Top 50 Quotes From Person of Interest, Season 2, Episode 10

Abby: Who are you?
John: I find it hard to answer that, even to myself.

- Give me the gun. You take Abby.
- You've done enough.
- I'm the one who got us into this mess.
- We all got ourselves into this mess.
- We're all going to get ourselves out.
- When you get to the foyer, look for Harold.
- I'll be right behind you.

Harold: When the charity closes, I'll go back in, see what I can find.
John: When I said you need to get out more, I didn't mean that. Let me take care of it.
Harold: No such thing as a risk-free life, Mr. Reese, and Abby is still our priority. You wait for her. So, I'll go back in, see what exactly Chapple's hiding.

John: Finch, are you okay?
Harold: Aside from riding on a motorcycle - illegally - I'm fine! I'll be in touch.

- What are you gonna do, Abby?
- The right thing.
- Can I go now?

Harold: Mr. Reese, what's happening?
John: [Getting shot at by Chapple's mercs] I hate to say this, Finch, but we're in a bit of a pickle here.

- What have they got left?
- Besides, I've always had a thing about people who screw with veterans.
- John, it's far too risky.
- What'd you say, Harold?
- No such thing as a risk-free life.
- Let's do it. Wait for the subway.

- Then I have to get you out of here and out of this state.
- As long as we're together.
- Check the top level.
- Check down back.
- Don't worry, I got you covered.
- What about John?

Detective: What are you doing here, Simmons?
Officer: I'm keeping an eye on you, you slippery little mutt. What are you doing?
Detective: None of your business.
Officer: You're following Cal Beecher. You're checking him out for Carter?
Detective: No, I've been wondering who else you've been flapping your gums to.
Officer: About you burying Davidson? Not Beecher. Not yet.
Detective: You crossed a line when you made that call to Carter. Pointing her towards me in the Davidson murder.
Officer: What line is that?
Detective: The line where I don't give a crap anymore. So, watch your back.

- There's no way they can get into the vault, is there?
- What do you think?
- They stole explosives and engineering plans.
- Well, get down there. Deal with them.
- You have to pay for another man.
- It's a big area to cover.
- Whatever you need. Just finish it.

Special: So, we've been tracking this man for ten months. Every time we get close, he slips right out from under us, as if he has some guardian angel. All I've looked for since then is a lead, any lead, and then I realized, the phone. He's in constant communication with his handlers.
Detective: I thought of that. Cross-checked crime scenes he was reported at with cell tower logs of IMEIs. Came up with nothing.
Special: Exactly. Nothing. Our engineers at Quantico analyzed the cell tower traffic from that night he gave us the slip downtown. Under the wireless and radio noise, they found short bursts of a cloned IMEI with a unique signature. I tasked an FBI computer cluster to search for that signature. 24 hours ago, the cluster came online. It spotted another burst of cloned imeis at the exact time and location of the robbery. It's him. I've got SWAT teams standing by. If he uses that phone, we'll have him.

Alonzo: Peter Yogorov, enforcer for the Russian mob. Least he used to be until Elias took out his old man. Seems like something that might be to our advantage.
Officer: To hit back at Elias?
Alonzo: To build another revenue stream. Yogorov's at MCC, awaiting trial with his little brother Lazlo. DA's got him dead to rights on a dozen different counts. Maybe we can do something about that.
Officer: You need something on the District Attorney?
Alonzo: Let me handle that. By going all spartan on our emissaries, Elias has made it clear - that relationship is over. We need new friends.
Officer: You want me to talk to the Russians? Open negotiations?
Alonzo: They have all the right pieces, but with us behind them, cash flow would no longer be an issue.
Officer: Understood, boss. Just heard something interesting. Looks like that pain-in-the-ass Donnelly finally caught up with the man in the suit.
Alonzo: Not even 7:00 AM, and already a perfect day.

Harold: John, this has gone far enough.
John: Has it, Finch?
Harold: Yes. Stop them. I can deal with Chapple.
John: Chapple hurt them, Finch. They tried the law. The law wasn't interested. What have they got left? Besides, I've always had a thing about people who screw with veterans.
Harold: John, it's far too risky.
John: What did you say, Harold? No such thing as a risk-free life.

Harold: Why's she doing this? For Shayn?
John: Yes. And her brother. She still feels a debt. The dead have a power like that, as you know.

- Carter.
- Finch: Hello, detective.
- I need to find our friend.
- We have a big problem.
- Finch: You'll find him at the department of city planning.

- Reese: Abby tapped into that pay phone.
- Think I found where our Bonnie and Clyde have been laying low.

- We finally got you.
- SWAT 1: Sir. There's a problem.
- Step back.
- Well, do you recognize him?
- Cuff them all.

- Who the hell are you?
- Who I am is not important, Mr. Coleman.
- How do you know my name?
- What are you doing here?
- The same as you, and since you've woke the whole building, we'd better hurry.
- I'm on my way.
- Please just walk away now, Finch.
- -Aah! Reese: Shh.
- -Who are you? Let go of me! Reese: It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you.

