day-to-day item.
- That is Jim's now. I am exclusively big picture. Epic.

Oscar: Look, it doesn't take a genius to know that any organization thrives when it has two leaders.
Oscar: Go ahead, name a country that doesn't have two presidents. A boat that sets sail without two captains. Where would Catholicism be without the popes.

- They don't get them if we don't get them.
- My kid needs shoes. You want to tell him he doesn't get shoes?
Kevin: Yeah.
- Her kid needs shoes, Jim.
Meredith: What the hell?
- Wow. I'm just going to rewind and back off a bit, so...

Pam: I don't think we registered anywhere. We just want cash.
Kevin: Like money? Like you - you want my money?
Pam: Mm-hmm.
Kevin: Will you take a check?
Pam: Yeah.
Kevin: Cool. In the memo line, I'm gonna write "To love's eternal glory."