- Abby, this is far enough.
- I'll handle this from here.
- I'll meet you back at the apartment.
- No. No, together or nothing.
- You've risked enough, Abby.
- This isn't your fight right now.
- This is my fight. You're my fight.

Harold: I'm seeing what I can only describe as interference on our phone link.
John: Is it Root?
Harold: No, it's a broad spectrum sweep, heavy-duty computer power. Root's more subtle than that. It must be our FBI friend. Stay off the line and please get out now. If Shayn and Abby won't come, leave them.
John: I don't leave people, and they're bringing down a very bad man. Now, isn't that what your experiment's all about?
Harold: My "experiment" is about stopping people from getting killed, not robbing banks.

- But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we 7! Find you.
Abby: Hi, mom, hi, dad.
- If you're watching this, you'll know I'm in trouble.
- I've always tried to be good.
- Keep the rules.
- Now I'm going to break them in a big way.

John: I assume you put a tracker on him.
Harold: Rather a clever one, if I do say so myself. His prosthetic arm is controlled by myoelectric sensors by way of a wireless link, so I cloned the link and reprogrammed it to attempt a forced pair with every cell phone they pass.
John: Leaving a nice GPS trail. Well done, Finch.
Harold: Especially on the back of a speeding motorcycle, which was *exhilarating*, by the way. I might have to get myself one.

- He could be the next Timothy McVeigh.
- And your girl is working with him.
- Maybe he manipulated her into getting involved.
- Carter: She's still involved. I'm sorry.
- I'm gonna have to do my job.
- I'm gonna have to put her name out on an apb.
- We've got to find her first.

- I tasked an FBI computer cluster to search for that signature.
- Twenty-four hours ago the cluster came online.
- It spotted another burst of cloned imeis at the exact time and location of the robbery.
- It's him.
- I've got SWAT teams standing by.
- If he uses that phone, we'll have him.

- Get on or they'll kill you! Get on!
- Finch, are you okay?
- Finch: Aside from riding on a motorcycle illegally...
- I'm fine. I'll be in touch.
- Hello, Abby.
- I'm John.

- Reese: Finch, get out now.
- I've got Abby. Just get out of there.
- Nearly done, Mr. Reese.
- Please don't do that.
- Then get off me. Let me go.

John: I wouldn't do that.
[Shane pulls a gun]
John: Or that.

- Pointing her towards me in Davidson's murder.
- What line is that?
- The line where I don't give a crap anymore.
- So watch your back.
- Know how many times I've heard that?
- But here I am, beautiful as ever.
- Go home, fusco.

- When the charity closes, I'll go back in.
- Reese: When I said you need to get out more, I didn't mean that.
- Let me take care of it.
- No such thing as a risk-free life,
- Mr. Reese.
- And Abby is still our priority.
- You wait for her.
- I'll go back in, see what exactly chapp/e's hiding.

- He catches him, then the man in the suit flips him. Gets snow to be his asset.
- Listen, Carter, I want to read you into this, but it's classified.
- I've been authorized to offer you a temporary assignment to the bureau.
- I know, with your skills, it'll soon become permanent.
- Sooner you're on board, sooner
- I can fill you in. Please think about it.
- I will. Thank you.

Harold: John, can you hear me? You must get out now.
John: I'm not gonna make it, Harold. Sorry I screwed up. But I meant what I said yesterday. So, thanks, Harold. It was fun.

Detective: So, does anyone know where this Abby Monroe lives?
Planning: We ran a check. The address she gave us is fake. The phone number is a pay phone.
John: Hey, solid background check there.

- In three, two, one.
- Let's go.
- There, 158.

- Why are you in the bank?
- We have a meeting with the vp of corporate strategy.
- Agent: Your ID.
- Finch: Did you get what you wanted?
- All the money chapple stole.
- More than 30 million.
- Can you do anything with the accounts?

- He lost his home and his fiancee.
- He even introduced some of his buddies to chapple...
- One of whom shot himself on the porch of the house he no longer owned.
- Should he move on from that?
- I went through chapple's files,
- I saw what he was doing.
- There are hundreds, hundreds of soldiers who lost their homes.

Harold: You're in a good mood, Mr. Reese.
John: I am. I woke up this morning and felt, took me a while to put my finger on it, but I felt happy. Must be this job.

Detective: Is something wrong, Carter?
Detective: Donnelly made me an offer today.
Detective: What, I got competition? From that guy?
Detective: No, not that sort of offer. He, um, invited me to join the FBI.

John: Finch. What's happening?
Harold: I've explained to Shayn that we're trying to help him.
John: Did he believe you?
Harold: No, especially when I told him that you have Abby. Things are a little tense.
[See Shayn has a gun on Finch]
John: Let me talk to him.
[Finch passes the phone]
Shayn: Who is this?
John: You know, Abby keeps asking me the same thing. It's really not important.
Shayn: If you hurt her, you will be sorry.
John: The same goes for you and my friend. We should meet.

John: I'm just saying, by the way Abby went off the grid, cut all ties, she's planning something, Finch.
Harold: You think our honor student wants to blow up Wall Street?
John: Well, her boyfriend might. He isn't the first vet to try something extreme. We are an odd bunch, Finch.
Harold: You are odd, Mr. Reese. You're also wrong. If Abby were involved with domestic terrorism, which would be a relevant crime, the machine would have given her number to - to whoever now runs that end of things at the government, not to us. Whether she's the target or the source of the threat, the issues must be personal.

- Wherever wonderboy is,
- I hope it's not near wall street.
- That's where Donnelly's heading.
- That's where John is. Merton watts investment bank, Hanover street.
- Plus, Carter said he's up on your phones.
- As I feared. Anything you can do to run interference for us at the bank...
- I would be most grateful.

Detective: John! Are you out of your mind? Impersonating a law enforcement officer? Marshall Jennings, you took his star.
John: He wasn't using it anymore. It's great, Carter. Just flash a badge, and people tell you everything.

Harold: Were you able to trace the owner of the motorcycle, Detective?
Detective: No, because it was stolen from a second-hand showroom in Queens four days ago. I got the camera tapes out of the robbery squad. I see the perp is a single male.
Harold: You looking at the footage now?
Detective: Yes. Why?
Harold: [Hacks into her computer to see the video] No reason.
Detective: Blew the locks with det cord. Ignored the alarms, 'cause he knew he'd be less than 30 seconds. He broke the key case with his bare hand. Chose his machine, and
[See's the perp drive strait through a window]
Detective: Whoa.
John: That's impressive.
[John rewinds the footage]
Detective: What is - what - what is going on here? Don't tell me you can see what's on my computer too. What did I say about setting boundaries?

- Stay off the line, and, please, get out now.
- If Abby and shayn won't come, leave them.
- I don't leave people.
- And they're bringing down a very bad man.
- Isn't that what your experiment is all about?
- My experiment is about stopping people from getting killed, not robbing banks.
- Five minutes and we're out.

Harold: [Washing Bear] Mr. Reese, it's your turn to dry him!
John: Abby could be in imminent danger
[he strides off]
Harold: He's your dog!
John: You'll manage.

- Good. You need to get out more.
- You're in a good mood.
- I woke up this morning and felt...
- Took me a while to put my finger on it.
- I felt happy. Must be this job.
- I'm glad.
- Sorry, bear, not now.

- Not even 7 am. And already a perfect day.
- Bank's about to open, John.
- Where are you?
- Mr. Reese? What's happening?
- Hate to say this, but we're in a bit of a pickle.
- Get upstairs to the foyer.
- I have ids and passes for all of you.
- Cover us.

Abby: [Video] Hi, mom. Hi, dad. If you're watching this, you'll know I'm in trouble. I don't think you've really been mad at me since I was eight, that time I tied Josh to his skateboard and pushed him down the hill in front of our house to see how fast he would go. Since then, I've always tried to be good, keep the rules. Now I'm gonna break them in a big way. Why? Well, it's complicated and it's simple. I'm doing it because it's right, and I know Josh would agree with me. He was my little brother, but I always looked up to him, and I know that he would be proud of me, just like I hope you are when you know the truth. I love you, and I hope you never have to see this.

Detective: Donnelly's back, and he's hot for the man in the suit. He has a new theory.
John: Yeah, that I'm working for China or something. We heard. We also heard his offer. Maybe a transfer to the FBI would be good for you.
Detective: Do you listen to all of my conversations?
John: More or less. You're looking nice, Carter. Maybe this Cal Beecher would be good for you too. So long as he treats you right. He messes with you, he'll be hearing from me.
Detective: Okay, alright, look. We're gonna have to set some boundaries here.
John: Well, sure. Things get heavy with you and Cal, we'll tune out right away.

Detective: Hey, Olson, you worked at the 55. You know a Narco detective named Cal Beecher?
Detective: Oh, yeah, sure do. We used to call him 18-karat Cal. Better suits, better cars, better girls than the rest of us. Maybe he just had better taste.
Detective: Or maybe he was on the take.
Detective: Did you hear me say that?
Detective: Don't know. What are you saying?
Detective: Look, he was undercover narcotics. A lot of buy-and-busts, a lot of money hanging around. Anyway, why you want to know?
Detective: Ah, I just been seeing him around.
Detective: Yeah. He's been hanging around Detective Carter. Bees like honey, Fusco.

- She's hiding from someone.
- I'd better get eyes on her.
- It's your turn to dry him.
- She could be in imminent danger, Finch.
- Mr. Reese, he's your dog.
- You'll manage.